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  • vodka_lips 24w

    I'm not a regular anymore..
    I'm like a black cloud stumbling upon you some days.
    I smile. You nod.
    While you don't notice I break down too.
    Raining here and there.
    Feeling a little better I fly once more. I've a long way to go.
    Only to stop in front of you again. A circle.
    But I promise I'm not a regular anymore...

    #pod #life
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee #writerstoli #wod #rainbow

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    I'm not a regular anymore..
    I'm like a black cloud stumbling upon you some days.
    I smile. You nod.


  • vodka_lips 31w

    She waited... For him to return
    But when he never returned she saw that as a sign that he had moved on
    But when he regretted and finally returned,
    She was long gone...


  • vodka_lips 39w

    "You said I felt like home,
    Then why are you there? Alone!
    But not in my arms? " He asked.

    "Yes, you felt like home. The home I tucked in my memories ; all happy and lively. But now you were the home, I dread to stay at."
    I muttered, enclosing my body in my hands...


  • vodka_lips 48w

    Some days I think I'm not capable of Love
    While other days I search it in the withered pages of books.....
    Some days I think Love is just a chemical dysfunction
    While other nights I explain its process to moon.....
    Some days I think I'm afraid to Love
    Only to spend my days and nights dancing
    Murmuring songs, words still hanging like my Love, unspoken but loud...

  • vodka_lips 53w

    "I breathed out, pulling my fingers on album photos
    My eyes watered, shaky hands tuned to touch your letters
    Tear-striken pages, still making me cry
    And the promises paused there waiting for you
    I waited for the tears to stop
    But as always it disobeyed.
    I'm not sure how long I have been crying
    Weeks, months or years
    All I know, my soul is still mourning
    From the day, you stole my rights
    to dress up and wait for you
    You did fulfil your promise
    You came back
    But in a cascade, adorned with flag
    I stood still, feigning your proud stance
    Remaking my each broken parts.
    Everyday I woke up
    Gathered all my strengths
    And try to compensate your absence
    In the life of your son and parents.
    Pity in some eyes, lust in others
    A widow, I am, thriving in this cruel society, fighting further.
    Today I'm wearing your favorite saree
    Shrouding in your aura
    And look how your proud wife is glowing, in the light of diyas
    A promise to you
    To make my son, grow up
    Brave and fierce
    Just like you..."

    #martyr #widow #strong #woman
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @readwriteunite

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    Wife of a Martyr


  • vodka_lips 56w

    Ramblings. Might delete this later..

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    She never sang a song for me; neither let the word filling it up ,the gap her doings left..
    After endowing all my love to her, I was left to feel hot and cold ,everytime..
    I once asked Why?
    She said that I'll never know how much she loves me.
    Now she left.
    //and I still don't know what was she talking about? Love or her sudden departure // ...

  • vodka_lips 58w

    My sweet sleep where are you? ��

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    When you decided we shouldn't meet each other & I agreed
    My fingers were crossed
    You didn't notice...


  • vodka_lips 59w

    You will find her in nights
    Sitting near the window
    Staring at the moon
    And basking in the celestial light.
    Obscure darkness all around
    Enlivening her tender soul
    Cold breeze passed by
    Caressing her black seaweed like traces
    Unmasking the cold beauty behind it.
    A void heart, soft yet cold
    Craving for warmth, searching
    Only to find in cold moonlit nights.
    A fairy exhaled from heaven
    Wings broken, skin burnt
    But her soul is shinning
    Even the stars are lusting after her.
    Sometimes I found her playing flute
    Those luscious lips mumbling a soft mellifluous sound
    Every chord meticulously sheathed with love
    Calling out for the unknown, silently.
    Myriad of galaxies crumbled infront of her
    But she remain motionless
    Lost in her own milky way
    Sitting there till the stars fade away.
    I wonder Why?
    Why she sits there every night, waiting?
    For whom is she waiting?
    At least once I want to meet that person
    Who made her wait; to ask the questions I brewed myself.
    I promised to stay, to join with her relentless moon gazing
    But when the sleep lazily stumbled upon, my promise falters
    Questions lured me into oblivion
    With the assurance of the dreams of the beautiful immortal, my eyes closed on its own...

    #moon #moonlitnight # moonlove #night #pod #mirakee #writingcontest #creativearena #writerstolli
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    She loves moon because it never asks her to prove, her love to him
    Neither begs her more than she could afford...

  • vodka_lips 64w

    My body ached,
    Everytime I move, it hurts
    Hair tangled, body sticky
    Not a sight to behold.
    Standing near the window
    I stared the busy streets below
    A cigarette was lighten and found its way to my lips
    A puff was dragged
    Smoke inside, smokes outside
    Some on my face, some in my lungs
    Working its magic on the melancholy, I live.

    Passers keep staring, my black and blue body, like a hawk
    Lust evident in their eyes
    Wonder why?
    I'm stark naked, from head to toe
    Those stares don't bother me anymore
    I ain't the subject of eyesore.
    Dissipating smokes, made me think about past
    I wonder what is that?
    My conscious provide me pictures of bodies
    Above me, under me
    Like a doll, they used me, they enjoyed me
    Paying me some money they channel their inner beast on me.

    A knocking sound, broke my reverie
    Bringing me back to the night
    Dressing up, I saw someone in the mirror
    In a skinny outfit, a voluptuous body
    Red luscious lips, those black doe eyes
    All ready to be the prey of the night...

    #pod #prostitute #prostitution #life #thoughts #diary #writerstolli
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunit

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    Ohh Darling
    I'm best at selling my body to fill this belly of mine...


  • vodka_lips 65w

    You were invisible
    But my eyes found you
    You were ordinary
    But my heart fancied after you...