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  • vakilankita 1w

    Singlehood means time for self.
    Rejuvenating mind body & soul.
    Rediscovering your inner self
    Connecting to your divinity

    It is not loneliness.
    It is not being single and boring
    It is not unhappy & in search for someone special.

    It means 100% energy to yourself, undivided attention to your needs.
    Taking time for body, hair, and skin care.
    Glowing your inner beauty through relaxation & meditation for your mental & soul nourishment.

    Singlehood means in love with self.
    It is a magical experience only if you allow yourself to explore it.

  • vakilankita 1w

    But In India:
    You just don't marry your partner.
    You marry the entire family.

    Then my Indian mind: That logic wise you should not just fall in love with your partner but rather fall in-law with In-Laws first!

    Love In-laws
    Marriage is Easy!

  • vakilankita 1w

    Gujarati ni raat garba ke saath
    ladki patana ke sahi baat
    milan hai do dilon ka
    par milte dil garba se do parivaaron ka

    Gujarati ni raat garba na sang
    hasaya kavi raat sangeet ane tarang.

  • vakilankita 3w

    Maa ne ashubh bolne se roka
    Devi-Deva ne ashubh hone se rok liya.

  • vakilankita 3w

    It's True
    In and Out of Love makes you a poet.
    But when you are constantly in happiness with your soul
    In love with self
    You are at peace!
    The poet in you takes a break, absorbs love, relishes the tranquility around.
    Not height, body or weight; nor color, skin, or marks, neither comparison, judgement or taunts- bother you.
    It's you, your heart, and soul - breathing in the purity of life.
    Content with people around, relaxed, and cheerful. Time passes by neither slow or fast, life is not hate or dull.
    It is just it...

  • vakilankita 5w

    Diwali aayii aayi aayi
    Naya saal, nayii khuskiyaan layi layi

    Bhuloo kaal ki baatein
    Banao naayi yaadein

    Iss Diwali, zubaan ki mithaas laoo
    Naye socch ke deep jalao

    Yeh Diwali manao khaas
    1 aarse baad joh layi hai jeevan mein sukun ka ehsaas.

  • vakilankita 7w

    A million kisses
    A thousand wishes

  • vakilankita 18w

    Only if... were here. I would not have sleepless nights.
    Years passed by I still cannot forget the blood, body, broken skull, and all the gory sights.

    Only if you were here, we would have stayed in Spain. 8 years and still the memories, the love is afresh with guilt and pain.

    We were not married or engaged by rituals, but our bond was written by the angels.

    Only if... you were here, we could celebrate our victory. You believed in me, and see, I fought and won against the abnormality.

    Only if you were here...I would not have to move on. Holding me strong and kissing my fears away would not have gone.

    Only if you were here...

  • vakilankita 23w

    Khamoshi mein koi raaz hai,
    Tanhai mein koi awaaz hai.
    Milte hai dost kismat se,
    Tum aaye zindagi mein
    Humein khud pe naaz hai

  • vakilankita 23w

    What breaks you in million pieces?
    Nail break?

    Calling your loved one's parent and informing their only child is no more...

    This does not just breaks your heart, crushes your soul.