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  • vdascribbling 2w

    Hybrid Lonely

    This pandemic has in some way affected everybody
    But for some it has brought out a hybrid brand of lonely.
    The single ones who are used to eating alone
    In front of the news and background music of the cricket symphony
    Are now forced to have breakfast because there aren't distractions from others sharing their babies' stories
    And lunchtime is no longer a feast of laughter and sharing among colleagues.
    This pandemic has brought out a hybrid brand of lonely
    For those who should be used to getting none.
    Lockdowns and quarantines can be loads of fun
    For those who have the tools to get to lala land.
    The constant cheers to "go out" and "mingle"
    Have been torpedoed by the stay inside jingles.
    So how are singles suppose to make it during covid
    When this pandemic is designed to make them starve for what they truly need?

  • vdascribbling 2w

    Lies of July

    The promise of sunglasses and pool parties
    Never mentioning the hurricanes and heat waves
    Storm watches erase the pictures of barbecues and lemonade
    Who really can we believe these days when we know the lies that July says?

  • vdascribbling 3w

    A little bit Naked

    All I wanna do is feel your fire lips
    Feel your hands and that pull from my hips.
    All I wanna do is inhale your scent
    As you feather butterfly kisses on my neck.
    All I wanna do is to lick the inside of your lips
    And nibble every inch that my tongue may have missed.
    All I want is one of those safe hugs,
    One of those where for a moment I'm yours.
    All I want is to see that fire in your eyes
    As we try to restrain and fool ourselves with self control lies.
    All I want is for you to just for a moment be naked about how you feel about me.
    All I want to know is, do you ever for a second wonder what if...
    ....if all things were equal...
    Would you want a more for you and me?


  • vdascribbling 3w

    More of H.I.M

    How I would like more than forever to show
    you how much I love you
    I cannot say it enough and so I want more time
    to remind you that I appreciate every part
    of you
    My safe place, my personal drug of choice, my

    How I would like to reciprocate every butterfly
    that you've given me,
    I wish to give your heart the Olympic
    somersaults you continue to give me
    My love, my oasis,my kryptonite, my chamomile


  • vdascribbling 3w

    Redefining Melanin

    Let us teach our girls that it isn't wrong to want more than a trip to the maternity ward.
    Let us teach them to want to not just get flowers but grow them and
    Reciprocate to their partners.
    Let us teach our daring black girls to want to sip coffee at a cafe on the street corner of Paris
    and to want to walk the vineyards of Italy

    Let us teach our girls to love themselves from within
    So that they do not become invisible because they're wearing a wedding ring.
    Let us teach our beautiful black girls to never want their courting to be black eyes and fractured ribs
    Or stars in toutounee la Volga vids.

    Let us teach our strong black girls that it is amazing to want their own and a career
    And this does not mean that you're in any way deficient.
    Let us teach our black girls that independence is not a cat lady sentence
    But it is admirable to be a wife who can help her man build the fence.

    Let us teach our black queens that it is okay to have it altogether
    While needing the help, warmth and love of a partner.
    Let us teach our girls to go after
    The dreams that will ensure their health and laughter.
    Let us teach our girls...
    That it is okay to win
    While owning their melanin


  • vdascribbling 3w


    Question,can you give me butterflies
    So they can flutter when you walk by?
    I'd happily keep them
    Until you call me or walk by to free them

  • vdascribbling 3w

    Fire Lips

    "I'm going to kiss your neck now"
    And just like that my knees dipped a bit and I don't know how.
    That pause of anticipation and moment where one is unsure what to do next but
    Feathered,soft, smooth, too magnetic

    Heat, drips, fire, rain
    Everything in this moment erased.
    The screams of our hands,
    The shrills of our pants,
    The tugging of our hormones
    Cheering us on like enthusiastic fans.

    We know we shouldn't but it feels too right
    But can we just sinfully kiss for the night?
    Maybe our tongues can play pretend for a little while longer
    We can imagine the ties, the ice, the whips
    While we explore the magnets of our fire lips...?

  • vdascribbling 4w

    *Inserts Jeopardy soundtrack*

    I see her shoulders tighten when her body feels me near,
    Is it my presence or my scent that lets her know I'm there?
    She doesn't know that my body is just as intuned with hers
    She really doesn't know what her smile does.

    She looks at me with these unassuming eyes
    And I wonder if she too wonders what it's like for me to be on her insides.
    Like a quarantine lockdown inside I'll remain
    To ensure that she feels every bit of my longing
    And to see those pretty eyes dilating.

    I too, feel her,
    I feel my body tighten at the sound of her voice
    And unconsciously, drowns out all the noise.
    This pull to her is both intriguing and annoying
    Because I am not one who is known for longing .
    Something about this vixen, something about her has me smitten
    But to our urges will we listen?

  • vdascribbling 5w

    A Different brand of Lonely

    To feel deeply alone is not momentary.
    It is the kind that latches onto you in the middle of the night
    When everyone else is asleep.
    It is that extra toss and additional squeeze that
    Somehow your favourite pillow just can't meet.

    To feel alone is never an easy pill
    But to feel deeply alone is what only some can feel.
    It is the good day story with whom no one to share,
    Or that rant from a bad day with no listening ear.
    It is the need for a hug that only you fill
    Because you have no one to call to remind you
    Whatever it is, "it's not a big deal"

    To feel deeply alone is to dread the chiming in of a new year
    Afraid to look behind or beside you because there's nobody there.
    That darkness, that elegaic hollowness, that loneliness
    Is more present during the holiday cheer
    Because where bells and rum cake should be
    Resides fear, tears and only one set of prints and an unwarmed body.

    The aloneness that only some feel,
    Is capsuled in the moments where fears become tiny
    Because you're the only hero there.
    To feel deeply alone is to cheer on the world,
    While praying to be back in the too large bed
    To be invisible and trying to erase the cold.

    To be deeply alone
    Everyone should fear
    Because it's torment according to the testimony of those who are trapped there.

  • vdascribbling 11w

    A Day Full of You...

    A day full of your kisses,
    So that I am sated when you're missing.
    A day full of your laughter
    So that I'm cloaked with your warmth
    And all our memories I'll remember.
    A day full of just you
    Will do
    So that when the bed feels cold
    I can feel your arms around me too.
    A day full of your soothing voice
    Is all I need
    To encourage me when I feel like I'm buried and can't take the lead.
    Your touch, your kiss, the heat of your cheek
    A day full of you please?