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  • vatsal_ 5w

    One day, you will wake up
    and forget your own name
    you will look in the mirror
    and wonder your self
    nobody in those memories
    has called your name
    is it lost forever
    or someone will bring it to you once again
    sadness of your actions
    and the look on your face
    washed away
    or still be found in your heart
    maybe you will remember your name after some rest

  • vatsal_ 5w

    The dreams unchanged
    When grew the regret
    For a few moments
    The thief that snatched
    My memories
    When you look at them
    Are you happy or sad
    The future holds for me
    A new canvas
    With new colours
    Will you steal it too
    Or will you leave it
    For me

  • vatsal_ 40w

    As I saw,
    the hate in world.
    I grew
    another heart
    to shower my love
    and my sympathy
    to the ones who deserve.

    As I saw,
    ignorance in work.
    I grew
    another eye
    to find the wrong
    and acknowledge the good.

    As I saw,
    the fear in eyes.
    I grew
    1000 hands
    to hug the scared children
    and help them.

    As I saw,
    the greed and sins.
    I grew
    blood and blood
    to bleed and bleed
    till my deeds wash away it.

  • vatsal_ 40w

    On a random evening,
    Winds of the past came
    And opened a page from memories
    With a painting painted on it
    Where you and I,
    Like two trains which pass each other
    Shared moments of our life together
    No name, no face
    Just a hazy faded figure of traits
    Laugh like a shelter in blizzard
    Looks in eyes like you fire trapped in frozen
    Not a person, just a symbol
    Met our eyes, changed my world
    Saw the nature, and the thrust
    Felt like time stopped
    And everything besides me burnt
    Storm of time passed
    In those moments of 5 minutes

  • vatsal_ 40w

    My eyes torn the blizzard into a staircase
    And sound of flower burning into the walls
    As I climbed to the top
    Saw trees and animals and sea and mountains, the heaven
    And I jumped back to the land
    Cause I am a human
    A human with dreams
    A harmful demon
    Who will tun the blessed land
    Into the crimson

  • vatsal_ 41w

    Walking down the street
    Stars are falling down
    People are running
    Fire being thrown around
    Chaos in every breath
    Death lullaby sang by sea
    End of the world
    Or the judgement day
    Justified or evil deed
    Priests are murmuring their prayers
    While poor are screaming at their kings to give them shelter
    While atheists and their faith crisis
    Rain of light reaches the earth at the dawn
    Evil or good, rich or poor,
    Old or new, urban or rural
    Vanishes into the sight
    Silent echoes and nothingness perishes
    When cries of a little soul arise
    All left the end is a beginning
    Beginning of a tragedy
    Cause blessed the earth
    Where we don’t reside
    And wicked is the fate
    Which burned the veil of fear

  • vatsal_ 41w

    My soul aches and my heart cries
    As the clouds eat the poor’s food
    And sun steals his water

    My soul aches and my heart cries
    As the dreams of kids breaks
    And shatters the efforts of the father

    My soul aches and my heart cries
    As the mother who screams at god to kill her in exchange for her son’s lives
    And deaf are the people who lives beside

    My soul aches and my heart cries
    As the last breath is drawn
    And bodies crumble

    My soul aches and my heart cries
    As rich are sleeping in their palaces
    And their leftovers are being picked to survive

    My soul aches and my heart cries
    As the blood of poor are made offerings to gods
    And the offerings are what kills which survives

  • vatsal_ 41w

    Fall drops off the leaves
    Into the mirror to the sea
    Ride the dragon of cloud
    To a lake of blood and crows
    Snowball turns into the moon
    And light flashes and bounces
    Happily soothing tune
    Purple flowers and yellow soil
    Like a reflection of soul
    Knives get blunt
    And spears break
    Time decays us
    When the shadows are there
    Coming, into dreams and lives
    The painting fades
    Into a sight
    Loveliest love of my hate
    all that stands
    Between me and
    The gate.

  • vatsal_ 43w

    My bird from soil is washing away
    As the rain tide rises
    My little heart is giggles and chuckles
    As the tree bears fruits
    My hair and nails, growing and curling
    As the moon passes the gates
    My desires are torn and wishes burnt
    As the time brings the tales

  • vatsal_ 43w

    अंधेरो में रौशनी ढूंढते
    कब जाने तुम बिखर गए
    खो गए चाँद सितारे आँखों से
    सिशो में भी कहा मिले

    मंजीर या समां
    मंजिल या मज़ा
    आतिशबाजियो में ढूंढता सनाटा
    अब मेरी खामोशियों में भी कहा मिले

    उस आकांशा का अंश
    गिरती बूंदो का मन
    पथरो की आहटें
    मासूम मुस्कानो की खिलखिलाहट में भी कहा मिले

    जागे हुए कागज़ो की चीखे
    सोये हुए दरवाज़ों की दस्तके
    मरती उचाईयों की कसके
    जीने की गूँज में कहा मिले