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  • vyshna_rk 6w


    The pause that changed everyone's life,
    It took us some time to understand the scenario;
    City of dreams turned upside down;
    The god's own country became the land of atheists;
    The city of lights was immersed in darkness
    Some were locked inside homes...
    Albeit, some were lucky enough to reunite with loved one's
    While some made beautiful memories ;
    Some left their beautiful memories...
    Eclipse of productivity;
    We lost track and time!
    But it's been a while ;
    This is the new normal!

  • vyshna_rk 33w

    The most beautiful feeling in the world is to love someone selflessly!
    And to witness how that love devours your soul every day...

  • vyshna_rk 42w

    I could hear them chirping before the crack of dawn...
    Wing flapping around the clematis in my balcony...
    They bathe in those little water pots, fly around like vagabonds.
    They roam around in search of food,
    Arrive home by dusk,

    One day I woke up in the morning...
    I couldn't hear from my feathered friends,
    They were nowhere around.
    After a while, one of 'em came rushing to my balcony,
    He was frantically fluttering around,
    I sensed something was wrong, the other bird was missing!
    He used to fly down to the balcony, lonely, no playing games around the bougainvillea,
    As if he just lost his charm!

  • vyshna_rk 68w

    I've completely messed up my mind, So I don't know if you guys could actually comprehend what I mean.
    ,@writersnetwork, @writerstolli, @anushkaaa, @rose_giyanna

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    Empirical buildings and glistening lights,
    She was lost in that big city,
    City's hustle and bustle made her abandoned,
    Failed to grasp the language people spoke,
    She tried walking different routes but couldn't make it to her home.
    She thought of that minute when she left her momma's hand.
    All she wanted was to entangle her little finger with her mom's hand,
    Some gave her her candies,
    While some misguided her with bits of advice.
    She wanted to walk off, she wanted to quit
    But all she did was to hang on;

  • vyshna_rk 79w

    She's a lone wolf,
    Busy gazing the stardust...
    She's starry-eyed,
    Her eyes narrated more stories than her lips
    She hides her vulnerability by that pretty smile !!
    She'll soon be relieved from all that pain
    Folklores will praise the glory of dead flower

  • vyshna_rk 96w

    Stay safe !!!

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    Some people around you are more toxic than corona virus...
    So stay safe from both !!!!!


  • vyshna_rk 99w

    Nobody loves you !!!
    People pretend as if they do..
    It's not because of the heart that beats..
    But the brain that commands!!!
    No one cares ...
    If you are devastated or broke!.....
    Asking for help is like stepping into a dead branch...
    Wipe off your expectations...
    Rise like a phoenix and face your challenges!!

  • vyshna_rk 105w

    Let's slide into our mystical world !!!
    Ignore the commotion outside.
    I'm blushing on your notorious glimmer.....
    A breeze strokes us with an unusual Melody!!
    Your kiss left a cologne all around my body!!!
    Night owl is hooting out of jealousy...
    You are setting below the horizon...
    Leaving me withered with an appealing fragrance...

  • vyshna_rk 107w

    Firstly, I'll start with a sorry Let us forgive each other's mistakes.. .☺️
    Let us embrace all those happy moments!!
    Let's thank 2019 for all those wonderful lessons and memories...
    And yeah.... thank you for staying in my life and for holding my back whenever I needed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In this new beginning,
    May all your wishes come true!!
    May your hardships pay off....
    May the ocean of luck flow into your life..
    May God bless you with peace and prosperity.......♀️
    Let 2020 be a year
    of love and happiness!!❣️
    Party hard!

    Wish you a very Happy New year...
    Happy 2020♥️

  • vyshna_rk 107w


    Amidst all those chaos...
    The fight continues between the heart and brain
    Plunged into an air of melancholy
    Silence conveys misery.
    Drowning in the mystical river...
    The solution remains a mystery...
    Will I drown down deeper or will I be rescued!!