A strange pen with a traversing stranger.

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  • waizhq 22w

    The scent of the rose stole out, and the gardens secret is betrayed:
    What calamity! A flower itself should the traitors role have played.

    The lute of the garden is broken, the season of flowers gone,
    Trees branches are bare, the gardens songsters have flown.

    Remains alone the bulbul, in its songs raptures lost.
    Its breast is full of melodies that are still tempest-tossed.

    The ring-doves have left the cypress and from its garden flown;
    Flowers have shed their petals which are at random strewn.

    The beaten paths of the garden lie desolate and forlorn;
    Branches are stripped of leaves that they once had worn.

    He alone from the chains of changing seasons remained unbent; 
    Alas! Not one there was in the garden to hear his lament.

    In giving up our lives there is no gladness, nor is there joy in living;
    The only pleasure is in writing verse and in our own hearts blood drinking.

    Let the lament of this lonely bulbul pierce the hearts of all, 
    Arouse the hearts of the sleeping, with this my clarion call.

    Transfused with fresh blood, a new compact of faith well sign.
    Let our hearts thirst again for a strip of the vintage wine.
    Overflowing inkk
    #thoughts #overflow #shikwa

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    My minds mirror is studded with many gems sparkling bright;
    In my breast are locked visions aching to burst into light.

    But there are in the garden with eyes to attest;
    Not one bleeding tulip baring a scar within its breast.


  • waizhq 29w

    A reflection that abviously no one asked for!! But take note if you need to: this "world" is not for your heart, ^<< to be healed by the "world" itself.

    Perhaps a #robber is never expected to return the robbed.

    #world #you and not #me

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    heart break?
    Expect more, its DUNIYA'!!


  • waizhq 33w

    Hold on Oh Slaves of the most merciful!! Silence with the tongue, and a counter with pen is best answer you can give to an evil ignorant. The tongue need not speak everytime, but the pen is free to. It speaks louder and clearer, even for the deaf. It narrates the narration without a tip-toe and finishes without the oppressor knowing.

    Hold your pen firm against the one who holds evil with all the known forms. The pen is your only companion who never leaves, its pertinent to all situations irrespective of trials and tribultions. Be steadfast, and dont losen or fall prey to heedlessness. Someone noble from the pious predecessors was asked "Until when will you carry on attcking the evil with your pen? No evil do we find safe from your pen!" He replied "Until the day I breathe last, I'll carry the inkpot to my grave."

    #pen #speakingpen #unnoticed #mypen

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    Hold on!!

    Tongues gone mute,
    Pens went speakin.
    The Quarrel didnt start,
    But the story did end.


  • waizhq 34w

    Ibn al-Qayyim (rahimahullah) mentioned in
    Al-Fawā'id, 1/35:

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    "Enough honour for you is
    that you are a slave of Allah
    and enough pride for you is
    that Allah is your Lord."

  • waizhq 57w

    Keep the Leisure, oh stranger
    and travel with the path,,
    for the path shows
    truth not

    #truth #truepath #liveit #walkit #sleepit #diewithit

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    Just Walk it.

    The Path of Truth is solitary.
    Those who traverse it are lonely;
    They are not wanted, nor their aspiration.
    Leisurely so they travel, with resolution.
    Of what they seek, people are heedless,
    For, about the truth most are careless.


  • waizhq 63w

    I wish my lines were but true lines.
    But I get decieved, as I fall prey.
    The world decieves, with glitter in it.
    But I'd gladly get decieved if thats your say.

    #tawheed #OurProphetOurHonour


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    Oh beloved!!

    For Your sake, his punishment is sweet.
    For Your sake, his distance is closeness.
    You are like my very soul,
    Rather, You are more beloved!
    Sufficient is it in my love
    That I love only what You love.


  • waizhq 69w

    Let not the worldly life delude you, oh traveller.
    This world is a host and you are the guest.
    But the host is cruel, he doesnt take care of you well.
    And yu as a guest, should know that
    A guest cannot cannot bind his heart with something he cannot take with him.
    Be patient.
    Leave the fancies of this world of delusion.
    Live for the afterlife.
    The reality of Beauty lies then.
    This world is indeed a lie.
    Indeed a lie.
    Indeed a lie.
    Indeed a lie
    #poetry #islam #soul #imamshafiee

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    O my soul! It is not, except a few days of patience;
    As if the extent were but a few dreams.
    O my soul! Pass quickly on through this world;
    And leave it, for indeed life lies ahead of it.


  • waizhq 69w

    Golden words by Malik ibn Dinar
    Source: Al Bayhaqi, Zuhd al Kabeer, pg. 100

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    Proposed to the world,
    Then he should know that
    The world will not be
    Satisfied until he gave up
    His Deen as


  • waizhq 71w

    An excerpt from a letter of Sufyaan ath-Thawri رحمه الله which he wrote to one of his believing brothers.

    Source: The Biography of Sufyaan Ath-Thawree | Pg. 181

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    An Advice to a Believer

    So occupy yourself exclusively with the Hereafter,
    and empty your heart of all other thoughts;
    once you have done that, work hard!
    Do not waste time!
    And flee from the world and its temptations!
    Travel to the Hereafter (with your worship) before
    you are taken there.
    I have indeed given you the same advice
    that I gave myself.

  • waizhq 71w

    So sweet is your soul
    how broken is your heart,
    lay your troubles on me
    even when we're worlds apart.