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  • vaishnavi_b 103w

    #love #thoughts #diary #life

    People often judge by what the see....
    Often missing the mess and the beauty behind it...

    Don't let THEIR judgement about YOU, pull you down... ��

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  • vaishnavi_b 110w

    WHO AM I?

    Am I the clothes I wear? Or the features I have? Am I what others think of me? Am I what I believe myself to be? Or, am I what I make you believe about me?

    Often I think of such questions, who am I? Am I anyone mentioned above? Or maybe I am nothing of anything mentioned above. Maybe, I’m completely different from what you think of me, maybe I’m not the one defined by my features or what I believe myself to be. Maybe, I’m a complex mixture of everything mentioned above.

    Humans are funny creature, or I should say creative creature, hiding behind their layers of portrayed self. Everyone around is trying to please someone, trying their best to hide behind a fancy string of words coming out of mouth and fancy layer of cloth hiding the vulnerable self. Your opinion about people tend to change from what you thought when you first met to when you got to know them, it varies on a scale of good and bad, as layer by layer they unfold and reveal themselves.

    There is something always hidden, there is always something to know about everyone, about you, me, them. Something made of truth, brutal honesty, unattended bruises, with flaws, yet someone so pure that everyone is too scared to reveal it, or maybe, too comfortable hiding it behind the cover to come out of it.
    Everyone has a story untold, a memory which was never told, a self never revealed. Behind everything glittery, there is a path never walked, a part never talked. It does come out, slowly, by itself; let it happen, on its own.

    There is the beauty behind every face, every layer, there is someone too timid to come out. Scared of judgements, hate and worst of all rejection. Look within yourself, find yourself and love yourself.

    It’s an act of courage to come out as one truly is, without any fear, but with all the love and gratitude. It’s courageous to reflect upon oneself, look at one’s vulnerable self and take care of it like a baby. It’s beautiful to fall in love with one’s own imperfections and accepting it with open arms.

    It’s okay to be imperfect. It’s okay to take your time. It’s okay to be you.

    -Vaishnavi baghel

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  • vaishnavi_b 120w

    Breathe in!! And, breathe out!!

    Feel yourself, channel your energy to yourself, to feed your own soul and not someone else!!
    And... Yes!! That's the only way it works!! There is no short-cut/long-cut or any other method for this!!

    #love #life #inspiration

    @the_moon_door @frozen_tears @prerana_aggarwal @awsm_lavender @bazigar15 @ann0yance @mister_philosopher @ashes_to_aces @himasikta

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    Love Yourself

    It's funny how we live in an era where love is associated with some random stuff or a complex set of emotions ( try and google 'love' or 'what is love' ) and emptiness is a quality of something lacking or a sense of boredom/ social alienation. ( try this too 'what is emptiness')

    Why is it that when we discuss love or happiness, It's always associated with someone or something with some relations or some bond.
    While, when it comes to sadness, emptiness, it's always defined as 'I' it's always about a person and not about some bond associated with him/her or some relationship or someone or something.

    Idea of self worth and self love is long lost. While we look for happiness in others, we forget that no matter how much we run around, the flame of happiness ignites from our own core, from within our own self. Till we don't realize our own worth and fall in love with who we are, taking in all our imperfections, and perfections, accept and embrace it, we can't find happiness no matter how much we wander, how much we seek happiness in others, we will always fail, and go on the path of sadness and despair.

    Fall in love with yourself. Seek happiness in your own glittering eyes which smile along with you. Take some time out for yourself and not for anyone else or anything else. Sit and enjoy your own company, fall in love with your own breathing, that feeling of being alive, Cherish it from the core within and let it reflect in your smile. Wear your love for yourself, and happiness from yourself like a radiant trophy.

    No one will ever be able to do it for you. No one will ever be able to teach you this. You have to do it, by yourself.

    Just one simple step. Stop being harsh on yourself. Simply, learn to love yourself before you love anything or anyone. It's not selfishness, but self love.


  • vaishnavi_b 126w

    Not my... But something i felt worth sharing :) #life #diary

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    You are
    always one decision away
    from a
    totally different life


  • vaishnavi_b 138w

    I don't want to argue anymore
    I don't want to fight anymore
    I'm letting everyone go
    But, I don't want to stop them anymore

    I am too tired to speak
    And these words are too heavy to carry

    I am secluding myself where i just don't have to worry
    About you or them or anyone
    I find peace then
    Away and alone, not with anyone, any more


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    I am too tired to speak
    And these words are too heavy to carry


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  • vaishnavi_b 145w

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #writersofmirakee

    Sometimes something just leave you with high level of absurdity in mind and so much of chaos in your brain....
    Don't worry!! Just a take a deep breath, find your way out of the chaos!! ♥

    Thank you for reading.... Don't really know if it Makes much sense though...!! ��


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    I gather my bits and pieces
    Which I once left behind
    Standing in the moonlight
    I look for the stars in the dark night

    I fall but it's alright
    Because that's how I learn to stand and fight
    Somethings take time
    And sometimes that wait is just right...!!

    Because sometimes you wait
    Sometimes you leave
    Something might not
    Yet somethings are worth it!!

    Vaishnavi baghel..

  • vaishnavi_b 147w

    बस एक बार

    सुनो, जा रहे हो क्या
    जाने से पहले एक बात सुनते जाओ ना

    जाने से पहले,
    बस एक बार गले से लगा लेना
    लगा लेना सिने से, और महसुस कर लेने देना
    वो एहसास तुम्हारे साथ होने का
    जिसे छुपा लुँगी मै, इन बाहों मे हमेशा के लिए

    बस एक बार मुस्कुरा देना
    मुस्कुरा देना, और मन भरकर देख लेने देना
    उस मुस्कान को छुपा लुँगी मै,
    इन आँखों मे हमेशा के लिए

    बस एक बार मेरा नाम पुकार लेना
    प्यार से, और मन भरकर सुन लेने देना
    तुम्हारी उस आवाज़ को छुपा लुँगी मै,
    इस दिल मे हमेशा के लिए

    जा रहे हो
    बस एक बार सिने से लगा जाना
    फिर चाहे, चले जाना तुम
    हमेशा के लिए मुह फेर कर


  • vaishnavi_b 149w

    And when

    You can't find sunshine.
    Look for the moon shining in the dark night.