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  • way115 7w


    Day by day my mind inches closer.
    To the reality that is over.
    Driving me insane.
    I know I'll never be me again.
    Anxiety through the roof.
    Stuck in this collective prison.
    I'm nothing but a hopeless fool.

  • way115 18w

    The Club

    Day by day.
    My life circles closer.
    To the number so many have been lost to.
    Life keeps inching me away.
    Into the idea.
    That it may go away.
    I think about the countless others.
    Who have gone before their time.
    Day by day it gets closer.
    Time is escaping away.
    Leaving the palms of my hands.
    Through the cracks in my fingers.
    The sand slips away.
    I lay in bed and wonder.
    If it may be my number.

  • way115 18w

    The Hunt

    I wait and see your every move.
    To make you turn and commit the wrong move.
    You slither through life like a snake.
    And try to make the yard shake.
    I must cut the grass.
    And you will not get a pass.
    You move quickly and quietly.
    I move efficiently and intelligently.
    You try to out maneuver me.
    Yet you are one step behind me.
    I must cut you off at the head.
    So you may not reserect.
    I chas you through the tall grass.
    And the hollow woods.
    To your final lair.
    Where you must prepare.
    You tried to out duel me.
    But I am the true enemy.
    You will lose quickly and quietly.
    And I will not let you shame me.

  • way115 34w


    You were everything that I once needed.
    Your grace was the best thing.
    In a land afar.
    Yet a land that was so close.
    I think about your laugh.
    And the smile you once held.
    The eyes that shined so bright in the day light sun.

    You were the best thing that ever graced my life.
    In a moment of wild despair.
    In a moment with no air.
    You gripped me and tore me up from the bottom.
    Knowing that I wasn't your problem.
    Like a brand new life.
    I couldn't believe it was my life.

    You were there when even the last train left.
    Never to be left in the dark.
    You still shined through the midnight sky.
    Like the brightest star that I could ever eye.
    You showed me around the universe.
    In a way that it was so verse.

    You came as an angel.
    And left as a ghost.
    Never to be seen again.
    I still scour the stars for your soul again.

  • way115 39w


    As I lay down and get comfy.
    I try to close my eyes.
    My brain is still wandering from earlier.
    Frayed from the days work.
    I grow tired more and more each day.
    My brain moves like a locomotive on the way.
    I try to fight the fast feeling.
    All the ideas and thoughts.
    The conversations.
    The business of the daily work.
    I try to drift away like I am in the sea.
    My thoughts keep moving faster.
    Trying to pry me away from my slumber.
    I keep moving faster and faster away.
    As it tries to keep chasing me.
    I stray further and further away.
    My mind starts working down.
    It has lost the battle.
    It keeps floating away into the black sea.
    Floating away from the drama.
    And trauma.
    I lay down as the waves carry me.
    They carry me away.

  • way115 55w

    As the Palaces burn

    The palaces burn.
    As the people have willed against the machine once more.
    They rush against the fire.
    Throwing themselves at the wall.
    They honor the ancestors that walked this path before.
    Taking up the pride once more.
    Entering the halls of the palaces.
    Destroying the tyrannical government once more.
    Shoving the aristocrats into the cell doors.
    Locking them to there fate.
    They rush the halls and close the gates.
    The poor fill the halls with lighted torches.
    And begin to watch it burn.
    They jeer as they watch the palaces go up in flames.
    They hear as the aristocrats burst into flames.
    They dance and cheer, as they watch the palaces burn.

  • way115 57w

    The Hole

    The Hole is as endless as space.
    Continuance of despair and helplessness.
    Floating through the endless time.
    The suffocation of reality.
    Is worse than the death of it.
    Pure hell on the conscious.
    It torments my soul.
    Picks it apart, and doesn't let it go.
    I try to fill the void.
    With emptiness and sorrow.
    Drugs and alcohol or soften the hole.
    It doesn't cure it.
    It just opens the wound.
    And destroys my soul.

  • way115 62w

    They March

    They march through the streets.
    Filled with hate.
    They march with their banners high.
    Spiritual with rage.
    Spouting there idealistic genocide.
    They march to keep the status quo.
    Even though they are out numbered.
    They continue to grow.
    Like a weed that won't go away.
    Their symbols fly high.
    As they goose step through the capitals.
    They march.

  • way115 64w

    Alaskan Cowboy

    A man as tall as a mountain.
    Forged of iron and steel.
    From fire and coal.
    A thousand yard stare that could kill on it's own.
    You braved every single terrain.
    Traveled the seven seas and across plains.
    You faced the cold winter tundra.
    That would kill most.
    You forged your path of success.
    From the losses in your life.
    And the goal to never live like that again.
    You scaled every mountain there was.
    You feared no situation.
    A man of absolute fortitude.
    You are the last cowboy of the frontier.
    The last of the tundra men.

  • way115 68w


    You were the only thing on my mind.
    Day in.
    Day out.
    We were young but so in love.
    We would stay up for hours on end.
    Telling stories of adventures.
    And all the good things between.
    Your smile glistened and I couldn't get enough.
    Your laugh always made me happy.
    Because I knew you were.
    Just like anybody.
    We had our ups and downs.
    Yet we still managed to pass by.
    We broke up and it was just never the same.
    We distanced.
    You moved father away.
    We took two different paths.
    Everytime you came back I had a light that sparked.
    To hear your voice and see you.
    Just to know you were alright.
    You always made sure you checked up on me.
    Just to make sure I was alright.
    And now.
    It's been 2 years since I have heard from you.
    Since I've seen the smile and heard the laugh that gave me all the joy in the world.
    Since I have gotten anything.
    The world truly hasn't been the same.
    And now I feel like I'm drifting along with the void of time.
    And will never find out, if you could still truly be mine.