With a broken heart an a damaged flying ship, lost in the deep of the myst I wandering. looking for that heartbeat that makes feel the life again.

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  • vhelmont 21w

    Step. 9
    I wish I may promise you the spring, but I can't stop the winter.

    I wish I may promise you the stars, but no matter what I do is going to be a sunrise.

    I wish I may promise you that only will be laughter, but not even me, may hold the tears for coming up.

    I wish I may promise you I will be here for the rest of your life, but...

    I can promise you, I will love you for the rest of mine, that my arms will be your castle and that no matter whatever you go, or whatever you do. I will be there.

    That you will become my memory. Not even death will erase you... And after you heart stop beating... Mine will keep going.

    Because I have a memory to keep alive as along as I could.

    And even after you go where I can't follow you anymore.

    I will never stop loving you. Because I will promise you...

    That no matter... If I must go to the high of the skies or the deeps of the earth. Only to find you.

    No mountain
    Nor sea,
    Nor the most tallest wall...
    Or the most distant shore...
    Nor the most faraway horizon...
    Nor nobody...

    Nothing in this world couldn't keep us apart.

    Because, This is not longer my world... You are

    My only world.


    That is the promise of true love, forged by the desire, without shape, speaking through the music we love, writing tales with our imagination and powered by hope. That gives us the strength to handle the pain and the courage to accept the sacrifice.

    To only reward us with his freedom and the promise that will least even after death.

    I hope this steps guide you, as they guide me once, long ago.

    In beloving memory of Deira. (1990-2008)

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 9 Last Day
    By vhelmont
    Collab (Silver Stitch)

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #pain #sorrow #preparation #music #notes #hope #sacrifice. #Re-Zero #freedom #free #Doki #Navi #Theresheis #promises #sorrow #world

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    The 9 steps of true love-9 Final step.

  • vhelmont 21w

    Step. 8
    You know is love, because you don't need to ask yourself anymore if it is.

    So when you realised that, you will be free to feel it without pain, regrets or shame at all.

    You will find yourself free of the chains of pride and arrogance. That use to hold the only words you want to say.

    Then you will see your fear become bravery, your insecure into passion, and those feelings that been struggling for long time finally will set free.

    So you will understand, the real power that lies behind three simple words.

    "I love you".

    Then you will realise that you can say them without fear, shame, guilt or pity.

    Then you will understand that is real, because like a sailor that only wants to see a single star in the whole cosmos.

    Looking for that light that may come from that unique star.

    You will wish said them to the only one you fall in love with and that person will be waiting for you to said them.

    So only then you will see why a loved rose becomes a only rose even between thousands of them.

    Because turn something into that unique, especial and priceless thing is what I do.

    Give you the freedom to say I love you, without anything that holds you back anymore.

    That is what I promise you... Signed the Freedom of love.

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 8... 1 more ro go
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #pain #sorrow #preparation #music #notes #hope #sacrifice. #Re-Zero #freedom #free #Doki #Navi #Theresheis

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    The 9 steps of true love-8

  • vhelmont 21w

    Step. 7
    *How many things are you ready to sacrifice for love?

    I am like a seed and you are like the steel.

    I need be nurtured, I required effort, passion, desire and time to bloom.

    I will demand to many things of you, that I will change you.

    But I promise you, that every little thing you gave me I will transform it.

    I will turn your efforts into part of your personality.

    I will turn your passions into actions that will wakeup that sleeping part of you.

    I will turn every desire you put in me into a dream that will seek his path to become true.

    I will spend every second of pain that you gave me, becoming that fire that will forge you.

    Because like the steel you need be heat and hit to become stronger.

    You need pass for the fire to become a sword and I will be that fire that will forge you.

    I will give you a new shape.

    But I promise you... I am the price you must pay to become a better person.

    And at the end of me you will find not what you want , you will find what you really need.

    Signed... with my hope in that you will be stronger than me...

    The sacrifice.

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 7... 2 more ro go
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #pain #sorrow #preparation #music #notes #hope #sacrifice. #Re-Zero

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    The 9 steps of true love-7

  • vhelmont 21w

    Step. 6
    Even when you don't like me, I am the reminder that you are still alive,

    Because like the flame that burns down the candle, I must consume to be able to shine,

    I must hurt you, to be able to teach you.

    Otherwise how you will know how soft is the caring of a loving person, If you never felt how sharp my claws are.

    I'm not come to make you miserable, I came to remember you, why you don't want to be like me.

    To teach you how it feels not be able to have all those things that you are allowed to have.

    To show you, how it is not be allowed to live.

    Now you know me, promise me that you will live all those things, I'm not allowed to live.

    ---Signed... The Pain, the unexpected gift of life.

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 6... 3 more ro go
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #pain #sorrow #preparation #music #notes #hope

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    The 9 steps of true love-6

  • vhelmont 21w

    Step. 5
    "Because hope is that unique thing that remains with you and refuse to go, even after everything else fails"
    "Because in the second you decide to forget about hope, you decide to forget about living"

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 5
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #preparation #music #notes #hope

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    The 9 steps of true love-5

  • vhelmont 21w

    Step. 4
    "Just a few brushes of it, are enough to bring a whole world to live"

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 4
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #preparation #music #notes

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    The 9 steps of true love-4

  • vhelmont 22w

    Step. 3
    "Because a few musical notes may say more than thousands of words"

    One step at day for 9 days
    Day. 3
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #preparation #music #notes

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    The 9 steps of true love-3

  • vhelmont 22w

    "Love have not shape, but always find a way"

    One step at day for 9 days.
    Day. 2
    By vhelmont

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #preparation

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    The 9 steps of true love-2

  • vhelmont 22w

    "I only exist, when you really want I do"

    One step at day for 9 days.
    Day. 1

    #love #desire #time #feeling #lovestory #preparation

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    The 9 steps of true love.


  • vhelmont 22w

    "You learn from the past,
    Waiting for the future and
    Live for the present"