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  • vixthor 14w

    we work in freedom but are shackled by ignorance

  • vixthor 15w


    Never had to build a skycraper to see the truth between you and me
    All 248 meters of never meant to be

  • vixthor 15w

    Writer's block

    The gears are stuck
    Mind's numb
    The blasts of creativity that once stuck dissipates like the reminants of a bomb
    Pieces of paper around me in rumpled forms indicating disapproval
    Sadly, seems I'll be in this state for a while

  • vixthor 42w

    Part two
    She adjusts her glasses and I swear I have never been more hypnotized
    Her voice a siren's call to this lonely sailor
    Her brain intriguing like a 5 by 5 Rubik cube
    Turning turning until u realise u haven't even scratched the surface
    Biology didn't explain this to me
    That the nervous system could actually make u feel nervous
    That single touch could send shivers down my spine
    A single look like a magnet, wipes my train of thought
    The hands of the clock stop as if waiting to see what happens next
    Which heart string you'll pull
    And what note I'll play.

  • vixthor 48w

    Every Journey Has An End

    Took me six years to find something good.
    All to lose it to soon
    To what end.
    All the stories we told.
    Promises made,
    Those days replayed.
    Memories relayed.
    Will we truely last forever?
    Did our story truely exist?
    Now i see Why you were like this to me
    Maybe to protect me
    Maybe to soften the blow
    In the end,
    Nothing lasts forever.

  • vixthor 53w

    You're drawing me in.
    Through more than just the scent of your skin.
    A black hole.
    A world of darkness pulling me in
    Calling to me
    I try to escape
    But im not strong enough.
    When i look towards the abyss,
    I see not the darkness
    But the laughs shared, hands held.
    I mount every strength i have left. Barely escape from you
    Today I'm victorious but I say to myself for how long

  • vixthor 53w

    In times past
    I believed that we would always be the same
    That you'll always be by my side. Hands intertwined. Your gentle heartbeat against mine.
    Now we're done
    She says she can't do this anymore
    She's leaving me
    And i can't help but wonder what made our hearts wander
    With each step getting weaker,
    The more we tried

  • vixthor 56w

    Im a Mess

    Heard from ur friends that ur tired
    Those shots fired.
    They hurt
    Not cause its true
    But cause it didnt come from you

  • vixthor 58w


    In a race of none
    Guess i still couldnt've won
    The keys to your heart belong to no one
    Well, i'll do my best to remember the days of joy
    Those i'll try not to destroy
    There is no wound that cuts deeper than the truth
    Words weaved for our own salvation
    Turns out love only hurts when you love the wrong one

  • vixthor 62w

    Her bruises

    They say she's cold but i know she's got a heart of gold. And with time im sure they'll see it unfold
    They say she's weird but I never really cared.
    She stole my heart with a smile, little sweet words and a voice soft and warm like a violins chords.
    They say she's childish but that excites me. Her ability to see the world differently incites me. The little games she plays can sometime last for days but all the same we have fun
    They judge her physically but all i see is a well built sculpture with smoothened out curves and edges. A master piece in the hands of a master worksman.
    She says she's temperamental. I see someone who's too open with her emotions
    These parts of her, her bruises are the building blocks that create the world's greatest muse.