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  • vampire 45w

    Even when the thorns pierce you
    You'll realise the roses are still as pretty
    As the earth that bears you


  • vampire 52w

    Is it really our views?

    When the orange pig meant
    Boycott all black pigment
    Or when the old vulgar meant
    Recognize rioter by their garment

    Do our minds really thinks
    Only in terms of left and right wing?
    Are people's representatives
    Really representing people's thinking?


  • vampire 58w

    Repaint your repents to reap ends.


  • vampire 67w

    It was a cold winter night
    Our neighbor's house caught fire
    We felt warmth and slept tight
    They should solve their own mire

    We were basking in the lawn
    The neighbor's dog was stolen
    We were happy it was gone
    For it used to bark every now and then

    Our kid stood first in school
    Our neighbor's kid died of hepatitis
    Maybe it's God's one big rule
    That our kid shall have no nemesis

    Suddenly my kid and my wife
    Fell prey to the god forsaken plague
    It burned my heart, it ruined my life
    All I could do was cry and beg

    I went outside, angry why no one helped
    The whole city was empty, over and under
    Without informing me all had discreetly fled
    Where it all went wrong I wondered


  • vampire 68w

    I'm much smaller than you it seems
    But do my eyes falter when it meet yours?
    Do my legs shake, do I sweat?
    The world that has made is the same that has made me
    So brother your story must be heroic but mine more interesting
    Everyone knows the deeds of a hero
    Who's born and made a living symbol
    Not everyone knows where one goes
    When his demons lose their gamble

  • vampire 72w

    While you're here, with the thug thing going
    The living to fight thing, the breaking the bars
    Someone out there is fighting to live
    If your rebellion ain't helping there, it's all a farce
    And he who says he's willing to die for a cause
    Knows they won't be coming for him

  • vampire 73w

    Of the two brothers
    Who ensured Satan lived among us
    Slavery was the more obvious
    He stared right into our eyes
    He thought we'll accept it with embraces
    But we joined forces when it stood
    Too upfront right in our faces
    And eliminated it for good
    The more cunning was monarchy
    He changed forms, evaded from eyes
    First disguised as natural hierarchy
    Still prevails as natural order of societies

  • vampire 74w

    Bhakt till it's your money that's stuck
    Bhakt till it's you who can't afford hike in fee
    Bhakt till it's your sister who's been harassed and stalked
    By a BJP MLA or MP
    Bhakt till it's your brother who's lynched
    Bhakt till it's your speech that's curbed
    Bhakt till its your onion that's sold
    For 8rs per kg when customers give a hundred
    Bhakt till its your job that's lost
    Bhakt till your communication and internet that's been cut
    Bhakt till its your father who died
    Dehydrated in an ATM line

  • vampire 77w

    I saw a rally passing, People cheering like fanatics
    Firing crackers, flying rockets, Festival of sound?
    I saw families take their kids and women inside
    And shut their houses
    Dogs were chased, their fear was rejoiced Badge of bravery?
    I saw people of other communities, Looking with fear towards the swords
    I saw they were taunted, teased, Threatened and pointed swords at
    Did Ram return like this?
    Then I passed by a slum, Hardly a room and some space outside
    But in front there were diyas still Humbly lighting their humble life
    A small kid gazing and the colors of sky with awe
    A weary couple rekindling the diyas, Festival of light?
    Dogs around slept comfortably Played with the kid at times
    And were occasionally served with dishes
    Did Ram return like this?


  • vampire 78w

    What are we but dust and dirt,
    What are our heartbreaks, losses and shrieks of pain
    Anything but inaudible whispers in the great grand plan of a higher power
    Where does our pride exactly stands in this grand scheme of events
    Why even there is a grand scheme for us if we can't understand it
    Why even there has to be a higher power if we all are lesser forms of life
    Who exactly does it caters to?