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  • waitaminute 12h

    We were waiting for clouds to clear ,for sunshine to break through the mist.Our way up the hill wasn't easy peasy ,there were hurdles ,there were falls and rises .Somehow when we reached there ,we were disappointed to find thick fog and we were left with no choice but to go back.But suddenly weather begin to get worse.Cold winds wrapped around us and snow fall began.we were not prepared for this,with no gloves and no caps how could someone survive there.But like we never lose hope while crossing hurdles climbing up there, and we just need to light a matchstick to Kindle this hope .It felt like heaven sitting around fire watching snowfall,though it was not in our plan but remember life is always full of surprises like this.

  • waitaminute 18h

    Tangled wires of earphones represent my life without my bestfriend.

  • waitaminute 1d


    Whenever I listen to a song,I just fall for it, believing it fits my situation and play it in my mind repeatedly.
    My Love for those lyrics never fades,it gets stronger, everytime its tune hits the same.

  • waitaminute 1d

    Hope is ,things happen when least expected.

  • waitaminute 1d

    Hope is sun can shine on a rainy day.

  • waitaminute 1d

    A good movie can change your day and may be your life too.

  • waitaminute 3d

    I sometimes wonder how easily I can let go people.

  • waitaminute 4d

    When I look in to mirror I see,
    Someone just like me,
    At least looking,
    Inside the head a little different may be,
    I can't lie to her,
    She follows me insanely,
    In my phone screen ,in the water,
    She lives everywhere with me,
    I can never be alone,
    And she repeats my words,
    This makes me crazy,
    If I break the mirror,
    She get in to tiny pieces,
    Now so many of her,
    Looking at me,
    Reading my mind ,
    She knows all my moves,
    She is keeping an eye on me,
    Through my eyes may be,
    Is she spying on me?
    Sometimes I think,
    If I could ever visit her world,
    Just opposite of mine,
    Looking alike with reverse alphabets,
    Will she understand me,
    I will tell her don't follow me,
    But she is just obsessed with me,
    She could be just my mirror image,
    She can never be real like me,
    But then I think if she comes out,
    She will take her revenge,
    For all bad faces I made at her,
    For all hurtful words,
    May be then she will look in to mirror,
    I will do whatever she tells,
    Without cross questioning her actions,
    I will be obliged to give her purest reactions.

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    Mirror girl

  • waitaminute 5d

    Sleep is like poetry,nobody can write and no body can sleep forcibly,it needs a tired mind for both of them.

  • waitaminute 1w

    It was few years ago
    We came to this place,
    Only definition of home I know,
    Is somewhere my mom and dad live,
    It was different here,
    I was never fond of walls,
    So I coloured them with crayons,
    There were some children,
    I played with them sometimes
    Hide and seek may be,
    But I was growing up,
    The world was small for me,
    A home and school,
    And many books,
    Books were like buses,
    Travel anywhere without a penny,
    I had friends , sometimes I visited their home,
    Just like me ,they also disliked those walls,
    One day when I was left,
    Home and school,
    There was this different place,
    With people of my age,
    I am still not fond of walls,
    I coloured them ,each one of it,
    We don't even live here actually,
    Its a screen where we live,
    I can call it as my second home,
    With less boundaries I actually like it,
    My real home packed my memories in boxes,
    Its a big world now with less walls,
    My definition was wrong,
    Home is somewhere you belong,
    With people that care about your presence,
    Even in your absence.

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