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  • victor_van_doomeek 44w

    Catching the Water Drops

    A futile act of generosity
    May have given the hope of saving it
    Trying to hold on to the water drops
    As they fade away from our world

    You might give it a try
    To save the Earth
    A certain race being on the verge to demolish their home
    Smart and invulnerable they claim themselves
    The most naive of all creatures
    Their hunger for prosperity,
    Will rule on dead lands.

    They all might give it a try
    To catch the agitated water drops
    As they fly away
    The one who gave us life
    Are betrayed yet again
    The adversity has turned to a threat
    The lustrous eyes of power domination
    Over the creator

    The Water Drops cannot be caught
    Once said by many Noble people
    You might end up catching the sea fishes!
    Good! They will help us catching the water!
    Innocence won over Nobility.
    Life won over science.
    Catching the water drops,
    Seems to be the only way.

  • victor_van_doomeek 47w

    Escape Plan

    It slithers in
    It settles in

    It eats away slowly
    It wont make you realise
    You are half gone,

    You decide its not worth it
    You think about it
    You over think about it
    You decide to leave
    Damn this wretched place!

    You take the step,
    You leap from life towards infinity,
    A place of no feeling
    You try to breath
    You fail
    You try to live
    You fail
    You tried to throw it all away!
    You succeed.

    Now its cold
    You cannot feel the beats on your chest,
    Nor your family's
    Nor your loved ones

    You look back
    The deed is done
    You wanted to cry
    But its a world of no feeling

    You escaped from the pain
    You cannot be soothed by your family
    By the ones you love
    By the ones you care

    Its too late now.
    Maybe you didn't think hard enough.
    Maybe you didn't try hard enough.
    Maybe you didn't breath hard enough.

    Off you go, to eternal solace,
    To eternal solitude,
    To eternity,
    Untill you get a second chance,
    To fight back,
    Because it is never over
    Unless you say.
    Its over.

  • victor_van_doomeek 50w


    A time when the best forces of science, military, intellect and religion gives their best shot to undermine its opponent.

    A period when education gets triumphed over ego and wrath.

    An event where the forces of lives are willing to take away lifeline,

    What gets them to forget humanity?

    What drives men and women to destroy families?

    What drives humans to demolish marvels?

    What makes the administration to take away life support from common people to the War base?

    Sometimes, it is also between two people,
    Opposite in gender, opposite in their minds,

    The War is between,
    "Shall I apologize? Or maybe...wait?"


  • victor_van_doomeek 50w



    Here it comes!
    With all the rage;
    The thunders and the storm!
    With all the power;
    The rapid stream of air in a massive hollow hole!
    The Nature turned its back!
    Now enters the twister!
    Demolishing, destroying, disintegrating its own creation!
    Oh the cries! The tears! The bloodshed!
    So much of hunger and pain and adversity it brought!
    Even the dangerous of storms have a calm spot deep inside!
    If touched, can soothe the inners and the storm,
    Calms down, soothes down diminishing into the atmosphere...
    As if it never existed..

  • victor_van_doomeek 52w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word one-liner on Vanish

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    The disappearance all of a sudden out of nowhere

  • victor_van_doomeek 52w

    Divine art of Division



    The art of splitting.
    Splitting two digits,
    Two articles,
    Two Zones,
    Two Souls.

  • victor_van_doomeek 52w



    The grammatical representation of a certain gender,
    Has the power to grow a life and give birth,
    Has the ability to feed from her own body,
    Has the capacity to teach the uneducated,
    Has the mind to create beautiful creations,
    Has the capability of balancing family and work,
    The Supreme Being in all the animals in our world,
    Women, Girls, Females,

    And all we choose,

    Is to hurt them,

    Maybe the verses written sound feminist, but all it wants to say is, "They deserve better"

  • victor_van_doomeek 52w



    Oh thy Lord!
    Your holy abode!
    Kept intact by your holy and pious followers!
    The motto being to spread the light of religion!
    But alas! How fool are we! How we forget to follow the light where the path is easy but fruitful!
    How we choose the bright yet dark path which will result our downfall!

    Oh Lord!
    The Monastery!
    Where monks vow eternal silence for the greater good!
    Where the brethren strengthen the society and mankind!
    How we demoralise them and destroy their holiness!

    Dear Lord!
    The Monastery!
    How the true culture you preserve in your home!

    But May I ask a question Dear Lord?

    Is the Monastery really your home? Or the Monks who vowed and live up to it, and the one who serve the society
    Are your children?

  • victor_van_doomeek 53w

    #latenightposts #dark #mirakeeans #readwriteunite

    The content might possess some lines which can be disturbing. Discretion advised.

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    "Glorious days they were!" said by almost every elderly person.

    The period when people are spirited and filled with energy!
    The time when you are ready to take on life and face reality!
    Life asks you, "Are you ready?"

    "Bring it on old man!" said by almost every Teenager.

    The phase of life where you make all the mistakes you regret and remain thankful to have learned from them(I did)

    For some its a long lost golden period,
    While there are few, for whom, being young is nothing, but a horror movie in reality!
    The ghosts of horror being, "I like them young..."

  • victor_van_doomeek 53w

    Inspired from a famous dialogue of Albus Rufus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

    #mirakee #readwriteunite #HarryPotter #AlbusDumbledore

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    Our distant desires, our obsession or our milestone.
    Sometimes our main destination we wish to reach.
    Has the ability to motivate ourselves to do the needful, even if it means harming others.

    Our world. The only place where we are all in all.
    Our kingdom.

    Sometimes quoted as "nightmares", also can drive any person insane.
    But that is not our story today.

    Our story circles around the true self of an individual.
    The choices that we make, is the personality of what the person truly is.

    It has no gender but truly universal.

    The choice, is always ours. To act up on it,
    Or let it go by murmuring
    "It's just a dream"

    Dear Night,
    Let us swim in our clouds of dreams being the world completely our own.