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  • vicious_fellow 6w

    Hoping For Hopes

    I started with nothing but hopes
    hopes to fly to the endless sky
    hopes to cross all the lands in front
    hopes to swim in ocean of love

    a hope... no not one
    but countless hopes coming outside
    was it due to someone
    or due to what one said
    was it due to myself
    or due to what other showed

    I... I just don't know
    hopes were unintentional
    but were never heartless
    hopes were meaningless to some
    but were never to myself
    i just hoped
    I ended losing em
    hopes to fly lost their wings
    hopes to cross lands has lost their needs
    hopes to swim ...just lost the meanings

    its not that i dont want em
    its just....
    i can't care of em
    i can't dream of em
    i can't ...just can't
    have hopes!


  • vicious_fellow 21w

    What's Love

    Love is a word for someone
    Or an emotion for other
    Love got no defination because it's a bond or it's a feeling which can be expressed or felt only
    If talkin of love as couple ... It's care , attention, attraction , respect etc dedicated to each other
    If talkin of love between parents and kids.
    It's care , completing needs , teaching ways of life without selfishness
    Or what else to say
    Love is love....for you it is what you think of it
    It is defined by you for you
    If your defination is accepted by other and other's defination is accepted by you ..then the things proceed and love bonds are formed


  • vicious_fellow 21w

    Ye raat v na...ufff

    Ye raat v kya wakt hota hai
    Kabhi puraane zakham kharonch deta
    Toh kabhi unhi zakhmo ko bhar deta

    Arey iski mithaas aur thandak mai
    Kabhi insaan apne behtreen pal bitata
    Toh kabhi apni mohobbat ko yaad kr
    Aansu bahata

    Wo akela pan aur ye andhera
    Kabhi daarata hai
    Toh kabhi yahi apna pan sa lgta hai

    Ye raat v aakhir kya Wakt hota hai na


  • vicious_fellow 26w

    Aksar saath mai

    Aksar rote tha saath mai
    Aj ghum baatne ko saath nhi
    Aksar baate krte tha raat mai
    Aj dekhna v munasib nhi
    Aksar yaade bnaate tha saath mai
    Aj yaad v nhi
    Aksar mohobbat zaahir krte saath mai
    Aj unka khyaal v nhi

    Hua kya aisa jo yun sb badal gya...
    Mai ya tum. ...
    Wakt mera ya tumhaara
    Kahi dono hee toh nhi badal gye....
    Kahi hm hee toh nhi tut gye....
    Wahi hum jo kabhi judayi ka khyal na laate
    Aj yaad krne mai v hickicha rahe

    Akhir hua kya
    Jo aj hum, hum do anjaan bngye..
    Akhir hua kya ..


  • vicious_fellow 30w

    Zindagi mai kash

    Zindagi ke ek mor pe khada
    Ek baacha tha mai....
    Mohobbat aur duaon ka sahara liye
    Abtk har lamha jiya tha mai
    Na jaane bulaati hawao mai kuch ghum sa tha
    Zindagi toh thi par kuch adhurapan sa tha
    Jaane ki himmat nhi ho rahi thi usse mor pe
    Pr jaane ke siwaye koi raasta v na tha

    Darr darr ke un Anjan galiyon mai
    Aage bdh raha thaa mai
    Fir Jana ku uss mor se dargya tha mai
    Hawaye dard aur judaii ka paigam liye beh rahi thi
    Aur ek kinaare tanhayii ki aag jal rahi thi
    Mohobbat toh maano kabhi hui na thi
    Aur duaon ne toh hmse muh hee mor liya ho

    Kho diya tha maine wo nayab heera
    Jiska wajah se jee raha tha mai
    Iss dard bhari andhi mai v uski talash thi mujhe
    Kyunki uske bina adhura tha mai
    Kash mil jaati wo aur zindagi badal jaati
    Kash mil jaati wo toh use kaske gaale lgata
    Kash mil jaati wo toh puraani galtiya sudhar deta
    Arey kash mil jaati wo toh maksad jeene ka mil jata


  • vicious_fellow 30w

    Being best

    Feeling of being best in particular thing may give you satisfaction but will close your path to be better
    And someone will surpass you to be the best..
    Whatever and whomsoever you are , always work for better


  • vicious_fellow 43w

    On the windy night of the cold
    There was a girl alone
    No one to speak to
    No one to listen to

    Just sounds of hush and rush
    Sounds like howl and growl
    Echoing all the time

    She is scared and feels pounding
    Just like this windy night
    She is all alone inside
    So started singing with a rhyme

    Some sounds of walking people around
    And she got freeze with fear
    Feeling no way to be calm
    She remembers the holding arm

    She called him on a telephone
    Told him feeling how lone
    He promised to be there
    But even after a hour
    He was no where

    Heart is pounding hard
    Breath is getting apart
    Alone and scared she was
    Weeping over time it was

    Loosing the faith
    Rousing to hate
    Accumulating feeling of death
    Thoughts stinking like heck

    Finding her true self was in need
    And she did the same indeed
    Sitting in the corner she cried
    And at same corner she decides

    It's all has to be end
    It's the time to mend

    Ah she did the same
    And won the game
    Game of fight against self odds
    Fight against this all colds

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  • vicious_fellow 43w

    What to be

    Be a volcano , Not the fire
    Water in , fire out ; Water in , volcano still on
    If not ... still the rock is there
    still impenetrable


  • vicious_fellow 43w

    Be a Good Path-maker

    Every journey has it own path
    A path leading to the destination
    Now hurdles and length of path depends
    On the path-maker

    ...but wait...who is path-maker....
    Oops!! Am so dumb

    Indeed the one who wants to reach destination is path-maker itself...


  • vicious_fellow 48w

    I spent on changes

    I had spent numerous
    Moments thinking about life
    Moments of peace and harmony
    Moments of love and care
    I had spent numerous
    Moments imaging about death
    Moments imaging of destruction and war
    Moments imaging of hate and disgust
    Still am vacant
    Still am standing at the same place with no conception
    Every event of my life somehow modify these defination
    Every Incident help to improve my thinking on these for my life
    But still am empty just like you
    Because I felt nothing is permanent in life
    Yes but my try to be the better self can always be permanent and I want to be better and better everytime for myself , for my family and friends and for this society