Always remember you're unique.... just like everybody else.

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  • warriorofthenight 3d

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word micro-tale on Memories

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    You left me.

  • warriorofthenight 3d

    I want to be remembered by the stargazers, the romantics, the poets, the musicians, the librarians, the philosophers, the painters, the ornamentalists, and the collectors. I don't want to be remembered as superior, I want to be remembered as one of them.

  • warriorofthenight 3d

    I wonder how many people picked up a pencil or paintbrush because they couldn't pull the trigger.
    - Virginia Woolf.

  • warriorofthenight 4d

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Season

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    Thought my worst was over, but it's still storming.

  • warriorofthenight 5d

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short write-up on Insecure

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    Parts of yourself you abhor, I cherish in my heart.

  • warriorofthenight 2w

    Poem Writing Tips!

    I'm not an expert but I love writing poems, so here is some advice!

    - Your poems will be much more encompassing for the reader if they can picture something -try adding a line about a physical item or landscape. E.g. 'Our worn sofa gleamed in the lamplight' 'Emerald fireflies flicker around the moon' (This is more helpful in mental or immaterial poems).

    - Even if you are feeling stumped or doubt your writing talent, just write down whatever funky, non-rhythmatic lines you think of! Then work on it, replacing some synonyms or changing the length of your lines to give it rhythm. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be fun.

    - Choose a subject you are passionate about. Readers will be able to tell that it really comes from your heart.

    - Don't be afraid to embellish personal experiences for a poem, or personalize something you've never even been through.

    - I sometimes use what I call Filler Lines- sentences that don't particularly enhance the meaning of the poem or stand out. You could use these to subtly change the aesthetic of your work- e.g. insert a line every little bit describing a forest- or simply to lengthen your poem (As you progress, I suggest not doing the latter).

    Here are some that are more writing prompts than tips:

    - Try to capture the perspective of something inanimate; the wind, a vase, or mirror. If you dig deep enough, this will wield a very meaningful or carefree poem. Personify it, and write about observing it daily.

    - Get out of your comfort zone. Pick up a book and choose five random words, and form a poem around them. This will break up your normal word selection and push you to think outside your box.

    - Listen to your favorite song, and single out a line that means a lot to you. Add physical or mental essence to it, depending on its own genre.

    - Pick a flower and add a time length, e.g. Rose Century, Hyacinth Hour. What do you picture when your hear this? Mayhaps a florist's shop throughout the years, different personalities the flowers posses, or a fateful time surrounded with florals.

    - Start and end your poem with the same line, but in the end it means a completely different thing. Example: "I'm finally free!" She yelled on her last day of highschool. "I'm finally free" She whispered as a the blood dripped down.

    Here are some lines/titles to help you out:

    - Rebel Sea
    - Circling This Thought
    - Phases of the Moon
    - "See you soon," She whispered
    - Corduroy Love
    - Try, Try Again
    - Your Name Ricochets
    - Call Me When It's Over
    - He knew then that she meant forever
    - She ran for life, for death, and for love
    - Charred Soul
    - Teardrops in the Rain
    - Selling Cupcakes
    - "My love, you can hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with a lie"
    - Birth and death are inevitable, but the time in between is mine
    - Teenage Wasteland
    - Hate is not for lovers
    - "I love you almost as much as she does"
    - Forget what I said, now I fall to my knees
    - Do you still dream like me?
    - Only you make me love us
    - When nothing goes right, go left
    - Through the Shadows

    Thank you for reading!! Hope I helped or inspired you. If you like some of this and write a poem, please tag me because I would LOVE to read your gorgeous works!

  • warriorofthenight 4w

    I think too deeply about everything. I still don't know if it allows me to see more of the world, or less of it.
    - Mobeem Hekeem

  • warriorofthenight 4w

    I'm tired.
    I'm hurt.
    I'm broken.
    But I'm not defeated.

  • warriorofthenight 5w

    Letters from your cousin.......
    #abuse #connect #throughthemail #warrior

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    Hey, Rose!

    Hey, Rose! It's Monday, there's not much going on. I cleaned the house up and danced to my headphones. Sara locked herself in her room like usual- I wish we had a relationship beyond biologically, like real sisters.

    Hey, Rose! Wednesday. Mom wasn't here today, I heard her stumble in an hour ago. The money is gone from the white pitcher- I'll have to take on more hours at my job. See you soon?

    Hey, Rose! This was a less than typical Friday, the police came asking for dad. He was at work, as far as I knew. I was so scared. Something's wrong with Sara, she won't get near me.

    Hey, Rose. No one has seen Dad. Mom is angry, and I think they did something illegal. She took my paycheck and when I protested, she slapped me. She said not to tell the cops anything.

    Hey, Rose. It's Monday. I found Sara in the bathroom, and there were so many bruises. She said Dad did it. Mom was drunk again, and I don't know what to do anymore.

    Hey, Rose. Mom took all our money to bail Dad out, they caught him last night. Sara told me to do what they say and not ask questions until we can run. He hit us both, and I think he was high.

    Hey, Rosy. We can't stay anymore. It's Friday. They hit us and yelled all week.. it's never been this bad before. Maybe I'll see you again someday. Remember me, no matter what happens, okay?

  • warriorofthenight 6w

    In a deck of cards, there are 52 unique cards. We may think some are insignificant, but they're not. You need every card, or the deck is pointless.
    In the same way, this crazy, confusing world needs you! Somedays it's hard; getting out of bed requires effort and we have no motivation to get anything done, let alone to do it willingly or cheerfully. I'm here for you. Everyone needs someone or something that gives them purpose or hope. I don't need to be that someone, but I can listen, and I will always be here.
    If you're having a breakdown in a locked room or lying on the couch crying, I will listen. The comments are your haven; you can come here any time, even if you're just lonely or bored. If I can help one person through the day, it's worth it. Don't hesitate, because I care about your feelings and problems and know how it gets. I'm here if you need someone!
    #sad #raindrops #hereforu #warrior

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    If you need someone, I'm here.