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  • vaseofthoughts 52w

    Just a Star! ✨

    I don't have any memories of his presence like he never existed. Maybe it was all a dream which felt real for a while.

    Maybe he was not just an imagination but more of an emotion that I needed to feel, needed to express.

    Or maybe he was just a star - dead millions of years ago but still shining in my darkest thoughts.

    //Pooja Yadav - @vaseofthoughts

  • vaseofthoughts 53w

    You Never Meant to Stay!

    I see you everyday in my dreams, slipping away from me. I rush through the crowd but it's too late. I can still feel your touch on my hand when you last held it.

    I scream your name but you don't look back. You don't look back as you leave me alone here at unknown place between strangers.

    Maybe I was just a stopping point to your destination and you never meant to stay.

    //Pooja Yadav - @vaseofthoughts

  • vaseofthoughts 54w

    You Challenged My Love!

    I loved all your scars & demons
    I loved you truthfully
    I loved your hideous laugh
    And I loved your mystery

    Next day I find myself in the pool of blood, as pain screams from my skin. You carved your love on me to see if I could love my scars as beautifully as I loved yours?

    You challenged my love! 🐾

    //Pooja Yadav - @vaseofthoughts

  • vaseofthoughts 54w

    Birthday Gift

    As the clock struck 12, I couldn't control my excitement and rushed downstairs to open my gifts.

    As I was about to unpack my first gift, I heard a knock on the door but couldn't see anyone through the peephole.

    I opened the door carefully to find a loosely wrapped box with a note: "From Death"

    //Pooja Yadav - @vaseofthoughts

  • vaseofthoughts 54w


    I slept peacefully that night knowing you are next to me. I never knew you but you felt like home: warm and welcoming.

    I exposed my soul in the darkness, not knowing the truth and you held me softly, digging your nails deep in my skin.

    I didn't scream, maybe somewhere I deserved that pain. I needed those scars to remind how beautifully I could love myself after the damage.

    //Pooja Yadav - @vaseofthoughts

  • vaseofthoughts 55w

    Welcome Home!

    And I left today without making my bed, without looking back to good memories. I closed the door and I knew I have locked myself on the other side of life, where things are not so good to be carried along but it felt warm & familiar as I heard the pain say "Welcome Home!" 🌆

    //Pooja Yadav - @vaseofthoughts

  • vaseofthoughts 55w

    Bubble of Life

    Do you remember when you start living in a bubble, just consist of a world which only you wanted to see? Where people sing madly, love deeply, and stay forever. But this illusion doesn't last for long because one day there will be someone who'll break the rules and burst your imaginary bubble to show you how tough and doubtful life is, where you sing but alone, you love but cautiously and people stay only if they want to.

    And that's okay, it's okay to know this world is more than you want it to be and it's fine to feel all the mixed emotions for once.

    But in all this chaos, don't forget to build your bubble one more time. To fill it with love, care, and gratitude towards the people who stayed till the end. 💟

    // Pooja Yadav - @vaseofthoughts

  • vaseofthoughts 55w

    Wish on a broken heart?

    I'm waiting for you here
    Lifeless and broken
    Empty but breathing

    Lost in the stars
    Or maybe
    Losing the stars ✨

    With the darkness around
    I lie down with a dream
    Not sure if I'll be complete

    As I look at the shooting star
    I wonder, why can't we
    Wish on a broken heart? 💔

    //Pooja Yadav - @vaseofthoughts

  • vaseofthoughts 55w

    Maybe Next Time?

    And the world seems a better place as I close my eyes slowly, going back to happy memories. I feel weightless as my body gives up to match the rhythm of my soul. 🌌

    I see the light at the end of the tunnel and before I could reach, I wake up breathless as the water starts overflowing from the bathtub.

    As I struggle to breathe, I see words scribbled on the foggy mirror - "Maybe next time?"

    //Pooja Yadav - @vaseofthoughts

  • vaseofthoughts 55w

    New Beginnings

    Tell me how it feels to see your world going reverse. All the talks you had, all the time you spent. Those memories, moments taking place from happiness to being alone. How it feels to see the sun rising in the evening and talking to the stars in the morning.

    Tell me how it feels to see your world stop in front of you as the colors fill the sky. Tell me those hidden emotions, tell me about those silent tears rolling down your cheek. I want to hear about all those promises you made to yourself by looking at this ending as the new beginnings are coming back to you. ✨

    //Pooja Yadav - @vaseofthoughts