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  • verygrey 58w


    His speech is articulately filled with substance,
    with a certain rhythm to it.
    Rooted, but he flows.
    I love how he engages me with intelligent conversations
    How we can talk about literary anything and everything hours on end.

    The work of his hands totally stimulates my senses just as much.
    The man with the Midas touch!,
    his grip says much without him saying a word.
    He crafts with precision and gentleness .
    He aims for depth and meaning in his mission.
    you can tell he is in touch with his spirituality and is emotionally available.

    He sings his heart out too
    He is subtle in his message and tones but i get him , i do .
    Hes got a husky voice ,a jazzy feel, that mature sound for the grown
    His versatile tho , infact i love everthing he churns,
    I love his taste.

    He is Raw, passionate
    You can feel him in your soul

    He is creativity, he is skill,
    He ignites my senses.

    Hes depth and he is light
    He engages my elements

    He is Art.

  • verygrey 63w

    Self exam

    I inquire this of my soul,
    What do you long for?

    I pen this to my heart,
    Why wont you heal?!

    I say this of my trembling hands,
    Please fight for life

    Finally i declare this to my spirit
    It is well with you!

  • verygrey 65w

    Her heart is very much like the Seasons of the year

    Its has memories of a cold ravaging Winter nights

    The endurance of Rainy days that triggered growth

    But also in its depths Theres is
    the exquisite Spring sprouting for dear life!

    The triumph of Summer birthing a new sunny day .

  • verygrey 65w

    How I remember her

    Its possible you couldve met her at a different time , another dimension or in another life altogether.

    But i have vivid memories of her when she graced my timeline,

    I mean ,

    The strength in her Resilience
    The stretch of her tenacity
    The stride in her efforts.

    The serenity in her calmness
    The depth of her soul
    The purity within her spirit.

    The brighteness of her smile
    The beauty of her stature
    The warmth of her presence.

    The sincerity in her kindness
    The care in her fondness
    The integrity in her ways.

    The justice in her walk
    The audacity in her will
    The truth in her speech.

    The Faith in her prayers
    The worship in her song
    The praise on her mouth .

    The poetry in her heart
    The art within
    The light that shines forth.

  • verygrey 66w


    Written or spoken riddles
    Relaying mysteries,moods ,memories.

    Deciding to speak for those whom life rendered speechless

    Speaking to those who have an ear for creativity

    Nuggets to awaken to devine truths, to empower ,

    To empathize , to relate

    Oh its not for gloomy days only

    Theres love , serenity, affirmation ,triumph, awareness , gracefullness decoded in its melodious rhythmic and artistic form

    Poetry for me is all the above and so much more😍

  • verygrey 66w



    The most underrated colour

    I think it is more peaceful than white
    You see shes gotta style and grace

    Black used to be a favorite but Grey does things to me now but i guess its okay coz i didnt stray too far.

    They say its absence of colour makes it dull but i say i dont like it loud anyway

    Calm , a perfect neutral , conservative , elegant did I mention sophisticated ?
    i could almost relate!

    Maybe thats why it tickles my fancy , oh Grey

  • verygrey 66w

    Loved differently

    My kids

    They are loved equally but not same ,

    You see , i have more conversations with Sis but Lil man gets more cuddle time.

    More dances with Sue and creativity sessions are dominated by Troy.

    We fight a bit with girl but boy get s more tough love.

    But trust them to warm my heart with the sweetest love,

  • verygrey 111w

    this year i was strong next year i want to be happy

  • verygrey 112w

    By unknown writer

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    ...eventually soulmates meet for they have the same hiding place....

  • verygrey 113w

    Rudy Kipling

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    .....if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those imposters the same.. if you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue or walk with Kings and not lose the common touch.. yours is the earth and evrything in it....