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  • wanihadii 3w


    I wanna be a free bird
    Free from all oppression
    No tension no melancholy
    Just own life with goals
    I wanna be like breeze
    Moving from here and there
    Travel world like our home
    Enjoying one's faculty and life
    I wanna be like a tree
    So towering and so broad
    Wanna think big and dream big
    Attain victory in every feild
    I wanna be like a sea
    As simple as snow
    Wanna be a trustworthy
    Not dependent on anyone
    I wanna be like water
    As helping as basic need
    So vast and positive thinker
    Ubiquitous and free of cost

  • wanihadii 27w

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  • wanihadii 44w

    Dedicated to my sweetie and cutie pie
    Love you forever������

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    The tedious eventide of my heart when mingles up with the jovialness of your eyes, benign and beguiling smile of yours adding your tunefull voice joining the soothing fragrance adding up your lovely talks and catchy walks make my Aurora ravishing forever

  • wanihadii 44w

    Live love life

    So we should live them beautifully

  • wanihadii 44w

    Abendrot and Caligo

    The acrid words of our abutting ones are just like the abendrot that a person can't condone. Don't be an acrid person for your abutting ones instead be an illumination in the caligo of their hearts. That can make them audacious

  • wanihadii 44w

    You are not just a friend instead you are my dear caring sisteee��������
    Love you millions billions trillions.
    May Almighty Allah always shower his blessings upon you dear. May you always shine like a star.
    Happiest Birthday to you

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    Beautiful like a rose
    Caring like a friend
    Loving like a sister
    Meladious like a spring song
    Fragrant like a flower garden

  • wanihadii 44w

    You should know that world doesn't matter for you. What matters for you should be the successful life after many hardships, diligence and making your family gratified. Don't ever ponder you don't have a potential but always recall that potential could be made by doing hardwork and facing hardships. Bloom like a flower that brings gorgeousness to the garden. Just do hardwork and face whatever difficulties come in your way. That will definitely be a way to your zenith life full joy and respect.

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    Zenith Life

    Let the lightning bash your berm.
    You should know that after every lightning the sky appers blue again.
    Let the gaint stone halt your way.
    You should know that the stone can be moved with your potential and diligence.
    Let the thorn stick make your feet bleed.
    You should know that the thorn plant is the one that produces the most alluring flower.
    Let the rain make you wintry.
    You should know that after every rain there is a splendid morning once more.
    Let the heat of the sun blaze your skin.
    You should know that rain makes everything cool even the hot sun.
    Let the darkness come in your way.
    You should know that the murk of night doesn't last forever.
    Let the whole world make you defeatist. Never ever pay heed to them because you should know every hardwork never make person a looser.

  • wanihadii 45w


    Don't be afraid of coronavirus, we should be afraid of sins that we did. This is not a pandemic but a gift for our sins. Seek forgiveness

  • wanihadii 46w

    war till victory

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    Mujhe kya darawoge tum maut ka manzar dikhake mai tou paida hi huwi hun shaheedun ki basti mai
    Waqt kis maud pe laye ye jaana kisi ke bas mai nahi hota
    Hamara bhi naseeb ayega sakoon ki sham hogi dil jhoom uthenge hamare tumhe ujadta dekhte..✌

  • wanihadii 49w

    Love you my ammi jan and abu ji

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    Parents are the precious gift in world. Do take care of them preciously.