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  • versos_rayadas31 75w


    Deliciously he suckled the honey from my womb as it excreted onto the palate of his mouth.
    Immersing himself in my aroma,
    My perfume inebriated his senses.
    Savoring the sweet taste upon his lips with mine.
    Disappearing into the vortex of my being,
    Air escaped his lungs,
    Pleading for reprieve yet clamoring for more of me.
    His tongue laviciously devouring my body,
    Awaiting for the rise and fall of the beat of my heart to burst in gratification.
    Grasping my hips,
    He watches the temple of my being collapse into him,
    Signaling the end of our tango together.
    ©versos.rayadas on IG

  • versos_rayadas31 76w


    Erupt in me!
    Erupt like lava flowing down.
    Fiery fire,
    Hues of orange, red and gold.
    Allow me to swallow you whole.
    Let me show you the power of my quake,
    Leaving your senses in a wake.
    Piquing into each other's existence,
    Until the fire cools
    Under love's persistence.

  • versos_rayadas31 76w


    I am beauty.
    I am beauty not because you say so or anyone says so...
    I am beauty because I am.
    I am beauty because of the mestizo blood that runs through my veins and makes my skin a tint of brown.
    I am beauty because of the raven locks that fall down my shoulders.
    I am beauty because of my big almond eyes.
    I am beauty because of the strength I carry in my arms.
    I am beauty because of the intellect that arises because of my pursuit of knowledge.
    I am beauty despite my flaws and shortcomings.
    I am beauty with my scars and folds that betray the norms of beauty.
    I am beauty because I say so.
    It's beautiful to be me.
    ©versos.rayadas on IG

  • versos_rayadas31 77w

    Bending branch

    For once she just wanted to be the one who allowed herself to fall apart
    and be held.
    Instead of being the bending branch who snaps back in place,
    showing it's strength,
    She wished to be the leaf who glides down to touch the soft earth
    and be embraced.

  • versos_rayadas31 77w


    His veins penetrated my body.
    I could feel the pulse of his blood coarse through him.
    We exchanged synergies of desire.
    My body sliding against his,
    Embracing heartbeats,
    Together we rose to meet each other.
    Exhaling satisfaction,
    Falling into ecstasy...
    Transporting each other into a love abyss.

  • versos_rayadas31 77w

    The drum of my ancestors

    The sound of the drum reverberates in my veins,
    It calls out my ancestors of years long past from the very drops of my blood.
    I can hear their song sing with every beat of my heart,
    With each beat they call my name.
    They remind me of my roots,
    They tell me to not forget.
    They weep.
    I carry them with me,
    Working hard to heal their pain through my own.
    Every time I heal, they heal...
    I repair the broken path and create a new one.
    Liberating the chains of generational wounds,
    Discovering g a new way of being.
    As I walk toward the light, wind, water and mountains,
    I breathe recovery into life,
    transcending it into my legacy.
    ©Rita Vigil
    @versos.rayadas on IG

    #selflove #selfacceptance #selfhealing #generationalwounds #healer #lookinward #breakcycles #createnewpaths

  • versos_rayadas31 80w

    Little girl

    There is innocence in her stance,
    She is still growing.
    Unsure of tomorrow,
    With no care in the world,
    She smiles at me.
    Yet she carries a heavy heart.
    It bleeds...
    Love me.
    I kneel to her with tears in my eyes.
    I'll love you, I whisper to her...
    Embracing her with all my might.
    Hoping she'll forgive me for not knowing
    How to before.
    ©RMV2020 versos_rayadas31
    versos.rayadas on IG

  • versos_rayadas31 80w


    My soul transcribes the words I cannot speak.
    Long gone are the days of love lost.
    The journey to myself has been strenuous and tiresome,
    But the trek to see the sights has made it all worth it.
    versos.rayadas on IG

  • versos_rayadas31 80w

    Slaying Dragons

    I wish you would have stayed around long enough to slay dragons for me.
    My gratitude for your bravery would not be remiss.
    I thank you for coming into my life, and cherish every moment given to me.
    I wish you hadn't given up.
    My dragons must have been too big for you to slay.
    I was willing to tag team...
    and slay yours too.
    @versos.rayadas on IG

  • versos_rayadas31 80w

    Searching for me

    I wish you were searching for me.
    Looking to touch the profundity of my being.
    To be close to you, skin to skin.
    Feel your heartbeat with mine.
    To embrace you with not just my heart but my body.
    Leave the fingerprints of my love on your skin so they wouldn't wash away and stay wherever you go.
    Inhale your oxygen and become one.
    Where the rhythm of my hips dances on yours and creates a song that permeates in your dreams.
    @versos.rayadas on IG