Now you see me. Actually you don't.

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  • vannil_y 5w

    Heaven's Annex

    The rains fell and cold came
    Showers and downpour from Heaven's gate
    For its been a while since the earth drank
    'Cos it's roots had long been starved
    But it came, that look, that touch
    Lips on lips, softly, slowly
    Then he looked into my soul,
    Bent over and whispered:' This is forever'

    Time froze and as if it wasn't enough
    The next whisper said 'don't let go'
    I was gonna jump out of my skin
    But his hairy hands wouldn't let me
    In that moment I knew this had to be real
    Cos that voice, that kiss
    My soul drank to fill its thirst

    For the heavens had just opened an annex
    Rent free in my heart
    The rains stopped with clear skies
    But I still had droplets of his taste
    And he left it like it wasn't his
    I'd always run from rains to take cover
    This time I let it pour
    On my dry thirsty heart
    Since happily ever after was written
    In dripping watermarked ink

  • vannil_y 5w

    Heartbreak Formula

    Heavy heart, teary eyes
    Cold clothes and soaked pillows
    Shusshh, can u hear that?
    The sound of dead silence
    When your heart's laid in pieces
    Shot by love's stinging arrows
    It's an emerging stale air
    From the putrid smell of your heart
    To clot the open sore
    Get a repeat love Playlist
    And a rewind of slomo memories
    Fading out in the background of your skin
    So you crave ice cream and candy floss
    To Jumpstart your Dying heart
    Just after your first scoop, it floods in
    The flash of love's sweet taste
    That's when you stand frozen
    Melting from hot waxed anger
    Dripping pain colored blood
    Flowing Salt coated tears
    For you've always known this formula
    The cupid simultaneous equation
    But today, you became an X
    And it's your turn to find out Y

  • vannil_y 11w


    You lost me
    The day I turned silent
    And nodded to everything you said
    The day I giggled instead of shining
    My brown gap-toothed 32
    I Stripped myself off drama
    Just to become your queen
    Then flowed with the tide
    To find your shore
    But the waves kept dragging me
    They wanted their drama queen
    Needed some splash and squash,
    Some Toss and ripples
    But I had thrown that into the air
    I Had drowned my voice
    From reading your lips
    I had lost my weight
    From finding your balance
    You lost me and didn't even know it
    'Cos you've been busy piecing together
    A picture that was long extinct.

  • vannil_y 17w

    The Flight

    'Listen, O! little one
    The world isn't what you think
    The scorching heat and shivering cold
    Were made to shatter you to pieces
    Abide just a bit longer
    Then you'll learn the way of mortals'

    In its heat lay the enchanting sunrise
    And the snow holds the royal dance
    My wings have never seen the dawn
    But I long to be at the cloud ball
    Send me away to the skies feast
    Watch me hover like a fairy
    Behold, the time has come
    To unravel a life long dream
    Bless me mother with your touch
    That I may return with the crown of life

  • vannil_y 18w


    One day, when you're tired of me
    And can't bear no more
    Don't walk out and shut doors
    Just close your eyes and look away
    For I'd rather seek out the lost
    Hope beneath your closed eyes
    Than watch the faceless shadows
    You leave behind when you turn


  • vannil_y 18w


    Lora's leavened Love lets
    Leslie learn life's lesson.
    Listen, Life's lovely lesson lay lame:
    Live. Love. Learn. Laugh
    Look. Leap. Lose. Lol
    Look; life's little lessons!


  • vannil_y 19w

    When Tomorrow Comes

    Let's take our steps slowly
    As you hold me close
    Dance every beat on the jam
    While we still can
    'Cos we'll walk apart
    When tomorrow comes

    Let's sit under the moonlight
    As we count the stars
    Watch every one fade
    While we fall asleep
    'Cos we'll watch no more
    When tomorrow comes


  • vannil_y 19w

    Take a bow

    To what we use to be
    To lanes we use to walk
    When Roses were red and the sky blue

    Let's sing a song
    Yes one last song
    Before we walk away
    Let's bow to the end


  • vannil_y 19w

    Ice Queen

    Carelessly, freely,
    There I was falling into an endless hole
    The dive was cool, the flow was sweet
    So I dared falling backwards
    Heard I'd rebounce to the heavens
    once I touched down
    But secs became minutes & minutes, hours
    Slow motion that made me
    The hero of my own movie
    So I chose the cold, for I'd rather be frozen
    And be preserved by memories
    Than melt our feelings with flames of fury
    But if this cold grows beyond thaw
    And anyone who comes to save me
    is turned into an icicle
    Don't forget to remember:
    It was a sunny day
    when you made me listen to my heart
    And made me what I am now;
    An Ice Queen


  • vannil_y 19w

    She came with a label:

    'I break easily,
    Handle with care'

    Till love found her!