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  • vettrimozhi 64w

    Dark demons often indulge in my thoughts!
    But why do they do so?
    To interrupt my thoughts
    To corrupt my mind
    To scratch away my happiness
    To demolish my dreams
    To uplift my worries
    And to burry my whole self into the bins of nasty and creepy ideals.

    But, the demons never knew that
    I have already fainted into the ocean of spilled things
    I have already paved myself a way for the end.

    This foolish devils simply
    Violate around me and tries to Halloween my thoughts.

  • vettrimozhi 66w

    Enjoy each day in your life,
    Cherish each moments with your loved one,
    Because one day these will be turned into memories!
    Unknowingly we are carving our memories,
    That could be remembered in the future.
    Life is mystery
    Create a memory!

  • vettrimozhi 67w

    The dark sky turned even more obscure,
    My colourful world became
    Colourless and odourless,
    My sun failed to turn up,
    My moon failed to light up my night,
    My body has lost its fine gesture,
    My lips curved itslef down,
    I run behind my old life,

    I miss you!
    You are my everything, my world, my happiness,
    My life.

  • vettrimozhi 67w

    Literature is more than a story,
    " it's just a story yar!"
    It starts from the real and
    Ends somewhere in the real.

  • vettrimozhi 67w

    Love is full of pain

  • vettrimozhi 67w

    When leaving the most loved person is east for someone
    And when they can move on in their life,
    With no emotions and love.
    Why can't you move on in your life?
    When the person, whom you loved the most, has left you!

    Life is temporary
    And the changes are only permanent.

    So always be happy!

  • vettrimozhi 68w

    The flowers in my garden
    Has got its wings to fly.
    Each light insects has turned into
    The moon in my sky.
    How is this possible?
    Was it all due to the magic of love?

  • vettrimozhi 68w

    When you were pulled into a restless situation
    Where you just crack your mind and work.
    I am sure that, one day
    Your brain will blast out into pieces.

    Seek for a peaceful setting
    Enjoy your life!

  • vettrimozhi 68w

    Still having this inequality.

    There are people, who still believe that
    Women should be caged and
    Men should be given wings to fly off.
    Women still were locked down in kitchen,
    Men go out for work.
    There are girls, who are denied of their education
    And boys were given freedom to grab out their rights.

    Let we think about this
    Human dexterity!

  • vettrimozhi 68w

    Don't loose your self confidence
    When people deny you,
    When people discourage you for your potentials.
    Where there is a will,
    There is a way!

    Match stick may look so thin and tiny,
    But don't judge a match stick
    By its outer appearance,
    Because a single match stick has a power
    To destroy the entire forest.

    Be bold and courageous in whatever you do!
    Ignore the society and
    March ahead on your path.