ever question yourself..! Are you being as you!?

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  • vangpiee 3w

    By unknown writer

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    Some people don't feel safe with their feelings
    People like that get scared when someone gets too close
    They go into hiding to avoid that person or hurt that person without even realising it.

  • vangpiee 4w

    Is anyone out there?
    Who hears me loud & clear
    I’m going without knowing where I’m going
    When it’s hard, I let the strength leave me, it’s just my body
    I wanna trust the flow of life

    Every moment to me is like a celebration of life
    I’m gonna dance my own way
    Only got one life to live
    No matter what anyone says, I’ma do me
    Till the lights go off and the breathing stops
    When it really ends
    So I can say, I did it my way

    I wanna be myself
    I wanna run
    I need love and help
    I can overcome
    Just let me free

  • vangpiee 6w

    Artificial life

    I thought I was failed in *friendship* and *love*,but now I guess I failed in *life* too. Do I have something to achieve ?

  • vangpiee 9w

    Why can't we be a free bird with no expectations?
    The lesser the pain..
    The lesser the stress..
    B'cause you never looked for the end!

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    People expect a lot from others and if that doesn't happen they go from *people you know to people you known*

  • vangpiee 9w

    I'm afraid to take the path with steps, though it is through the garden of life....
    "What if the plants are throwned?",

    I'm afraid to open the doors of my heart, though the exist is closed....
    "What if they break the window?",

    I'm afraid to believe in love again, though the bells are positive....
    What if it's a broken music?",

    I'm afraid to be afraid of thoughts,though my fear is right....
    What if I'm just being delusionally timid?".

  • vangpiee 9w

    Everyone loves black unless it is on you skin
    Everyone want huge things unless it's your weight

  • vangpiee 13w

    "A broken glass cannot be sticked together", I said.
    "It can still be heated and re-moulded!", he screemed.

  • vangpiee 16w

    The mother of a child

    As the day got more shedules I had to fix myself to the times. I was walking through the traffic under this cloudy sun not knowing why the birds were plain chirping. Im having my breakfast as soon as I reached the office,it was then I heard this strange noisy words, " I looked around and found none", so, I just ignored it. Working on the tiredsome projects with the helpless colleagues for hours finally bought me the time. Im having the lunch looking over my colleagues at the corner of the canteen, I heard the voice again..., I still "looked around but found none". This time I was bit scared to ignore. Though the voices are intensifying I still " couldn't find one". I worked my extra hours with these strange sounds . I thought my office is ghosted because my colleagues " checked around but heard none". I packed my things to catch my bus and then I heard the voice again , it's a girl cry. She is telling that she can't be fixed. She yelled that she can't see beautiful colors,can't hear rhythmic chirpings, can't smile hearfully. She cried that her mother is just ignoring her instead of fixing her. I crumbled . I crumbled and realised these are not just voices, these are my inner child's struggles. I decided to be a good mother to this child so I can fix "the" problems of unknown reasons and bring all the toys my child lost.

  • vangpiee 20w

    "hey it's just a joke!"

    Ok! For whom?

  • vangpiee 21w

    Me before discovering my phobias:
    I'm not scared of anything unless or until you are my MOM!
    Me after discovering my phobias:
    Fuck it! Why is everything scary!!! Why should I put up with this every hour???
    Ooo it's that..........omg!!! I saw it again