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  • veenadasapalli 5d

    Be yourself ..!!

    Be yourself
    Because when you try to be something different
    When u try to cover your horns
    When you try to go against your true nature ...
    Its gonna suffocate you inside ..
    And it's not what you are born to be ..!!
    So whether the world can handle it or not..its not your problem yourself!!

  • veenadasapalli 1w


    People seek attention and care only from their loved ones isn't it ..!!
    Then why dont people take it easy ..,,
    Instead they take it to another level calling it ..."the sympathy call"..!!

  • veenadasapalli 1w

    The change ..!!

    My mature talks have become lectures now..!!
    My deep conversations have turned into restrictions now ..!!
    My appreciated philosophical thoughts are ...why are you teaching me lessons now..
    I guess I need to stop talking now ..cause It has become I cannot talk like you now ..!!

  • veenadasapalli 1w

    Ego !!

    Is there something which leads you to opt a situation over your loved ones..!! Yes our fucking ego ..!!

  • veenadasapalli 1w


    A man or a women who dont tolerate lies ,disrespect or
    any bullshit from another person
    Is always viewed as a toxic or a bad person..!!
    But thats not the answer ..they just know their worth..!!

  • veenadasapalli 1w

    Trust ..!!

    You don't trust that someone is never gonna betray you ...!
    You just trust that you will be able to handle it if they do ..!!
    Stop worrying about you can trust somebody or not ...may be you can't
    Thats a pointless waste of energy to worry about..
    Worry about yourself ..!!

  • veenadasapalli 2w

    Look through yourself..!!

    Seeking someone else's approval for your own self-esteem is like ...
    Looking into a broken mirror to find your reflection..!!

  • veenadasapalli 3w

    When you are your own problem..!!

    Conflicted heart..!!
    Messed up mind ..!!
    Rollercoaster emotions ..!!
    Funny these lead make yourself not knowing what you want from yourself anymore and expect and blame others for what you are not sure of what you actually want ..!!

  • veenadasapalli 3w

    You are responsible for yourself..!!

    Its no one else's responsibility to know what's going on with you..,
    Its no one else's responsibility to make sure if you are doing fine ..,
    It may sound hard to hear but
    Sooner you recognize that
    Sooner you realise how Important you are to yourself ..!!
    Learn the importance of advocating for your own
    needs ..,
    You will find you can keep yourself alive ..!!

  • veenadasapalli 3w

    Save yourself ..!!

    It was always too much or simply never enough..!!
    Vicious cycle of incredible highs and
    Soul crushing lows meant feeling helpless..obsessing with your own flaws ..!!
    Think less about pain and more about how you wanna change ..!!