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  • vishalkavya18 2d

    Once you start listening Khumar sahab there is no turning back.....

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    Hawaa ko bohot sarkashi kaa nashaa hai
    Magar yeh naa bhoolein diyaa bhi diyaa hai

    ~ Khumar Barabankavi

  • vishalkavya18 6w

    Just read it and tell me how bad it is....����

    #hindi #urdu #hindiwriters @hindiwriters

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    ना टूटा है ख़्वाब और ना हक़ीक़त मिली है
    धुआं उठ रहा है , वह बादल नहीं है

    नासेह कहते हैं यही ज़िन्दगी है
    सीना है धड़कता , साँस चल रही है

    कैसा है करिश्मा या यह बेबसी है
    आँख में हैं आंसूं , होठों पर हसी है

    ना है चमक पर फिर भी नमी है
    इन आँखों में भी ग़म - ए- आशिक़ी है


  • vishalkavya18 6w

    कालो ह्ययं निरवधिर्विपुला च पृथ्वी ॥
    Time is endless and the world is vast......

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    ये नाम केचिदिह नः प्रथयन्त्यवज्ञां
    जानन्ति ते किमपि तान्प्रति नैष यत्नः ।
    उत्पत्स्यते तु मम कोऽपि समानधर्मा
    कालो ह्ययं निरवधिर्विपुला च पृथ्वी ॥

    These lines by the famous Indian author Bahuvidh have been my anthem throughout my writing journey....
    These were written in the 8th century but are still very relevant....

    The lines loosely transalate into-:
    Those who denigrate or ignore my works, those who don't find it good enough. They must know my efforts are not for them because someday, somewhere, someone will have similar thoughts and spirits. And they will like my work. If I haven't found them yet, trust me time is endless and the world is vast.....

  • vishalkavya18 6w

    I wrote this on 3rd I know noone can read till the last...but stilll #rant #jee #jeeadvanced

    PS: My advanced rank is 23560...

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    Today was a very normal but still a great day. My JEE journey finally ended after almost 44 months. Yeah quiet a looong stuff. Though it never ends happily except for 120 students who get into computer science department at IIT Bombay. Everyone else is still okk. Anyways happiness is subjective (this statement helps a lot of losers like me). The journey started with massive success....I was in the best batch of my coaching institute. I had all the privileges. The faculties, other staff members and the second class citizens aka "students in lower batches" gave me ton of respect. But believe me every single time you think life is going great, some absolute shit will make sure you change your mind. So, shit health, my anxiety and everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. I learnt that you don't have to do anything wrong for things to go wrong. Inaction is also negative action. I went to that place every single day, without a it sundays, holidays whatsoever....but my batch changed faster than the speed of light. I was demoted 5 times in a span of one year. Gained 12kgs of weight, had grey hairs, strech marks, health issues, mental issues. Everything felt shit. I went on to give my JEE Main exam for the first time. I was appalled....what was supposed to be tough looked very easy...Yeah, really!!.....but I guess that was the trap I should've avoided. These exams take away marks for mistakes and so it happened. Mistakes made me look like a fool....people who I'd refuse to solve doubts of scored more than me. Destiny humiliated me the same way I humiliated them. I pledged again cause the Main examination would now would happen twice a year. And then boards came up, I was motivated and I was stupid. I contemplated to death and came up with this star spangled awesome IDEA. LET'S FOCUS ON MAINS. I had plenty of holidays but I FOCUSSED ON MAINS. This is coming from a "dummy" school student. Who hasn't seen a school building for two long years. I purchased text books for language subjects. Infact before the physics exam....I didn't prepare for the exam till the last night. And this is 12th boards. The last night with almost tears in my eyes I closed them, hoping to die at 7:00 am in the morning only to wake up at 8 to give my exams by 9. Though that went extremely good. Then came Covid and stuff postponed like we had a second life to do complete everything, still it was necessary because the first one was at stake. But this is a sheer classmates improved a lot while I was busy practising a spectrum of distractions. The exam was postponed thrice. Finally it happened but the results were horrific. The competition increased dramatically. My marks increased to twice but my score did not improve a lot. The first thing I said after looking at it was. I am gonna consider a drop year. My parents dismissed this GREAT IDEA before I could finish explaining it to them. They were satisfied, they were still happy I could get a non-it branch in some NIT or a decent state government college. Then they came up with the best question they could ask me after two years of this painful endeavour. What do you like doing??! I went like...this is the moment..... I elaborated-- I am good at poetry, I like history, I would say journalism or something to do with public speaking or literature. My parents looked at each other, paused for a second and said " no, we gonna give you "Options"..."so mechanical engineering or electronics" or you strictly want non core??!" . So, I took up admission in some state government clg then some other. But I refused to give away my JEE books, the only thing I gathered sincerely in last two years My parents were overtly optimistic to ask me for my favourite branch. But in engineering colleges you don't get your major by your "interests " but by your rank. So, the counselling happened and I got Mechanical at a state government college, then I went on to withdraw the seat. The director of the institute who also was a batchmate to my father who also was expected to go on a holiday returned to college on the last date of withdrawal. I was going to the podium to give away that seat with great honour, I was submitting my documents and boooom , the director saw my father, came up to him, asked him about me. And advised or rather ordered me to take mechanical. "I am gonna guide you. You will have a decent job....blah blah blah!!! ". Lol I didn't withdrew the seat. But the first semester I kept studying for JEE. I studied a lottt. My gpa at college suffered but not drastically. Then family issues didn't stop for a few months. And they were real, people say age is just a number but believe me. It takes you to be atleast 17 to understand family problems with clarity. Then I started to learn about geo-politics, history, political science, philosophy....My parents could not tell me to read a textbook now. College was online. I read voraciously. In one year I read about 14 biographies. And other books which I had won in certain events but never actually got the time to read them before. I suddenly lost all my GREAT OPINIONS. When I had no intellect whatsoever people took me seriously. And now that I was actually learning schoolmates told me--" you've become rusty" or "you've lost yourself" . Well I can't write about school otherwise it'd be a book. Still I gave JEE again. And this year it was supposed to happen four times a year. All four performances were better than last year. Still had very few chances of improving my prospects as far as NITs or state government colleges were concerned. Then came the branch transfer thing. The opportunity every engineering student gets to correct thier mistake or most probably make them commit new ones. I stood as a fierce competitor. Believe me an extremely neglected college studies made me reach the 26th position out ot 504 students. And I was successfully transferred to electronics. But I was waiting for JEE Advanced.....YES. COMMERCE, HUMANITIES, MEDICAL, UPSC, OLYMPIADS, KVPY, GATE, CAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT ARE FINE BUT ADVANCED IS THE QUEEN OF ALL COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS. Last year due to the wonderful suggestions of my father's colleagues I didn't register for the exam....cause the state level counseling happens before them. And I must focus on choice filling and stuff. I cried like a small baby when I used to have time to think about Advanced. The fact that I won't give the examination did not let me sleep. The exam I was actually preparing for. Things changed this year. I didn't even tell my father I was giving JEE again. I gave advance on 3rd October 2021. That night I slept with the scribble pad they gave me to do the rough work. I attempted 50 questions ( I find out two wrong attempts everyday). The satisfaction at 5:30 pm that day, covered with sweat and hair oil that came down on my face. With an exhausted brain and a thirsty throat. Just knowing that I have finally attempted that exam was enough for me to feel complete, to feel feeel Vishal Parashar. I am gonna watch kota factory 2 now. I know there are almost no chances of me getting selected. I might clear the cutoff but believe me that is not even close to enough. I won't get an IIT. I won't sit for counseling for NITs. Cause wasting a year for a mediocre place( I am not talking about top NITs )I already have doesn't seem like a good decision. JEE Advance will win again like it does every year but believe me I won't loose this time. I can finally say goodbye to my books and to my dreams (this is supposed to be extremely sad but somehow isn't). The world doesn't change and honestly I am a looser, and when juniors ask me for advice especially those who are now in 12th standard(11th standard waale feel they deserve IIT Bombay and they should) I don't really say much. I am not qualified to be the advisor they want because I want them to be at IIT. Cause there are only two types of engineers in India, first who are from IIT and second who wish they were. I want my junos to be the former. I know nobody will read it or maybe I just won't post it. But humanities/commerce waale who think they are equal to us just "stfu" Period
    I am just joking they are better.

  • vishalkavya18 7w

    Ghalib hee sukoon dete hain bass #urdu #urdupoetry #ghalib

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    ग़ालिब बुरा न मान जो वाइज़ बुरा कहें ,
    ऐसा भी है कोई के सब अच्छा कहें जिसे?


  • vishalkavya18 8w

    #urdu #hindi
    Loosely translates into:- " poverty converted open sky to a blanket.
    Anxiety turned a mute person into a poet..."
    The second couplet in a way shows us the ruthlessness of the nature of life and circumstances... similarly as the first one does which goes like
    "those who could not write their own stories,
    history made them appear like a stooges and cowards.....'

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    मुफ़लिसी ने आसमान को चादर बना दिया
    बेचैनी ने बेज़ुबान को शायर बना दिया

    यहाँ जो लिख नहीं पाए कहानी अपनी
    तारीख़ ने उन सब को कायर बना दिया


  • vishalkavya18 15w

    I don't know if this makes any sense even to me. But I am writing it anywaysss ��


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    Some people don't feel special at all and by 'some people" I mean me too. But your are so special that your special brain cannot even comprehend how special you are,you still continue to be special anyways. Somehow in this process of feeling special you loose a special moment as well. But you loose it anyways. For most of us this is the only moment in time when my life and soul has comes across yours. In your reality I cease to exist the moment you stop reading this post, I am so insignificant, this post too is but you are reading it anyways. Life is happening and other than this insignificant moment your complex path would never ever come across mine and this continues to feel insignificant anyways. Something is happening, leading to nothing but that will happen anywayss. We are all slowly dying and trying to live at the same time but we will die anyways.


  • vishalkavya18 16w

    चलो अब सुकून से जिया जाए
    उसे अब याद भी ना किया जाए

    उसके दिए ग़म दे रहा हूँ सबको
    उसकी खुशियों का क्या किया जाए

    उसके होने का इलज़ाम मुझ पर था
    ना होने का इलज़ाम किसे दिया जाए


  • vishalkavya18 18w

    मेरी किस्मत को उम्मीदों से यह शिकायत ज़रूर होगी
    और कुछ हो के ना हो तुम्हे मुझसे मोहब्बत ज़रूर होगी

    बोहोत मरहम दिए हैं तुमने इस एक ज़ख्म से पहले
    देर लगेगी पर इस दिल को ग़म की आदत ज़रूर होगी

  • vishalkavya18 19w

    राहत साहब कहते थे "अगर मेरा कोई शेर समझ ना आए तो समझना आज राहत इंदौरी ने कोई बोहोत बड़ी बात केह दी है"

    #hindi #urdu

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    मेरी उम्मीदें तेरी ज़ुल्फों में अटक जाती हैं
    ज़रा झटक के इन्हें ज़मीं पे गिराकर तो दिखा
    मै तेरी नज़र में महज़ एक क़तरा ही सही
    तू जो दरिया है मुझे खुद में बहाकर तो दिखा

    मेरा नाम ज़िन्दगी है मुझे इतनी खबर है
    ख़्वाब देखने होते हैं, ख़्वाब टूट जाते हैं
    तू मेरा ख्वाब नहीं, ख्वाब का ख़्वाब ही तो है
    इस ख़्वाब में उस ख़्वाब को मिटाकर तो दिखा