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  • visata237 174w


    Last night,
    I had a beautiful dream..
    And the reason I'm calling it a dream,
    Not a horrible nightmare
    is that you were there....
    Your hands holding mine
    Your eyes looking into mine
    Your adorable Visage emblazed with a smile
    Maybe just in dreams,
    But, You were mine.............

  • visata237 182w

    Hey friends ! This one's really long but please read it..I hope you guys like it..Don't forget to like and repost if you like it ( There's no compulsion ofcourse..)..

    Bitter Love

    3 years since you were gone
    You're not here
    But, your memories still so fresh
    as if you were never gone...

    Those goosebumps your touch gave
    No matter how many times your hands touched me, I never became used to...

    Your warm breath near my neck
    still makes me want you....

    But then only my mind alerts me
    about the things you did to me...

    How the same hands that used to
    caress my hair,
    gave me scars I carry on my forehead..
    How those hands hit me so hard
    that I fell from the stairs...

    How the same person who pampered me,
    changed to a person who tormented me..

    How we used to go for morning walks
    holding hands together...
    But, now I'm just a body stuck in a wheelchair..
    Now, I'm just a machine
    which inhales and exhales air...
    Closing or Opening of eyes makes-
    all I'm able to see is- DARKNESS....

    Every morning, I wake up with this hope
    that maybe Today is the day
    when I'll finally forget you,
    when I'll start living again....
    But're part of my body
    You're part of my soul...
    You're that malignant cell,
    which is now impossible to get separated
    from my body.....
    Even the sweet memories we made now
    haunts me....
    And like Cancer, they are destroying me...
    Remembering you hurts,
    But forgetting you will also take my life...
    Killing me would have been bearable
    but, you killed my soul......

    Loving you Darling, costed me -
    "MY LIFE"

    #BitterLove #DomesticViolence
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @mirakee

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    BiTteR LoVe


  • visata237 182w

    You don't remember
    what happened....
    What you remember
    becomes what happened....

  • visata237 182w can write anything related to "Flames"-poetry,story or quote and tag #itzsmilechallenge
    Also you can tag others and give them any word you want.
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    Inside her soul, flames of ambition was ignited, ambition-to transform from no one to someone...

  • visata237 182w

    She never wanted to be a Princess,
    who waits for her prince charming
    to come and rescue her from problems

    She wanted to be a Warrior,
    who fights back instead of waiting
    for someone else for help..

  • visata237 182w

    Section 375 of Indian Penal Code defines Rape and sadly, it excludes the fact that even man can suffer from "Rape".
    Section 377 criminalize same sex relationship.

    Everyone... do share your views on Gender Equality and LGBT Rights..


    We talk about Gender Equality
    But, this is not what we call EQUALITY.

    People laugh at the idea of men being raped.
    They march with candles in their hands
    when a girl dies suffering..
    But, they are the same people who stay silent
    when the girl keeps crying for help...

    Why we've created so many boundaries..?
    Men are strong, they don't cry
    Women just look for a reason to cry..
    You see, even the emotions and traits
    are Gender based.......
    Pink is not a colour for men
    We've even divided the colours
    on the basis of sex...
    And we talk about equality....

    We talk about GENDER EQUALITY
    But, even our law at some point is
    AGAINST Equality.....

    Marital Rape can't be considered as CRIMINAL,
    where a woman is forced for intercourse
    against her will...
    But, a man loving a man wholeheartedly,
    is considered as UNNATURAL offence
    under section 377 of Indian Penal Code...

    No punishment for husband for committing
    Marital Rape....
    But, for two people of same sex
    who love with their consent,
    are liable for punishment for life or
    imprisonment that can extend to 10 years

    Is this the EQUALITY
    People are fighting for ?

    Equality where people are not treated equally..
    where laws are gender based..
    Where traits are gender based...
    where even colours are gender based...

    #GenderEquality #EqualRights #LGBTRights
    #NeedForAmendmentInLaws #NeedForAwareness
    @mirakeeworld #pod
    @Mirakee @writersnetwork @writers_paradise @insomniac_fallen_angel @readwriteunite

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    He said crying to his sister-
    Those people, they raped me..
    His sister laughed-
    "Do you even know what Rape is"-
    She said throwing a book towards him

  • visata237 182w


    She looked right into my tearful eyes
    Held me in her arms
    and put my head in her lap..
    Caressing my hair with her hands-
    "Everything will be fine", she said...
    And within seconds,
    all my pain vanished......

  • visata237 182w


    Everybody in this world
    has one or another problem...
    Everyone in this world,
    has a corner in heart which shelters all the darkness, all the sadness...
    Its just they put mask of happiness
    and pretend as if everything is perfect.

  • visata237 182w


    Its hard to trust a person,
    when they cover themselves
    with so many layers..
    concealing their true self....

  • visata237 183w


    Of all the souls that stand create
    I have elected one.