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  • valexandra_blue 47w

    We're just like glowsticks, in order to shine sometimes we need to break...

  • valexandra_blue 47w

    So it's a good friend's birthday today. Just thought to drop this piece.
    #Sunday blues #Sadness

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    Can't You See Me

    I'm amazed at my acting skills
    Even though you can't tell my scheme
    That smirk that seems couldn't be wiped
    That sweet smile that remains unfazed

    But still...
    I feel so forlorn

    I'm right now surrounded by friends
    We all are having a good cheer
    There's an unending laughter here
    But then I'm not truly happy

    Oh well...
    Not like you'd notice

    You feel like you can see me clear
    You don't, you aren't seeing me well
    I'm presently telling a joke
    But then again the joke's on me

    I'm torn...
    Why can't you see me?

    You're sure I'm basking in gladness
    While I'm struck by extreme sadness
    I guess you don't know me that well
    'Cause if you did you'd get to see



  • valexandra_blue 48w

    Look who's back guys! So it's been a minute and I thought to come wish you guys a Happy Valentine's day, and a Happy Birthday to myself. Hope you guys had a good one. #Valentine #Love
    I purple you all. ��

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    Loving Me

    It's being a pleasure I must say
    Having to see you everyday
    The euphoria I always feel
    Knowing I'll forever be you
    That of course me, myself and I
    Will always have each other's backs
    I must say there's some symphony
    To this soft feel brewing in me
    Don't think I'm bluffing, I feel good
    About this thing I call self love.

  • valexandra_blue 73w

    Duet of The Night

    My heart flutters in the sweet night
    As I walk by the sleepy town
    Threading the ever sprouted grass
    Hearing subtle sounds of night flies
    The full moon boldly on the sky
    With lots of stars scattered on high
    And doggies howling lightly still
    As the soft breeze sweeps slowly by
    Little birdies keep chirping out
    As the shaky leaves rustle on
    With shut eyes my whole being takes in
    The beautiful duet of the night

  • valexandra_blue 75w

    Far apart

    On days like this I shut my eyes
    And think 'bout what it's all become
    A game of charades we had played
    But then realized twas all a waste
    Why did we ever try to change
    The way things had for long been planned
    I think I'll just keep my eyes shut
    Out of their way, lost in my thoughts
    All I could really do now is
    I'll try imagining you here
    Your tender hugs keeping me warm
    And your sweet reassuring smile
    How I wish you were truly here
    But as it is we're far apart

  • valexandra_blue 79w

    Happy Pretending

    You're sure one heck of an actor
    That smile that's plastered on your face
    I do know you're faking it though
    You thought no one would come to know
    Why pretend that it's all okay
    When it just gets worse everyday
    I know you're sad no need to tell
    I know you're pained it's clear to me
    I really wish you'd tell me so
    Even though I already know
    You keep hoping that come one day
    All your pain would just go away
    What can I do? Can't change your mind
    'Bout all the lies you've told yourself
    Can only wish you all the best
    So go on, Happy Pretending

  • valexandra_blue 79w

    #mirakee #comment #sweet dreams �� mirakeeans

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    So sweet is their faith
    Their hope and love
    You see a thorn
    They see a rose
    Their cheery vibes
    Clads all with joy
    They sure take in
    The world's beauty
    And when they lie
    In bed to sleep
    They dream of what
    Could be made real

  • valexandra_blue 79w


    My head keeps spinning
    My world keeps shaking
    These walls all threaten
    To collapse on me
    I feel miserable
    Keep getting teary
    Even in my dreams
    I'm just not stress free
    High on depression
    I just crash and burn
    In need of some help
    To tune the madness
    These days I'm drowning
    In my very thoughts
    It all seems frightening
    I'm gravely shaken

  • valexandra_blue 79w

    Scared To Love

    The word love is scary to me
    It is joyful and yet so sad
    You let others into your life
    And you feel more and more happy
    Each day keeps getting more pleasant
    And you feel high on happiness
    It's like the world is a rainbow
    And it will all keep going right
    But then this sad fact still remains
    It just could never be perfect
    The more people you let into your life
    The more they can just walk right out
    So you could say I'm a fready
    When l say that I'm scared to love

  • valexandra_blue 79w

    Cover Girl

    It's clear roses are red
    But what about thorns
    Nobody does expect
    You to show your pain
    Only wanna see
    The good side of things
    So you fake a smile
    You eccedentesiast
    The rainbows they see
    Are nothing more than clouds
    But you sure wouldn't dare
    Show them any of that
    It's like nobody cares
    When you are feeling down
    So you go with the flow
    While you cry all alone
    So hurray Cover Girl
    You successfully have
    Convinced the whole world
    That you're doing okay