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  • vishal0007 9w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word one-liner on Solitary

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    Make world in

  • vishal0007 9w

    New journey

    Its like you got a new life for recreate your all wishes in reality ...
    Which was missing in previous destination
    So we always focus on only new opportunities don't waste time rethinking about mistakes which we dont want to repeat in new one....
    ©vishal panwar

  • vishal0007 138w

    Hello sun

    Thanx for giving us so much...
    energy and inspiration,enthusiasm
    for spreading rays of hope all over the keep shining and let us shining forever.......

  • vishal0007 138w


    is a blind trust
    which always inseprable from soul of our heart....
    but if it breaks down once...
    it never to get back in same manner....

  • vishal0007 138w

    New Beguining

    its always hard to start...
    if our will enough strong and having
    firing desire to achieve something...
    which we definitely deserve to have..
    so never look back and move towards
    our deserving achievement.....

  • vishal0007 161w

    Morning blessings

    I wish whole world would be happy and healthy...
    and help and love each other....

  • vishal0007 161w


    कभी अपना सा भी लगता है, तो कभी एक पल में पराया कर देता है।
    क्या तेरी फितरत भी इंसान जैसी हो गई है, जो मेरे जज़्बातों
    से खेलने लगा है।।।

  • vishal0007 161w


    appreciate​ everyone​ who progress and fighting well against all the odds .....even they don't win..... because lost the battle can't ignore their perservance...