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  • watzupdoc 55w

    So many

    So many people my mind
    wants to say so many things to...
    So many hurtful things,
    my soul wants to respond to...
    So many times, I want
    Blood for blood.
    So many times, I've been
    called weak for by duds.

    So many times I've made
    selfish mistakes,
    So many times I've indulged
    in give and take.
    So many wished my
    heart holds in its shine
    So many questions for
    the world for what it is...

    In all these many, my life
    seemed so meagre.
    Begging like the many,
    for the same small winnings...
    So many times I've
    wished for more.
    So many repeats now,
    I don't want it anymore

  • watzupdoc 58w

    Shameless on Birthday

    Are you deaf? It's my cake day.
    So start clapping.

    When a kid I wanted
    to be understood,
    But I got abused
    For the crime of being cute.

    Decided to be a doctor
    to be understood,
    But I got competed with,
    For the crime of being too smart.

    Decided I'll lose weight,
    to be understood,
    But I was used for personal gain
    For the crime of change.

    Decided I'll give someone a chance,
    to be understood,
    Understand instead of being misunderstood,
    But I was called names
    For the crime of being Helpful.

    Twenty six years wasted
    trying to be understood.
    Let's be a bit shameless,
    For the crime of being understood.

    Let's start a new one,
    Write our deepest darkest words.
    Let's be shameless on our cake days,
    For the crime of feeling good.

  • watzupdoc 58w


    I realize the importance of truth,
    But living a life of truth,
    Is standing in the street
    For everyone I know, Naked.

    With truth, comes~ not lying,
    And it's an alien concept.
    Just the collateral damage
    would sink me to hell.

    It doesn't matter if I lied
    for them, it's a lie.
    It doesn't matter I lied
    for privacies sake, it's a lie.
    It enabled me to bigger lies,
    Lying all the same.

    But with truth comes peace,
    A soothing presence
    of that heartwarming song.
    Understanding myself,
    Not wanting to be heard, anymore.
    In love with me, after
    Seeing my own self.

    So I chose, not to lie.
    Again selfish for my own sake.
    Love myself I do more
    to lie anymore.
    Into the unknown, lie no more,
    Selfishly once more for my own sake.

  • watzupdoc 58w

    Nobody wants to be where they are,
    They all want to be in a fantasy.
    One moment there's talk of love and making life,
    The other you're a comic in the name of this economy.

  • watzupdoc 60w

    Not as free as you think

    Free to eat, drink and drive
    Free to hug, scream and strive
    Free to hide, use and steal
    Free to burn inside showing heal

    Get do you not the price?
    There's always a cost for avarice
    Get do you not the ideals?
    A struggle to uphold; you suck dry

    Free to put on the display,
    While fester the rot in your airway
    Free to curse thy neighbour,
    You sharpen cold hearts sabre

    The pillars that hold your sin high
    Not as weak as your two bit desires
    If we are fuel to your rise
    Then we can also bring down the fire

  • watzupdoc 61w


    Every situation different,
    Every breathe fragrant,
    And every second special.

    Don't waste it on preconceived notions,
    Or past hurt and imposed failure,
    On prior judgement and fleeting opinions...

    Every moment is life itself,
    To be lived, a dream come true.

  • watzupdoc 64w


    With tender steps
    made your way in my life...

    With soothing words
    tell me how dear I am...

    With searing fangs
    claw a way through the rock.

    With the same loving lips
    told me that it's fine...

    A gentle soul
    lucky those who find you.

    With your warm grip,
    what fortune to hold you in my arms..

  • watzupdoc 65w

    Just because you sleep
    doesn't mean that you're
    Just because you dream
    doesn't mean that you're


  • watzupdoc 67w

    We suffer not from
    the events in our lives,

    But from our
    judgement about them!


  • watzupdoc 67w

    You can lie down for people to
    walk on you,
    And people will still complain
    that you're not flat enough.

    Live your life.