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  • vashisthinscribed 114w

    I muse on
    All thy memories
    Within the heart
    That beats inside of me
    It sets out like treasuries
    Oh how bonny to see!

    Don't be troubled,
    I've saved it all
    From the sweltering summers
    To the bountiful fall

    The leaf you fetched
    From under from the maple tree
    Saved as a souvenir
    Admist pages that always appease

    And they'll live
    alongside me
    From ashes to dust
    Blown Towards the sea

    In them will forever be thy love
    That thou showered unconditionally
    Although the romance has come to an end
    And its time to set the dove free
    This story will incessantly be celebrated
    Of our love lived so frivolously.

  • vashisthinscribed 116w

    For oft I had wondered about sanctity ,
    Of things that could behold that holiness .
    And admist the shared boundaries
    of our corporeal presence ,
    In that escaping moment
    As my eyes cut through the crowd
    and my glance fell upon her,
    I felt it unwind and reveal itself like an open book
    There she was,
    A poise silhouette;
    Absorbed in a profound musing.
    Gradually the yatter seemed to sink in the air ,
    and the her striking aura of liberation took over.
    Gazing her soul waltz and splash colors
    to express a care or two
    had a sense of redemption in it
    As if it could unchain
    every last part of my prisoned soul .
    She showered the light of enlightenment :
    That peace was not something external ;
    It lay within.
    And sanctity was nothing but a devotion
    to one's art .

  • vashisthinscribed 142w

    On days when your mind ventures
    And questions the harmony of things,
    Lay down on that green turf
    And gape straight up
    Into the fathomless expanse
    Made up of varying hue
    Take a deep breath,
    Gaze at the beauty
    That lingers right in front of you.
    Looking at you eye to eye
    The unseen seeing ,
    And the warm embrace
    The fading ambient chirps
    As you loose yourself
    In that absolute solace
    Watching the clouds waltz
    And romanticize the world
    Sky or so you may call,
    the inexplicable grandeur of it all.

  • vashisthinscribed 149w

    Whilst the skies accoutred in purple hue,
    Your eyes sinked.
    Lips faintly split,
    Ready to vindicate
    Every hint of shame
    Giving stealthy looks on my face.

    You stood there, persistent;
    Your faith unshook,
    As I bared my scars
    For you to see
    Every hideous bit of my frame.

    Your fingers swept all over 'em
    Your eyes fixed
    With such fine engrossment
    As if memorizing every intricate details.
    You caught the bewilderment in my look
    when you entitled the grisly lines as artwork

    You swaddled me in your loving arms
    In a way that furnishes comfort
    You sushed my protests everytime
    I reminded you of my another flaw And went ahead to kiss my forehead
    and praise all my faults.

    The day dawned,
    Cosmic elements made their presence known in the pitch black airspace
    You gazed upwards
    and said that I was not meant to twinkle like the stars.
    Deep within I felt content
    thinking that at last you endorsed
    all my shame as it was meant to be
    But ,
    it was not long
    when breaking the silence you said,
    "You're the moon. One of its kind.
    Wearing its patch in a see-through veil.Brightest in the night sky. And one of the most ravishing creation of nature"
    In that fleeting moment, as those words parted your mouth,
    I felt beautiful from every bit of myself that lay their in the arms of a person who so perfectly had mastered the art of "Loving".

  • vashisthinscribed 164w


    समय एक केवल
    चलो साथ दिल से
    मिले लक्ष्य तेरा
    है जग को बताता |

    समय को फ़िक्र क्या
    तुझे साथ चलना
    वो अपनी गति में
    सदा बढ़ते जाता |

    बना लोगे सच्चा
    यदि तुम साथी
    वो निश्चित सही
    फ़र्ज़ अपना निभाता |

    बचा करके तुझको
    सभी संकटॊ से
    उचित वक़्त आने
    पर सब कुछ दिलाता |

    वह कहता ," छोड़ॊ भूल जाओ"
    जो बीती
    नहीं आने वाले
    में भी है फसाता |

    महज वह है कहता
    चलो आज ही संग
    देखो मित्रता
    मैं हूँ कैसे निभाता |

    कंकड़ राह में
    जितने भी आते
    समझ धर्म अपना
    उन्हे है हटाता |

    सवारे सजाये
    थोड़ा थाप दे भी
    वो कच्चि मिट्टी
    ताप देकर पकाता |

    लिये हाथ साँचे में
    ढाले परखता
    चुनौती भिड़ा
    लौह तन को बनाता |

    चले साथ जो भी
    समझ करके उसको
    उसे फ़र्श से अर्श
    पे दे बैठाता |

    समय को समझता
    मुकुट सिर उसके
    मिले लक्ष्य तेरा
    है जग को बताता ||


  • vashisthinscribed 174w

    It has been a long time that we've been apart
    But I know,
    You'll come all the way to hear the sound of my silence.

  • vashisthinscribed 175w

    The people present with you at the end hold a far more notable footing in your life than the ones who were present at the beginning and then left midway.

  • vashisthinscribed 176w

    Just like a game
    You and me
    Adrenaline rush
    An escape
    Lost love
    Astray ways
    Petty promised assurity
    Defence weapons
    Fragile chords
    Sundry emotions
    None expressed

  • vashisthinscribed 178w

    #pod #mirakee #art #love #quote
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    Should I

    Stay with the one I love who will never love me back ?
    Stay with the one who loves me but can never be loved back.?

  • vashisthinscribed 179w

    What is poetry?
    Little words put together to cover large things