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  • vasrants 13w


    Life sprouted through you,
    We sprang up with mew.

    We were nurtured and tamed,
    Just the way it could be.

    We ate and we slept,together thinking,
    It'll all be.
    We smiled, we frowned and cried together.

    Holding it all for the better tomorrow's,
    Merrier future,all bright at the burrow

    You guided,chided and even mounded,
    The right,the wrong and everything else.

    We walked behind and then beside,
    Content that you'll maneuver us every side.

    Then came a day,to shatter our dreams,
    Broken,torn and crumpled in every way.

    You left us alone, to get away from this world!
    Leaving us with lot of tears,a legacy to continue.

    We can only try,but can never reach !
    The pinnacle you achieved, is a crown to admire.

    I know today,what you were and how you rose!
    I'll keep in mind to cautiously be ,atleast half you.

    I never had a chance to openly say!
    That you are one man, whom I will love the most.

    My guarding angel,I knew you loved!!
    Cause you allowed me by your side,when you bid good bye.

    I know, you left us .But with bundles of you!
    There will never be a tomorrow, without your thoughts.
    Remaining unfinished, without your part!
    You engraved your presence through everything we have.

    I will stand up and rise tall to show the world!
    That you are a man,who was the best!
    Who raised his kids to be their best.

    I have no one to say ,except you.
    These words are mere letters joint ,
    Which is just a cover to my broken heart!



  • vasrants 58w

    The Smell of Soup.

    Soup soup soupy soup.
    tangy, spicy you are my sweety!

    My bowl is full of you,
    While I goble all of you.

    You never fail to impress me,
    Even if you are just a Tad!!
    My expectation of you is you.
    I realised, I have grown to like you.
    You have always been usual and boring,
    But now, I realise that you are indeed caring.

    Life is up and sometimes down.
    But you are my constant everytime.
    Your aroma, tweaks my ears and my taste buds.

    You are a philosopher, and my friend.
    Its easy to make you, it's easy to flavour you.
    I earnestly tell you, I realise I love you.
    I love you, your smell everything
    Cause you are my soup, tempered with herbs
    My health and my life is going to be dedicated to you.

    I sob as I write, this is not a poem. Not anything relevant, yet I pour down my heart to you oh soup. I love you just the way you are!!!

  • vasrants 71w

    Salute to the Heroes.

    The eyes were tired yet alert!
    The attack is on, blood might spurt.

    They stand out, day and night! ,
    Gaurding from enemies is their right.

    Life is for you, they promised long!
    They never want you to be wronged.

    You house their heart, and feed their flesh!
    They lived for you, to be taken away fresh.

    They strived hard till their last breath,
    Cause they had nothing more to be bequeathed!

    Its time we stand and give them all, ,
    For they stood gaurd to protect us all!!

  • vasrants 72w

  • vasrants 72w

    The Sounds.(for a child)

    Tick tock tick tock,Time is on,
    Lubdub Lubdub ,Heart is on,
    Tick tock stops, battery dead.
    Lubdub stops, you are dead.

    Ping pong ping pong, at your door,
    Tring tring tring tring, at your phone,
    Ping pong stops, open your door!
    Tring tring stops, pick up your phone.

    Slurp slurp slurp slurp, open your mouth
    Gush gush gush gush, open the tap,
    Slurp slurp stops, stomach is full.
    Gush gush stops,bucket is full.

    Blink blink.blink blink ,blink your eyes
    Clap clap clap clap clap your hands,
    Tap tap tap tap,tap your feet!
    Yes yes yes,sing loud and dance.


  • vasrants 107w

    The unexpected

    When your world tumbles to fall apart,
    There is just one cart, to fly you afar.

    Its indeed your heart, that lets you part,
    With everything you greed to that which you need.

    The expected joy turns unexpected shocks, while the unexpected shocks turns little wonders.

    The little wonders are the one that make you wonder, Am i fit for these wonders which are much beyond to wander.

    Life is a puzzle, which makes you drizzle, at times you need to sizzle just to slove the puzzle.

  • vasrants 108w

    Procrastination Just go away!

    What i see is something, that you never see,!
    It is that what i perceive, which you conceive.

    My mind is an illusion, while you make it seem like a delusion.

    My fear for a kind is a sphere of your mind.While the fear tries to fly, you spear more for me like a sly!

    My head holds a Monkey who is dominated by you oh Donkey! And everything is just hanky-panky.

    The relationship between you and me is temporary, but you seem to stay forever for me to worry.

    I am constantly trying to obstinate you "procrastinate". Just vacate my mind, that is filled with your kind.

    When you get away, my mind will be fresh awake. To work away while you wile away.

  • vasrants 110w

    Happiness a journey and not a destination!!

    To search in it, is the work every minute.
    What it is? To be known that is.
    It is inside, kept deep inside.
    It pops out to sleep beside.
    It is waiting for you to smile,
    Just making you stop a while.
    The creator decided to hide it within,
    Only to be known when you see it in.
    It travels with you from the day you find.
    And it is not momentary as you mind.
    The search is just a box which is filled,
    With personifications very skilled.
    It is journey to be travelled along.
    Not a destiny to be tried long.
    Happy Happy is its name.
    To make u smile is its game!

  • vasrants 176w

    Trust your fall.

    The sun rose to shine brightly!
    As I held my man tightly.

    The trust in my man raised high up,
    To the edge of the mountain up.

    I brimmed with epitome of happiness,
    To only feel the wrath of loneliness.

    The trust in the Peak was ready to jump,
    I jumped before to save it from thump.

    The joy of saving the trust lived short,
    As I failed to realise the jump cut my life short!!

  • vasrants 186w

    Today's resolution!

    It's an early morning oath!
    Decided never to loath.

    Not sure till when it'll stay,
    May be till the next day.

    It's definitely not my fault,
    Because I try not to revolt!

    But it's all happening to me,
    Cause I am the only me.