❖" Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie, which we ascribe to heaven." -Shakesphere. ❖©All copyrights reserved.

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  • vangelis 4w

    What is it that you like about past? Let me know��✨......
    #past #miraquill #yourquote

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    Past is that poison
    that taste sweet, bitter and sour
    at the same time.
    Some people consume it
    to store its essence
    in their heart while
    others consume it disheartened
    and act like they don't know it.

  • vangelis 7w


    To the hands of the creator,
    A meek wormy soul wrote.
    Pardon me! It's hard to say.
    The hands did a mistake.
    The hands shaped men
    The hands shaped women
    And sent them to live, but that's a lie.

    He sent them to perpetuate in a world
    that turned into a nutshell.
    Men became rulers, with strength,
    muscle power and bravery.
    With women he made a family.
    Men fought while women raised
    their children, they lived happily.
    Some strong women ruled,
    while the rest produced rulers.
    But what about the ones
    who couldn't produce a king?
    who couldn't produce at all?

    Black and white air swept away.
    In the new world of technical nerds,
    Women became MACHINES.
    They were the same back then.
    But the eyes of the camera
    that explored her beauty and within,
    made her a famous machine.
    Women skin, highly demanded.
    Her attributes, cute and sweet.
    Was she a meal, for wolves to feed in?

    Some women believed, beautiful is ideal.
    It is to feed and to be fed.
    (To be fed is a lie again!)
    While others tolerated the pain.
    So they won't hurt the main.
    She don't have muscle power, they said.
    All she got is flesh and blood.
    But she got pain that can turn to power.
    Still, she was an object.
    Object of amusement.
    A machine to give birth.
    She objectified herself,
    some for money
    and some for tradition.

    Even in a country of Goddess,
    Women are not safe.
    Oh God, why did you create her?
    To give birth?

    Hi all, it's been a long time that I've written something. I was stuck between the hustles of life.
    #miraquill #women #poem #thoughts

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    To the hands of the creator,
    A meek wormy soul wrote.
    Pardon me! It's hard to say.
    The hands did a mistake.
    The hands shaped men
    The hands shaped women
    And sent them to live, but that's a lie.

  • vangelis 8w

    Bonjour ✨����.....
    #wod #sijo @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Reminisce - a Sijo.

    Where do the fallen autumn leaves go to?

    They perish deep down the soil to recall
    the memories with their friends
    who live in the soil, I suppose.

    All my life is a deciduous forest filled with fond memories of your friendship, dear Earth.

  • vangelis 9w


    There is a transparent ocean inside your eyes
    where seahorse, discus and dolphins live
    and corals sparkle in glee with the jovial sky
    to welcome the kites of dreams from the shore.

    I once had that ocean in my gleaming eyes too
    But one day a sorrow ship set sail to the north
    Days passed and ships went, one after the other
    till the far cry of the dolphins faded away .

    The ocean of your eyes harbour a diverse world
    that the breeze of time can overturn in a go.
    Let the sparkle in your eyes remain as a souvenir
    for the departing ship of life called senescence.


    ��(These words of mine address a duality. A person is growing old, all the sparkle in his eyes disappear. On the other hand, our beautiful oceans which harbour diversity are under the threat of depletion. Hope you like it. It's a sudden work)

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #start #wod #lostchildhood

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  • vangelis 10w


    Starry night made the sad song smile
    and fly away to a faraway land.

  • vangelis 10w


    Happy is scary

    Staying happy
    is a challenge,my dear.
    As you decide to be happy
    for the rest of the day
    Troubles come to your doorstep
    And knock on the door
    You'll eventually end up
    opening the door.

    Profound happiness is scary
    For, they are followed by hardships.
    That's how it usually is.


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    Happy is scary.


  • vangelis 11w

    Everyday ends with new lessons and resolutions. Lessons, I remember. But the resolutions are oft forgotten.....
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    A Conflict.

    Myriad stories of the inner mind kept hitting the walls of heart. That was the initiation of a construction for myself to happily get lost.
    But heart told me, " This is all fantasy, Come to your real sense." I followed the heart. It led me to the strange corner of a four-walled screen. It told me to talk and smile to the passers nearby. People came rushing to me, to hear from me about my day. I felt happy that I had someone to rely on. But then, they grew curious about the outer me. They wanted me to rip apart the walls I build so that they can enjoy the time. I felt insecure. "It's okay, everyone's not gonna be the same. Let's see how far it can go." I told myself. I became a slime for a while. But deep inside, I had an instinct. They destroyed the antique clock. I took a hammer to protect myself. Frightened, they ran away....
    Now I am back. Back to the myriad stories of my mind. I promised to myself that I'll never fly away again. I could realise that my dreamworld was way too better than reality itself. The world is a strange place. All the hell is empty and all the demons are here. Remember to not get lost in the depth of the thoughts. Dreaming is itself so beautiful, after all........

  • vangelis 12w

    I'm just sad and disappointed��....But still hoping for better days to come....

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    Burning dreams.

    The redolent aroma
    of a blown out candle
    came from my heart.
    I could realise that
    it was the smell of
    thousand dreams
    that are fading and
    burning away.
    Oh God,
    please do leave
    a spark behind.

  • vangelis 14w

    ��The little note of a lilac to a gentle breeze that made the petals to dance��.....
    Separation is pain, yet some things are supposed to be separated. Some relations demand one to get separated so as to avoid a fixed fate that is known. Everyone need to move on��...Yet separations create a void in our heart...

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    Zephyr and Lilac:
    A melody of melancholy.

    We are together a lie, my dear
    A lie as fragile as a lilywhite
    A lie that seem truth to many
    You came to me as a breeze,
    Singing with the fragrance of rain
    I, a mere lilac in the garden
    Dancing to your tune
    As you gave your wide arms
    towards me to dance with you
    I looked into your gleaming eyes
    with the hope to see a universe
    That can treat the
    hidden torments in me.
    But all I could see was a void.
    Yet I never wanted you to go.
    I wanted to dance with you.
    I kept smiling to you even when
    I knew, you'll head south one day.
    Torments kept pricking me.
    I beared with them.
    But the wound got worse day by day.
    Yet I wanted you to smile.
    You were always right.
    I was the wrong in our poem.
    I want to make you a hurricane.
    So that you'll be strong enough to move on
    even when I leave one day.
    But all my strength drained out,
    I withered and fell. I'll bloom again.
    So you should move ahead.
    And stay happy from a distance.
    I wish for nothing more.
    Together, we made a puzzle
    that'd never fit together.
    We are transient, so let's sunder-
    But promise me that
    You'll send me your stories
    through the agile butterflies of time.

  • vangelis 14w

    Self note 2

    To all the people who are
    working hard to achieve
    their dreams....
    May you reach your destination
    by tiding through the hard waves.

    Cheers for you from a distance .......