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  • vaishsb 1w

    My own peace

    I wish I could just vanish out,
    For that peace of mine,
    It's enough I don't want to appreciate that regret of mine,
    No one is every going to appreciate that help of mine,
    Everyone just uses me for their own good,
    But whatever they do,
    I ain't giving up goodness of mine,
    I will stay strong to proove strength of mine,
    As my mischief is way Higher till the sky until it reaches a mile.

  • vaishsb 1w


    Are there humans alive anywhere?
    Nope they aren't said ants
    Humans use to be so sweet and sobar,
    Now they have gone insane,
    With violence inbuild with hot rage of blood,
    They don't understand the meaning of close ones,
    Are not appreciating love of other's,
    They have became mean,
    Not following god's rule,
    God said, if you are sweet you will end up with a gift,
    But humans are demons with a mask of kindness,
    Ants gasps, said O lord, I want to be a ant for infinite births,
    The evil humans will one day destroy themselves,
    Will burn their own relationships with that ego of theirs,
    O Lord, save them from their ego,
    It's not worth a while,
    They may end up killing themselves,
    O lord save them, prayed the ant.

  • vaishsb 2w

    Jaha jaan hai, waha jahaan hai,
    Jaha jahaan hai, wahi hum hai,
    Jaha dost hai, wahi hamara jahaa hai

  • vaishsb 2w

    Shades of life

    There are different shades light to dark,
    Just like our moments,
    The more they get deep significance increase,
    Just like a baby pink to Dark pink,
    Life likes to take a swing,
    From a low pitch to high pitch,
    Just like a baby to a old human,

    Life gives you each shade to understand,
    From glorious memories to dullest of them all,
    It's enrich with its own formula,
    Keep the original form,
    Or it takes it to it's worst form,

    Always remember to stay happy,
    As happier shades are easy to solve,
    The more it gets deeper,
    The more it's difficult to clean,
    So, remember as god gave you a gift,

    A life full of shades,
    Make sure to apply ones which are unique,
    Don't get deeper unless it's a need,
    Keep it light and you are all set for life .

  • vaishsb 4w

    जिदंगी का ऐलान

    कभी कुछ बातें अलग ही होती है,
    चाहो या ना चाहो वो उलझी ही रहती है,
    ये बातें क्यू करे मेरा पीछा,
    छोड़ दो मुझे मन है मेरा कहता,

    इन्नि बातों में जिंदगी रुक जाती है,
    कितना करू मैं इंतजार,
    कब रुकेगी ये ज़िंदगी की बातों की बारात,
    बस अब दिल रूठ गया है,

    सबका साथ छूट गया है,
    बस अब ना रुकूंगी मे,
    अपने हक के लिए लढूंगी में,

    कोई नही रोक पाएगा,
    ना कोई टोक पाएगा,
    बस अब मेरा वक्त आया है,
    जो में चाहु वही वक्त दिखलाएगा |

  • vaishsb 4w

    Do comment if you feel the same.

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    Do you all feel the same ?

    Now a days, I don't like social media,
    Not a fan of melodrama,
    Feels like something is missing,
    Stuck between teenage and maturity,
    Stuck in study and parents responsibility,
    Not understanding anything as you should,

    Feels like life is not at all boring ,
    It's full of enjoyment ( sarcasm)
    Well it's adventurous,
    As it's a matter of career and life,

    At a junction of life and career.

  • vaishsb 11w

    दिल टूटा

    उस दिन का था इंतजार,
    उस वक्त की थी वो बाहर,
    कोई आवसोस ना रहा,
    कहानी अजीब थी हमारी,
    ना हो पाई हमारी दासता पूरी,
    हा, ना रहे हम तुम्हारे,
    ना रही हमारी दासता,
    छीन गई वो यादें,
    वो लक्स तुम्हारे,
    ना रहे हम तुम्हारे ।

  • vaishsb 17w

    Admire yourself with self love ❤️
    As you are lovely and pretty ��
    #selflove ❤️

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    Lovely ❤️

    I often feel lovely,
    I often feel carefree,
    As I know what's beneath me,
    A self loving person to be,
    People may say speak rubbish,
    But I don't feel guilty,
    I feel I am lovely,
    Garneshing myself with beauty,
    I often feel fantastic,
    With the emotion being pretty,
    Yes I admit,
    I am pretty and lovely,
    I admit it's me a beauty.

  • vaishsb 21w

    My life is stuck at the point from where neither I can ahead nor my life.

  • vaishsb 21w

    Mera yaara ❤️

    Mere yaar ka Birthday aaya,
    Dil Khushnuma sa ho aaya,
    Dil me khushi ki ruh samayi,
    Dil me jaag uth aaya khushi ka bawara,
    Tu hi hai mera yaara,

    Jab din tha mera suna,
    Jab din me nhi tha sabera,
    Tu aaya mere liye banke sawera,
    Dil me leke dua ka sabera,
    Tu hi hai mera yaara,

    Dil se pyaar kiya hai tume,
    Aitbaar me karti hu,
    Tumhara shubh din par,
    Tumhe yaad karti hu,
    Tu hi hai mera yaara,

    Janmadin par tumare,
    Khub khushiyon ka ho aana,
    Khush raho tum hamesha,
    Pyaar hai tumhe mera dher saara ❤️
    Tu hi hai mera yaara