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  • wannabecreative 30w

    This is (@_gk_07 and @wannabecreative) Team Creative Vibes ��
    And here's our post for @pillars_of_life_ 's fun activity #pillarsoflife

    The answers are:
    1) Blank space
    Taylor Swift

    2) Arcade
    Duncan Laurence

    3) Ilhai
    Arijit Singh

    4) Bezubaan kab se
    Jubin Nautiyal

    5) Photograph
    Ed Sheeran

    Our opposing pieces:

    [The words between // // are the lines from original song which we are opposing
    (All the copyright belongs to the right owner of song)]

    1) Blank space by Taylor Swift
    //I can read you like a magazine
    Ain't it funny rumors fly
    And I know you heard about me
    So hey, let's be friends
    I'm dying to see how this one ends
    Grab your passport and my hand
    I can make the bad guys good for a weekend//

    You always said you could
    Read me like magzines
    But let me tell you, it ain't funny
    How you cover all your sins
    And I know who you are
    Acting like a superstar
    You wannabe friends?Ok, fine
    But there should be no deadline
    I wanna grab your hand forever
    I wanna be your golden lover
    © wannabecreative

    2) Arcade by Duncan Laurence
    //I have spent all the love I have saved//

    Oh, oh-oh,oh-oh, oh-oh Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

    A mended heart with stitches is what I have,
    I'm breaking all the parts to fall apart, Found traces of pieces when,
    | buried it, buried it, buried it in ground.

    I'm bold enough to hold who | am (oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
    My mind aches in need of nepenthe (oh,oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
    Noise striking up my head
    (oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)

    Please bury me, bury me, bury me in ground.

    I've hoarded all of the hate i wasted,
    We were always a delusional game,
    Big town girl in a big arcade,
    | got addicted to a delusional game

    3) Ilhai by Arijit Singh
    //Shaame malang si
    Raate surang si
    Baghi udan pe hi na jane kyu
    Ilhai mera jee aaye//

    The evenings are not so beautiful anymore
    As if they have become blate
    Even the night seems less dark
    It seems almost stagnate
    I don't wish to fly high in the sky
    Or to make mess with my chaotic dance
    I want peace and stability
    I want to be grounded for once

    4) Bezubaan kab se by Jubin Nautiyal
    //Bezubaan kabse mai rha
    Begunah sehta mai rha//

    Concealing volcanoes in my heart, Engraving my own path is left, what i can do,
    I'll not say, but let my actions make the noise
    I have a voice for a reason
    So I won't ever lose my voice
    I won't give in to your pressure
    I will make my own choice
    I haven't done anything wrong
    And as far as I am concerned,
    So, I am not gonna be
    The witch that will get burned
    ©wannabecreative & _gk_07

    5) Photograph by Ed Sheeran
    //We keep this love in photograph//

    Hating is Love, hating can be love sometimes,
    But it's the only thing that I deny,
    When it was flexible, you forget it was flexible once upon a time,
    It is not the only thing which makes me feel dying.

    We keep this hate in these verses,
    We made these poetries for ourselves, Where our thoughts are never closing, Hearts are totally broken,
    And time's forver melting as lava, still.

    Any corrections are welcomed

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    Creative Vibes

  • wannabecreative 30w

    नहीं, मतलबी नहीं थे वो, उनके पास बस फुर्सत नहीं थी,
    बिना काम बात नहीं करते थे, शायद बात करने की हिम्मत नहीं थी...

  • wannabecreative 32w

    Aaj meri behen ka birthday h ����
    Aaj meri behen ka birthday h �� ��
    Behen ka birthday h�� Badi si dayan ka birthday h��
    Aaj meri behen ka birthday h������

    First of all.... Happy Birthday Jadu! ✨✨✨
    Tu sachmai meri jadu h...kyuki tujhe jhel li ab tak yeh miracle hi h�� maine bahut struggle kiya h.. itne janmo se jhelna wo bhi tujhe... ufffffff...
    Par yeh bhi sach h ki tujhe jhelna meri life ka one of the best decision h❤️

    Thank you for coming in my life...
    Thank you for the motivation in my exam times (sach mai, you gave me strength and dedication to study)
    Thank you for giving me your half dimag...now I can blame you for every bad joke, every bad decision ��
    Thank you for always making me happy... always making me laugh like an idiot...��
    Thank you for sticking with me throughout ��
    Thank you meri bakvas sunne k liye...aur mujhe apni bakvas sunane k liye
    Sach kahu toh tere saath baatein karne se bure se bura din bhi ban jata h....❣️

    Vaise...tune mujhe kai baat sikhai bhi h...(kuch sabke saamne batane layak nhi h ��)
    Aur ek aur baat manna padega... Jo tune sabke samne sincere bacchi wali, bholi-bhali, intelligent, sharif ladki wali image banai h...wah! Wah! Kya bewkuf banaya h tune sabko!! WAH!! ��������
    Aur tu jaisi acchi ladki (jo kabhi taane nhi marti, kabhi burai nhi karti, kabhi daatati nhi, kabhi sunati nhi) iss duniya mai h hi nhi!

    By the way..... aaj khush toh bahut hoge tum..haaai? kyuki aaj finally dono same age k ho gaye�� (4 mahino k liye��) haaye kitne bachkaniya karte h apan... par inn bachkaniyo ki jagah koi nhi le sakta!

    Words can't express your importance in my life, I truly feel lucky to have you.... sach kahu toh bahut kam log hoge jinka dil tere dil jitna saaf ho... You are light of hope amidst this cruel world ❣️

    Jiski tarif har taraf h
    Jo meri garmi mai baraf h
    Ha wo aur koi nhi,
    Balki Saheba Sadaf h @sadaf786 ��

    [sorry for this lame (jo bhi h ye) ��]

    Happy birthday once again meri Dayan��
    Tere liye jitna likha jaye kam h...aur likhna toh bahut kuch tha...par tere liye words nhi mil paa rhe...
    Meri bas yehi dua h ki allah teri har dua kabul kare��

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  • wannabecreative 33w

    इस शहर के सभी लोग तन्हाई मे बह गए
    जेबें तो खूब भरी, पर दिल खाली रह गए

    #slowly #cityc

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    Slowly, the city felt empty as people
    were only busy in filling their pockets...
    Now they had filled pockets with empty hearts♡

  • wannabecreative 33w

    This is my post for #weekendc by @writersbay
    [We were given name of a writer (mirakeean) and we had to write something for them]

    Out of all the people, I got your name to write for... Seriously? �� @malhar_
    And I guess, I have to write something sweet?
    I was thinking what to write... letter? I have written just recently (remember?��) poem? I have written that for you on your birthday... quote? for you? who doesn't even read the daily quotes...
    Anyways... here's what I have written for you...enjoy!
    (jaa Malhar jaa...jeeley apni zindagi)

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    He is like sarcasm...
    some people just don't get it

    He is like algebra...
    the more you know, more you complicate it

    He is like Krack-jack...
    sometimes sweet, sometimes salty

    He is like Dhinchak Pooja...
    irritating and annoying but catchy

    He is like Mirakee...
    you want to leave, but you keep coming back

    He is like Alexa...
    you don't have to think twice before you talk

    He is like your diary...
    you can share things that are making you upset

    He is like 2020...
    you don't wanna remember it, but you can't forget

    He is like Trump...
    sometimes childish, sometimes sincere

    He is like Sprite...
    in hard times, he makes life clear

    He is like a batman mask...
    there is a good human behind it

    He is like a four-leaf clover...
    you are lucky if you find it


  • wannabecreative 34w

    Uhmmm...so Niti, it's your birthday, huh? Being formal with you is so hard �� so, I'll not even try��

    Today, let's revisit the past... let's re-live the journey...shall we?
    Let's start starting se... how we meet here, I remember you were reading that types of mirakeeans wali series aur usmai you said ki maine aapko Malhar_ ki post k comments mai dekha tha... and I was like ye lo, ho gaya izzat ka kabada...meri image toh ladakin wali hi bani hogi�� aur tune kaha haa, vaisi hi bani h�� (matlab aise muh par koun bolta h? ��)
    Phir waha se start hua jaan pehchaan ka silsila... Aur I remember wo beautiful travelogue series jo tune likhi thi...usko padh kar I felt ki I've known you long enough... and I realised how sweet, real, optimistic, simple yet beautiful girl you are❣️ phir kya...phir maine tujhe apne dosti k jaal mai fasana start kiya �� par main khud hi fas gai��
    Sab sahi ja raha tha par phir madam ji gayab ho gai... �� iss zalim zamane mai akela chhod gai mujhe �� uske baad kafi intezar karwane ke baad aai...aur phir se pawri shuru ho gai �� And they lived happily ever after...

    Aur inn sab k bich...kai yaade bini jo kabhi bhula nhi paaugi�� iss bholi bhali, masum chehre k piche ka shaitan bhi dikha �� matlab puri duniya k nazar mai toh ohohohohohoho pucho hi mat, par asal mai gundi nikali tu toh... sarcasm ki devi ��
    kuch galtiyan bhi ki maine, jinka regret ab tak h aur aage bhi rahega (you know what I am saying) ��

    Anyyyywayzzz... it's your birthday, so only happy memories today!
    Genuinely, you are one of the most genuine person ever...like EVER! And I appreciate you being a part of my life soooo much! ❤️

    Aaaannnnddd! you are officially the brand ambassador of �� ! Matlab tune mujhe '��' ki lat laga di thi!! �� it's really dangerous...you know that right?

    There are so many memories together and you have secured a special, beautiful, sparkling place in my heart ��
    And you are as beautiful as your art is! Please never let the artist inside you die cause you are such a gifted person �� I am forever a big fan of your unique writing style... you have the power to describe events so smoothly, effortlessly and beautifully ki lagta h ki aankho k samne ho rha h!

    Wait a min.... Did I wish you? hehe��

    Happy wala Birthday Chupki! ��✨��✨
    May you get all the happiness and blessings in the world...and everything/everyone your heart desires ❣️

    Ab, main tere liye birthday song gaaugi! Yayyyy!
    *ahem ahem*
    ��Baby baby baby, hey! ×3��
    �� Baby ka h birthday bash! ��
    �� Daddy daddy daddy, daddy! ×2��
    �� Daddy se chura k wo, goa jak---- �� yeh galat gana ho gaya ����

    Gana wana chhod dete h... Gift par aate h...
    Tera gift bahut bada h... tujhe saal bhar k liye mauka milta h ludo mai sabse pehle colour select karne ka!!����������

    Once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY @nitiagrawal ! ��
    All I want to say is... 19 saal ki ho gai h...ab toh badi ho ja��

    #Chupki #awwwterahappybirthday #happybirthdaybabykibaby #birthdaypost #babykahbirthdaybash

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  • wannabecreative 34w

    Hello? ��
    Just posting to let you know that I am still here... people are starting to doubt my existence ��


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    Dear stranger with writer's block,
    Hello. Just wanted to let you know, you are not alone. There are millions of people (including me) out there that are going through the same. And honestly, writing to you is helping me with the writer's block, so maybe you can do the same.
    Hope you find the light hidden in your pen. Keep inking.
    Yours sincerely,
    Another sufferer.

  • wannabecreative 39w

    Happy women's day ❣️

    Bhedbhavi soch ek bimari h
    aur isse pidhit yeh duniya sari h

    pichhadi hui soch ka h humara samaj
    halaki badval bhi aaye h kai sare aaj
    Ha mana safar abhi khatm nhi hua
    par dekhiye zara humne kitna kuch h paya

    Mila h hume saman avsar ka vardan
    aur mila h mauka banane apni pehchan
    pehle ghar se nikalne ki na izazat thi
    hume bhi chup chap sehne ki aadat thi
    ab jakar kahi aawaj uthi h
    khud k liye kehne ki himmat juti h

    pataal se aasman tak napa h humne
    par jado se ab bhi h jude
    laakh sapne pure kare, par apni zimmedari se kabhi na mude

    sabne sikha di hume bhi duniyadari h
    phir bhi stree sakti aaj bhi sabse pyari h

    Hum sabka sammaan kare, yeh humari bhi zimmedari h
    Aur hum hi apno ko picche na khiche, iski bhi jawabdari h

    Feminism k naam par kuch bhi kahe, yeh sahi baat nhi
    Har jagah women card khelna pade, itne bure haalat nhi
    Hum sabse behtar h, yeh humare jazbaat nhi
    arre koi aur kya kuch kare, jab hum hi khud k saath nhi

    aur yaad rakhiye,
    ladai samanta ki h, ladai adhikaro ki h
    ladai humare khilaf ho rahe atyacharo ki h

    puri duniya se lad kar bhi wo apno se hari h
    majbut bankar bhi bhavnao ki mari h

    jo samman mila h, uske liye aabhari h
    par jinhe nhi mila, unke liye jang jari h

    shukriya Savitribai Phule ka, jinke vajah se hum aaj yaha khade h
    shukriya unn sabka bhi, jo humari haq k liye lade h
    aur shukriya unka bhi jinhone humare saath anyay kiya h
    kyuki apne haq k liye aage badhne ki zidd unhone hi diya h

    jinhone humare liye aawaj uthai, karte h unhe yaad
    aur chaliye aaj hum sab kare unka dhanyawad

    saath mil jaye toh puri duniya par bhari h
    Ha hum garv se kehte h ki hum nari h

    p.s. posting this here taki yeh ghum na jaye aur hamesha k liye save ho jaye��
    p.p.s. Mirakee kitna change ho gaya h��

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    Jo samman mila h, uske liye aabhari h
    Par jinhe nhi mila, unke liye jang jari h
    Hum sabka sammaan kare, yeh humari bhi zimmedari h
    Aur hum hi apno ko picche na khiche, iski bhi jawabdari h
    Saath mil jaye toh puri duniya par bhari h
    Ha hum garv se kehte h ki hum nari h

  • wannabecreative 47w

    #storyofaleaf #mirakee
    Tried writing normally after an eternity....

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    I am just a leaf...
    Trying to impress folks
    who came just to see my folks; flowers
    Wondering when I'll be loved and adored
    Then, I saw those lovers
    mercilessly plucking their beloved
    Ahh! Thank god!
    I am just a leaf...

  • wannabecreative 49w

    Types of bezzatiz

    (Warning: Cringe × 100 h yeh post)
    [Read it like koi guruji pravachan de rhe h]

    Namaskar mitron, aaj hum ek behad important vishay par charcha karne ja rahe h... Iss vishay k bina, kai logo ka jivan adhura h isiliye iss vishay par likhna mera kartavya tha
    (Shukriya kehne ki koi awashakta nhi h��)

    Toh, aaj ka mudda h

    Jivan mai agar aap zinda h toh aapko iss rahasyamayi chiz se samna jarur hua hoga... Toh aaj main aapko Bezzati k prakar batane wali hu taki aapko ise samjhane mai aasani ho

    1) Direct/common bezzati:- yeh bezzati ki sabse jyada known prajati h...more than 80% baar yehi use ki jati h aam bolchal mai

    Example k liye: tu gawar h, tu buddhu h, tu bail h, tere paas dimag ki kami h, tujhse jyada samjhdar toh ek feotus h, tujhe baat karna hi galti thi, etc, etc....

    2) Indirect bezzati:- this is like 5 mark k liye 2 mark k answer ko ghuma phira kar likhna.... Baat ek hi kehni h, par sidhe sidhe kehne mai aafat aati h

    Direct~ "kabhi dimag bhi use liya kar"
    Indirect~ "tujhe pata h? Manushya prajati k paas ek dimag karke organ h...kabhi use kar k dekhna, bade kaam ki chiz h" ,
    "Hey prabhu! Iss insan ko maaf kar do! Aapne jo dimag ise diya usko yeh nasamajh bech kar kha gaya!"

    3) Nonbezzati bezzati:- yeh wo bezzati h jo asal mai tarif h, use pata nhi h, par wo h...

    "Yaar kabhi kabhi bail wali harkat kar deti h tu"
    Ab I know aap confuse hoge, par sochiye...
    kabhi kabhi bail = mostly non-bail
    Hui n yeh tarif?

    4) Bouncer bezzati:- yeh wo complex bezzati h jo dimag k uppar se hi nikal jati h, toh bezzati wali feeling aati h par kuch samjh nhi aata

    Example:- Oye Neanderthal ki lost species, kyu apne dot pitch se bhi imperceptible brain ko thaka rha h...

    5) Ghatak bezzati:- yeh wo janaleva bezzati h jo direct dil par jakar lagti h... khataik!
    Aur kai baar yeh kuch aise common bezzati bhi hote jo kisi person (kisi situation) k liye personal hote h

    Example:- gadhi (Mujhe ek baar kisine gadhi kaha tha, and phir trahi macha di thi maine), auntyji k liye dukh hota h ki tujh jaisi santan mili h, etc etc

    Aaj k liye itna gyan kafi h...
    Daanpeti niche rakhi h, sab apni iccha anusar daan kar sakte h
    Dhanyawad ��
    (Special thanks to @malhar_)

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    Types of Bezzatiz....

    (Read at your own risk)