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  • vrushmahi 45w


    Physical drain and mental strain,
    every moment of every day.
    I am lost in my thoughts or the dessert of my scattered life?
    What is next?
    I am in a dilemma, standing somewhere far away and seeing me struggling as if this body is not mine.
    Sensing everything but still, feeling irrelevant with time.
    I look in the mirror trying to touch my reflection, little that I know there is a barrier of thoughts inside.
    Thought of me is transparent in each one's mind but me, because I live in chaos where I can't keep myself abide.
    I fight for a change yet unaware of the existing existence.
    i don't wish to remain a forgotten soul.
    i don't want to become unknown to me for then eternal in the vein.

  • vrushmahi 48w


    I am leaving now,

    Today is the day! I swear, I have I thought about it, rather I overthought.. about my existence. Somewhere in someone's story or everyone's story?

    There are people, a lot of them but everybody is out of reach.
    It feels like I am stuck in the glass cage. Screaming my lungs out, but nobody can hear my voice.

    Fading away, slowly out of stories, poems, and pictures. Dissolving into my dreams.
    I just wonder, will there be a time I will exist in someone's memory?

  • vrushmahi 50w


    I felt the flower was blooming.
    Taking birth into my life.
    I trusted its roots and woven my life around it.
    I stood there with my world behind, stories slithering into the background.
    I told the bud to keep its expectations to himself, but he couldn't.
    It was rotting and dying little by little every day, still carrying the baggage.
    Isn't it time to abandon the misery and leave?
    But, who will tell this to the bud who has nothing but hope?

  • vrushmahi 52w


    -Why are you always up so late?
    I said world's asleep so more room for thoughts...
    -Hour of secrets?
    I said yes, and that's how it all started.

  • vrushmahi 53w


    This mirror has witnessed everything, from her scream to her admiring looks.
    It saw her pieces when she shattered.
    It felt her void when she emptied herself.
    The mirror reflected her soul when she was afraid to look at her reflection.
    It was there when she wanted to be alone, looking at her, being a stranger.
    This mirror has seen her, faced her, felt her, gathered her. But why?

    To break her again?

  • vrushmahi 65w


    When you leave art you just leave part of your soul ...

  • vrushmahi 65w

    Once in a blue moon you feel dull and sad when you don't know even the reason. Everything seems mundane and you can't point finger at what is missing or you are missing someone. Smile comes warily that day and sleep comes easily. Just one of those days.... #thoughts

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    It comes and goes...
    Sadnesss darkens my heart even more.

  • vrushmahi 69w

    Someone said people learn early in their lives, reason of their being..
    But life is really long where we are learning everyday..
    And if you feel like you know yourself. You have stopped self exploration. You have just accepted your situation.
    What if you remain unknown to yourself and it's too late?

  • vrushmahi 108w


    Each night I come up with a new dream.
    Each night I become a wizard with tremendous power.
    The entire world seems full of possibilities
    Every passing second grows on me with confidence
    Every night I stand on a shore holding my golden dreams
    Waiting for the sun to rise
    Each morning flashes with a reality...
    I wake up with confusion..was it a vision or none?
    Every thought is normal now and my thirst for adventure remains the same again waiting for a night...

  • vrushmahi 111w

    The world is in you as you are in this world. Remember that and then get up when you fall.... Because this is just a one planet , there is infinity to explore.....

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    World will be running...
    Running behind things, chasing surreal dreams...
    Some of them are not even worthy of your capabilities...
    Others are running, falling......And still running....
    But you should stop...
    Stop and see, see and think , think and create....
    And atlast world will reverse ..For YOU❣️