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  • wardi_ 19w

    Sometimes you just want to go back in time unknow 90percent of people you have known and just get inner peace

  • wardi_ 20w

    I fear not 2

    I fear not
    The dept of the shore
    Or the length of the river
    Anything that seems unbearable
    Can not separate me
    From the image of you
    That's growing within me
    I fear not
    Whether being away from my dreams
    Wants to take you away,my sweetest
    Is being total of my nightmares
    I fear not
    I don't fear that much
    To be able to see you being snatched
    I won't give up on you so easily
    Even if my definition of easy is so silly
    I fear not.

  • wardi_ 20w

    I fear not

    The dark of the bright
    Whether it is intoxicating
    Or it is somehow deluding
    I fear not
    The height which am standing
    Even if it's the lowest
    Its gonna make me crave
    To be at the highest
    So, I fear not.

  • wardi_ 25w

    We were desperate and discovering what was undercover will lead to our separation, it was left for him to choose between me and what the cloak covered.

  • wardi_ 30w

    Stay beautiful Islam is pure and encourages cleanliness

  • wardi_ 31w


    Beauty of A Queen (chuchu)❤️ cn be sighted even in darkness cuz it Glows

  • wardi_ 33w

    You don't have the right to judge a person until you wear the shoes that person is wearing and feel the pain where it hurts. how you handle this pain should then be a yardstick to judging this person

  • wardi_ 33w

    Diagnosed of amnesia, I wrote every piece of you in a diary
    I thought I could forget every other person aside you. I read the diary every morning waiting for us to make a new memory
    Now you are gone, I'm about to let go of you
    The flowers you brought the writings In my diary are fading away
    I really wish to let go of them because they symbolise you, but I can't, neither do I want to keep them.

  • wardi_ 34w

    The way we modify Haram into being semi halal in this century is quite alarming. May Allah forgive our short comings

  • wardi_ 34w

    An old lady asked her daughter why she was taking too long to get married and she replied her saying "I am not scared of choosing a wrong husband for my self, but I am scared of choosing a wrong father for my children, I want a great future for my kids and that reflects on my choice of husband. I can always walk away when I'm not comfortable with him but they will carry his name until their last breath" the old lady sighed and said to her daughter "indeed I have made a wrong choice, it's very ok to right my wrongs for choosing him and right his wrongs for being a bad father"