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  • vampirecadence 1h


    It bothers me that she is just one,
    she can't be another,
    she is my one and only, my mother.
    No matter what's the weather
    She becomes my umbrella
    whenever I'm in trouble,
    That's how she cares and bears,
    with keeping inside all her tears.
    She is the strongest I know,
    even in her low.
    she can never be slow I know,
    I love you my mom.



  • vampirecadence 1h


    It's her voice that fills the air
    with so much warmth
    Her love is persistent,
    I know sometimes my efforts are inconsistent
    but she's always been par with consistent.
    She is another word resistant,
    she is the most strongest I know,
    I call her my mom.



  • vampirecadence 2h


    You know it
    when I spelt it,
    Just a three letter word,
    but stronger than the sword,
    I call her my lord,
    I know she deserves every award,
    for carrying the burden with no reward.

    - vampirecadence


  • vampirecadence 1w


    When someone's happiness becomes your happiness? is that love?

    - vampirecadence

  • vampirecadence 3w

    Feeling negative

    Feeling a bit negative for some reason.
    Maybe I'm tired,
    Maybe I did too much in little time or maybe I did nothing when I should've,
    maybe I didn't do things I was supposed to be doing,
    or maybe I did something I wasn't supposed to be doing,
    maybe I set higher standard for myself and felt disappointed in me when I know I could've done better,
    maybe I expected something from someone,
    maybe I got triggered by some visual, some words or some memories,
    maybe I was waiting for some response and I got response but it was like no response,
    maybe I need to stop writing.

    - vampirecadence

  • vampirecadence 12w


    I won't let my feelings swallow me.
    That's what I used to do earlier.
    There are things either I can't change or I can change so I'll try to focus on what I can change.


  • vampirecadence 19w


  • vampirecadence 21w

    Who is who

    Now I know who is who
    wish I had seen those clue,
    I could've seen the rainbow but I only saw blue.
    I may be broken
    but I'm on my own,
    Yesterday I was down
    but today I'm grown.


  • vampirecadence 22w


    I always thought I did enough to help me but I'm surprised that I never really helped me the way I really needed the help.
    You know what actually I was doing "self-sabotaging".
    I was doing exactly I've known someone my own who used to do it to himself.
    I always used to think why someone harm themselves so much
    but now I know the reason and its because you think how you could be this stupid, how you could do something that you never thought, how you could repeat mistake one after another, how you could go this down and the reason could be anything that makes you go insane with "how you could," chain that just grows and grows and once you think now it's time to unlock yourself, you found yourself locked in that chain.
    You know what that only person needs "Best friend"
    I used to say I've best friend but I never really knew that I was so wrong to think that I had best friend because I never had.
    The only thing I had was friends and with them, I always felt disassociated.
    I can say I never realised how best friend meant to be that's why I always felt alone.

    #mylife #realstory #confession
    - vampirecadence

  • vampirecadence 25w

    I have few things to say
    but the words need time to settle
    so I'll let it
    till then to other keep writing