I am ennobled by my scars!

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  • veronica_06 2w

    Ode to snow

    When the clouds and sky interlock fingers,
    They sprinkle slushy pearls that eternally lingers!
    She adorns the conical boughs,
    She carpets the avenues with Love!
    She grooves with the zephyr of spring,
    She puffs crunchy chillness that clings!
    She oozes heavy tranquility,
    She is the owner of immpeccable purity!
    She might turn everyone lazy,
    She might diminish the hope that life is rosy!
    But her erred flaky charm is beyond any season

    She plunges to evoke that life gives cold snaps,
    Her snug brings out human's chaste,
    She flaunts to make us break her bounds,
    She scratches to mean apricity,
    She sprays to hint that the spring is not far!

  • veronica_06 2w

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    Love is not just to fall, but to rise in love is art of living in bliss!

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    When shoulders become the abode of tears,
    When finger locks become the key of freedom,
    When distance become the oars of time,
    When words become the climbers of destiny,
    When hugs and kisses metaphorize unlust,
    When nickname rings with dwindling real name,
    When fights oxymoronise our bond,
    When scars become pride rather sympathy,
    When smile becomes the master of medication,
    When comprehension curves like noah's arc,
    When gifts immaterialize songs and similes,
    When trust lights the hope of existence,
    When self is esteemed in blues by each other,
    When rage is unsung in colors of immunity,
    When the throb of one sinks both into torment,
    When souls personify milkyways and galaxies,
    When Queen cruises the voyage forward,
    When eyes become the altar to rise,
    When any external force can never brew stroms,
    Then definitely, i found I was rising in love!

  • veronica_06 3w

    I am watching the painted sky caked with tints of wine!

    I am standing against wind that uncolors my past and embraces for future!

    Two things are eating my soul:
    The ghostliness of the virgin love that I won,
    The virtuous love that I imparted!

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories reminiscing in the scales of grey and green!

  • veronica_06 5w


    Heart shatters through acidic words,
    Lips tastes her kindliness,
    Eyes sees the green lush,
    Head rests on mother's lap,
    Ears hear buttery melody,
    Hands interlock integrity,
    Feet smooch the right sand,
    Winds seek keys with the locks,
    Nostrils inhale petrichor,
    Soul feels death of amour,
    Mind senses freedom,
    Brain meets the best book,
    Fingers grab pen and papers,
    And thus,
    Everyone becomes a poet

  • veronica_06 6w

    My universe

    She was my moonbeams metaphors
    She was my sunbeams smilies
    She was my oxidised oxymorons
    She was my rustic rhyme scheme
    She was my aesthetic alliterations
    She was my heavy hyperbole
    She was my rubic repetitions
    She was my icy imagery
    She was my philosophical personification
    She was my curly consonance
    She was my ideal ink
    She was my quizzy quill
    She was my philanthropic papers
    She was my immpeccable innovation
    I thought that love would last for ever
    But I was wrong!
    Alas! she became my immovable imagination!

  • veronica_06 6w

    What is Mauve?

    She is the personification of mellow adolescence, freshness and tiara of pastels!

  • veronica_06 7w

    Poetry is my last hope to walk, if my feet doesn't will to move!

    If my poem doesn't rhyme, emotions are my thyme in my poem!

    There's a river flowing inside my spirit that never goes empty!

    Broken crayons in my bag colored my life's rich pastels!

    Behind a broken heart, words are the disguised dagger!

  • veronica_06 8w

    Why the sun-sets?

    To make the buds get ready to bloom,
    To give stars a room!
    To give all the workers a pause,
    To make movements by the claws!
    To pave way for family cuddles,
    To solve any puzzles!
    To give mothers a tight slumber,
    To give time for aspirants to outnumber!
    To make the oceans flaunt luminous,
    To make the birds hunt around the universe!
    To remind the divine to bestow the good,
    To prevent the devil with a mountain hood!
    To reinforce the graveyard-shift workers,
    To favour hard thinkers!
    To make the sky blush,
    To make the moon as a matchless crush!
    To make Nyctophiles bubbly,
    To make suiciders ponder doubly!
    To give chance to every dirty,
    To sow hope to every needy,
    That sun sets for a new opportunity!
    Till the earth struks in ambiguity!

  • veronica_06 9w


    You once told me,
    Life without scars
    Is like bright stars
    Sun basked!!

  • veronica_06 9w

    An ode to locks

    She's curly curly and whirly,
    Tangled and twirly,
    Dark and bunchy,
    Shedding and frizzy,
    Irking but crunchy,
    Withering but inchy,
    Greyscale but pinchy,
    Friendly with fringy,
    Her style is swirling easy,
    Rapport with clutchy,
    Lovely and bouncy,
    Savvy and malleable
    Ravishing beyond slangy
    Loads of love my Dutchy!