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  • vijaylakhsmi 8w

    Life is beautiful
    Beautiful because it is full of colours
    Colours of various emotions
    Emotions include happiness sadness joy sorrow
    Sorrow when end again joy come
    Come with a lot of hope
    Hope is what all life is

    #chainverse #wod @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    Chain Verse


  • vijaylakhsmi 9w

    I went to the place up in the hill, it was raining and i was waiting for her... i was so curious to meet her again after years so i just couldnt stand still, my eyes were searching for her....

    There she came after a few minutes , i asked u came she said how shouldnt i afterall i was waiting for this day all my life . Finally destiny has bring us together. I want to live in this moment i know the next moment i may not be able to see u so dear let me live in this now.

    This is how separation fuel up love in people. Our body may separate from each other we may not able to see the other but when love is true all this things dont needed. When a soul is touched by another it ignite a fire which can never be tame. Love has no definition.

    #the sijo @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #story #lovestory #love #shortstory #poetry #korean style poetry #sijo #wod

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    The Sijo


  • vijaylakhsmi 15w

    Wind is blowing slowly slowly
    The last dry leaf of the tree fell
    The tree is weeping silently
    Because she lost all of her family

    There was a day she was full of bloosom
    Full of green leaves
    Now come a day she lost everything
    Everything she was proud of

    Now she is weeping for her ugliness
    Longing to look beautiful again
    However it is the truth of the nature
    In order to gain somehing you ll have
    To loose something first

    And now she is waiting for the rainy season to
    Come and adorne her with green sheet

    So separation never really separate us from
    Our own self and we always become the
    Best version of ourselves

    #separation #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #pen #story @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • vijaylakhsmi 17w

    It was new year time , everywhere it was happiness people were happy surrounding was happy. It was quite chilled in our area. Because obviously it was january time , me amd my friends were so excited to go outside to hangout. So on the new year eve we decided to go outside and celebrate our new year. I was so excited i got ready quickly wore a new dress which my sister gifted me. I curled my hair and a combination of red dress and curl hair was looking fabulous..
    When i met my friends they all complimented me on my looks i was so happy. We enjoyed our party . We danced, we laughed. We enjoyed so much. It was a evening to remember. Beautiful lights everywhere like a dreamland. Everyone were wishing eachother a very happy new year. So finally our party ended at 9 pm and we ended our party however we dont wanted to go to home but it was late for us girls so we left for home by saying eachother bye. I was on my scooty riding smiling was happy for the day. Suddenly on the blink of my eyes a big truck come out of darkness and hit my scooty. I fell down then what happened i dont remember clearly i only remember i was in pain with blood but i remember i was on the lap of a guy with big eyes curly hair charming face just like my dream guy. He saved me . He saved me from the roadside and took me to the hospital. I was with him all along. Now when i think of this feeling it feels so sweet. How kind he is. I fell in love with such guys quickly. But it was not that quick.
    Because i was all alone there, my parents were in another city and my phone was completely destroyed so he couldnt contacted any of my friends not even my parent. So he was there with me. He donated his blood also his and my bloodgroup is same. He stay awake all night so that there wouldnt be any problem for me. I listened he even prayed for me infront of the ganesha idol. I dnt know why it felt like there was an invisible bond between us.
    The next day i came into sense..he came to me and sat near me..held my hand and told me i was fine i was alright there was nothing to worry about. He asked me my parents number. Then doctor came and told me to took rest i slept but he was there looking at me if i was alright. When i opened my eyes he was vanished . He was vanished like a dream. Really it felt like a dream in his arm and he gone. I couldnt even thanked him for what he did for me. When i opened my eyes i found my parents infront of my eyes. They were there my sister was there but whom was i searching for. I still remember the day and remember him. Oh lord if i could have another chance to meet him again.. maybe some day i will meet him....

    #setting #wod #miraquill #story #shortstory #pen #writersnetwork #readwriteunite @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Happy New Year


  • vijaylakhsmi 17w

    I close my eyes listening to the song
    That remind me of us spending time together
    I close my eyes remebering the time
    That we were near to each other

    Oooo..oh wind slowly slowly come with ur breeze
    Oh hooo..ocean slowly drench me with ur water

    I close my eyes and listening to the ocean
    Its speak to me of us as a love story
    I close my eyes and yes everything become perfect
    Because you are wih me always

    Oooo..oh just listen to me
    Oh...oooo cause i love you

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #song #poetry #pen @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Just a Song


  • vijaylakhsmi 18w

    Lush green trees big mountain
    Roaring of tigers chirpling of birds
    Oh lord ! Where i come
    It seems to be beautiful Earth

    What a scenic beauty
    For the first time i touched a flower
    And oh lord what a sweet fragrance
    I ran after a butterfly and the feeling is
    Somehing i cannot describe

    How god has created this earth
    I have never seen anywhere in the universe
    Varieties of animals varieties of people
    Where ever i place my eyes i can see diversity
    Still how they are all living together i got amazed

    It was good when i was in mountain area
    When i enter the city i had to hide myself
    Because people are so afraid to see someone like me
    I wanted to tell them i am no different
    God has created me like he created u but

    So i sucessfully hide myself in a human attire
    I travel everywhere now without fear
    Somewhere i saw rich people traveling in cars
    Somewhere the poor people sleep in the street
    I wish i could change their lives for better

    I had to return to my place before sunset
    And the business of cities didnt gave me any joy
    So i looked back to the sun it was setting near the mountain and i followed the way to the forest again
    And no doubt what god has created amazed me more than what man created in the cities

    I would again come back to the earth when i will again get a chance until then i am keeping this beauiful memory in my heart and leaving earth
    Going back to my planet it was a beautiul experience
    Oh lord thank you so much for this opportunity.

    #visit #wod #miraquill #writersnetwork #pen #story #shortstory @miraquill @writersnetwork

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  • vijaylakhsmi 18w

    The All wherever
    Glowing know you
    Moon my are
    & Love i can
    Shining for listen
    Stars U to U

    #pictorial #wod #miraquill #pen #poetry #writersnetwork #readwriteunite @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Pictorial Poetry


  • vijaylakhsmi 18w

    The rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your photographs in my drawers haven't tested air for years now..somedays i feel like if you could come out from the photos for real and talk to me thousand words...i know there is no hope and i shouldn't keep any expectations but still i wait for you. You are like water for me in the desert i know i wont find you but still i search for you..i search for you in every person because there is no option left for me to feel you . Its been years to loose you still i close my eyes and remember the day i got to know you, the days we talked ,and the beautiful days you express your love through your eyes. You didnt say anything but still u said thousand words. Love was always there , may we dont wanted to fall in love because it was not right or was not a right time but our destiny is that love find us we dont find love. And exactly that happened , love found us in an odd time and we fell in love secretly. Falling in love is the most beautiul thing in the world i knew at that time i cant feel this moment again in my life so i lived in the moment and be in love. Everyday when i had a chance to meet you i was so excited and i used to tell myself i wont be able to get this chance again so i lived in that moment and today that moment become memory for me .. a sweet memory. I remember the last day you told you will get in touch. But that was the last day of everything we couldnt get in touch but it was not the end.. destiny somehow drag us close but it was not for a long time everything get change and we got apart again and i still waiting for u to comeback , waiting to feel you again the love you have hold for me.

    #choose #wod #miraquill #pen #story #shortstory @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    A page of my Dairy


  • vijaylakhsmi 18w

    Dried paint brushes dried colours
    Black and white life
    Its been years since she forgot to paint
    No colours in her life

    A room full of paintings
    Everywhere on the wall on the ground
    There were painting on the canvas
    Trophies on the selves

    Someday she think to paint again
    And take her bruhes but something
    In her mind dont let her to paint
    There was something in her mind

    Tears roll down from her eyes
    And a lot of thoughts come to her mind
    She remember how her sister encouraged her to paint
    Who passed away by an accident

    She remember her childhood days
    How her sister teach her to paint
    How they spent time together
    All her painting were inspired by her

    She knew painting only from her sister
    From that day she didnt hold any brushes
    Didnt paint any painting
    And started writing her stories instead

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #miraquill #story #shortstory #wod #art

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    Paint Brushes


  • vijaylakhsmi 19w

    I opened the door
    It was an old store room
    Get through the spider net
    Somehow reached the table

    Under the table
    There were a lot of box
    I opened the lower one
    Inside that box there was
    Another box

    It was an old vintage box
    I used to keep things in my childhood
    I used to love the box so much
    The vintage look of it is so eye catching

    I draged the box and opened it
    There were many letters i wrote when i was a child
    I used to write letters to my mother
    When she was in my maternal uncle's home

    Her health condition was not that good
    So she was there and i used to miss her
    So much just think how painful it would be
    For a child to be distant from her mother for a long time

    So i used to write letters to ask when she will come
    It was not possible for me to post the letters
    So i only used to write them with great love
    And only hope for her to come back soon

    There were also lot other things in that box
    Which i used to collect at that time
    But i used to keep these letters very carefully
    And till today i keep it very close to my heart
    It was one of my beautiful memory of childhood

    #attic #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork #story #shortstory #pen #box

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    Some Memories