a 17 y.o lost in the wilderness of books trying to find his way home...

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  • voraciousreader2 2w

    Late night thoughts...
    #wod #poetry #poem

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    Deep in the darkness of night a stranger walked
    On a road long gone and long used alone he walked

    Thousands had walked before and thousands would walk after him
    In that darkness full of ignorance and lost

    There was an end to each and every road they knew
    But where it was no one could say

    They walked on and on
    One step in from of the other until the end

    But once the road was not like this
    Once it was not dark

    There was light on the road once
    Which lit the start till the end

    There was a moment like this in each and everyone's walk
    They could see the road they walked on they could see the path they took

    They knew their duty their aim
    For what they were given life

    They knew the purpose of life
    They knew it's reason

    Until one day lost in their bliss, their sorrow, their joy and a lot
    Life became a stranger to them and they were lost

    And make no mistake
    This story is not of one
    But of all...


  • voraciousreader2 3w

    Just a lil fictional poem I had come up with ;)
    #wod #poem #poetry

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    The whole world was dark and burnt
    There was no place to run
    The cruelty of aliens thrived
    Humankind was at its last stage of life
    No one could face them
    No one could stay alive
    But still every human being gave a fight
    Only because of a hero, in whom they believed
    He was not a living person who had great fame
    But an abstract thing; hope was its name...


  • voraciousreader2 5w


    I was very depressed
    Life didn't me impress

    I was feeling very sad
    Everything seemed so bad

    I felt like I had in a chasm of blackness fell
    Life was a pit of hell

    I was very tired
    The circumstances were very dire

    Everything was so dark
    Of light and joy, there was no mark

    I wanted to be happy
    The only problem was: there was a lot of difficulty

    I wanted to sing songs of bliss, laugh with joy-the best thing imaginable
    But it seemed impossible

    Then, I realised one day
    With a lot of thinking, probing and many more wise one's say

    It was always up to me
    To myself happy see

    If I wanted to be depressed
    That would be what I would always get

    If I wanted to be sad
    The whole world, everything would make me mad

    But, if I wanted to be happy:
    No problem, no worry, no trouble would make me touchy

    So it was always up to me, to see the world as a:

    Sorrowful cavern
    Or a blissful heaven

    A place full of joy
    Or a sad full decoy

    To be happy
    Or to be sad...


  • voraciousreader2 5w

    The two ships

    Once there were two ships
    Two ships from far far different lands

    Nothing was similar in them
    Nothing the same

    The only thing was
    Both had to navigate through same the ocean's reign

    They met each other in a part of the ocean familiar to none
    They felt that their seas were filled with unknowns

    And the things they had thought known
    Were the imaginations of their own

    Lost were they there
    Though free in the ocean they were stuck under some burden

    Haunted by the unknowns and knowns of their imagination
    They turned to each other to find some solution

    They started talking and sharing their various voyages
    Some were dark and ugly some were of hope and redemption

    Their shared voyages of the dark times
    When their Hull was broken starboard was cracked and still how they had come out intact

    Their shared voyage which they thought would be peaceful and merry
    Turning  to be their biggest adversary

    Though the voyages were done and the wounds were bare
    Talking just made the pain a little less intense

    They formed with each other a bond
    A bond of suffered pain and loss

    And then they shared their voyages which were yet to see
    Full of joy and happiness they were plenty

    They wanted the other to see these voyages with them
    But knew it was never to happen as both had some different aims

    And then did come that day when they had to choose their own path
    Leaving the other behind, following their own heart

    And so they left to continue their voyage...


  • voraciousreader2 5w

    The Candle

    The sun cannot be always there
    Sometimes darkness is everywhere

    You can't stop it creeping in
    It will always come and haunt you for your ugliest sin

    Everywhere you turn it is dark
    Under its pressure you start to shrank

    Then what do you do?
    You turn to a candle to take away the gloom

    You seek for comfort in its light and warmth
    It keeps away the darkness that haunts

    The candle takes you in its light
    Thinking that finally it has got someone to stay together with

    It protects you from the untold monster of the dark
    Thinking that finally someone's there for it

    But then comes up the sun
    With all its glory and the darkness burns

    You welcome the sun; all happy and gay
    The light has finally found its way

    You go back outside
    And leave that asylumious corner

    But the candle stays
    Burning eternally alone



  • voraciousreader2 6w


    When I was a kid
    When nothing in this world held me bind

    I used to dream
    And dream a lot

    Then everything seemed easy
    And easy it was

    But then I grew up
    And the dreams started to fade

    Into the clutches of reality
    I found myself bear

    There was no time to dream
    Only to live

    Live a life which was neither sad nor happy
    Just a monotonous off beat song

    So I lived it
    Flowing with the flow of the song

    Never feeling sad, happy or angry
    Never having any feelings at all

    But then one day I realised; what I was doing
    Wasting my life without achieving anything

    So I started to dream again
    Dream of big, big things

    Success gave me happiness
    Failure made me sad

    But at least I was living my life again...


  • voraciousreader2 6w

    This was the first poem I had ever written. Ik it's a bit big but read it till the end am sure ull love it ;)
    #life #poetry

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    Once I had googled 'what is life?'
    The answers which I received were of various types

    Some said life is fake
    Others said life is a piece of cake

    Some said life is a battle
    Others said it is very easy to handle

    These answers did not convince me
    And I decided to answer the questions myself

    So I imagined each and every person's life as a drop of water in a river
    Flowing towards the giant ocean as small as a sliver

    The waterfall from where the river begins is the birth, the mouth of the ocean is the death
    The time the journey takes is only dependent on faith

    No drop can resist the flow
    Nor can anyone make the speed slow

    The only thing it can do is change the nature of other drops
    The one he loves and the one he cares for

    So the river flows; each drop with his family and friends
    Loving and caring until the end

    So the river flows; not with its own life, but with the life of others
    Who reach the mouth and die as doctors, lawyers or even murderers

    But there, there is a rock in the river which obstructs the flow
    Most of the drops slide past it and continue their journey to death

    But there are a few courageous drops
    Who face head on the rocks

    These are the ones who surpass the boundaries of their families and friends
    The whole world listens to them

    These are the ones who the others look up to
    These are the ones who the others try to become

    These are the ones who lead the world
    These are the ones who do not have wings but fly until they reach their dreams

    These are the ones who reach glory
    Because of them the world gets a story

    These are the ones who never reach the river's mouth
    There life becomes a story and their stories immortal

    They are just displayed there on the rocks
    To encourage the young flowing drops to give every impossibility a shot

    And so the river flows; alongside the rocks which are kept as monuments
    For the future generations to look up to and become the new instruments

    And this is what life is...



  • voraciousreader2 6w

    The world's story

    What's the world's story?
    As a whole it's too gory

    Crimes, fights, murders they are everyday usual
    Wars and battles they are somewhat seasonal

    But don't you think it's made of infinity many tales
    Each person's having its own place

    But they all do have a pattern
    Too easy to guess what's gonna happen

    There are those awe-full and inspiring ones
    They start from scratch but someday big they become

    Then there are the ones full of failures and waste
    Unheard but they are still there

    That's not all
    The world's a big place after all

    There are those of vengeance
    The thirst for revenge can drive someone crazy

    Makes her do something we all hail
    That also turns into a tale

    There are ones of faith
    They are of good and bad

    The faith of Goad can turn a man into a terrorist
    And the same faith can make him into a priest

    But alas the concept of good and bad
    Is made by man after all

    Cause there were atrocities done by the holy priests too....

    Then there are the ones of heartbreak and sorrow
    When our loved ones leave us alone

    They go away never to come back
    And finally you understand...

    The things that meant a lot to you
    Was nothing to them at all

    Then finally there's the one of life
    Each one has the same end and that's death.

    And that's the world's story
    The same pattern again and again nothing's changed...


  • voraciousreader2 6w

    Why does he?

    Why does a sliver of light seem so bright when everything's dark
    While the same sliver seems non existent when everything's full of light

    Why does a human crave for love when he has none
    While turns a blind eye towards it when he has it in abundance

    Why does he contents himself with the least when he has nothing
    But the same being wants for more when he has everything

    Why does he live in a world where everything is digital
    But then complain 'nothing is real'

    Why does he talk of hardwork and effort
    When he himself is living the life full of luxury

    Why does this human calls animals wild
    When it's him who kills his kind without any mercy

    Why does he look down on other creatures
    When he's the one who has stred farthest from mother nature

    Why does he search for life outside the earth
    But not be greatful for the one within...


  • voraciousreader2 7w


    When I was a child
    When everyone used to look at me and smile

    There was only one thing I was afraid of
    Elders would hear it and always laugh

    Cause being afraid of it was an excuse everyone called lame
    Darkness was its name

    But at that time it was the thing I was afraid of the most
    As everything around me was full of love which I thought would never be lost

    So I grew up thinking that I'll always be happy in this love filled cavern
    But believe me I was as wrong as calling the hell, a heaven

    The smiles which I used to see in each and every second of my life
    Changed themselves and became faces full of vile

    The smiles which I thought would always be there
    Flew away without giving a care

    The smiles which I thought were always real
    Changed their nature and became full of lies

    The smile which I thought was the look on everyone's face naked
    Turned out to be a false facade

    And today I am afraid of this facade
    What if I saw something on someone's face which would never be there

    Can I truly believe the eyes looking at me are full of care
    Not a false ploy of gaining my friendship instead

    Can I truly believe that the eyes looking at me are full of love
    And trust that the person looking at me with those eyes loves me through her core

    Can I believe that my life is real itself
    If it's filled with so many facades; that I have to live with one myself