Fly without wings

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  • utkarshpandey 120w

    Despite how open, peaceful, and loving you attempt to be, people can only meet you, as deeply as they've met themselves.

    Matt Kahn

  • utkarshpandey 127w

    If I have sane ways of gaining weight ,
    Then i have insane ways of losing it.


  • utkarshpandey 137w

    चेतक की वीरता

    चढ़कर चेतक पर घूम–घूम 
    करता मेना–रखवाली था। 
    ले महा मृत्यु को साथ–साथ¸ 
    मानो प्रत्यक्ष कपाली था।।12।। 

    रण–बीच चौकड़ी भर–भरकर 
    चेतक बन गया निराला था। 
    राणा प्रताप के घोड़े से¸ 
    पड़ गया हवा को पाला था।।13।। 

    गिरता न कभी चेतक–तन पर¸ 
    राणा प्रताप का कोड़ा था। 
    वह दोड़ रहा अरि–मस्तक पर¸ 
    या आसमान पर घोड़ा था।।14।। 

    जो तनिक हवा से बाग हिली¸ 
    लेकर सवार उड़ जाता था। 
    राणा की पुतली फिरी नहीं¸ 
    तब तक चेतक मुड़ जाता था।।15।। 

    - श्यामनारायण पाण्डेय

  • utkarshpandey 145w

    Revenge of Pulwama

    It is a cricket match isn't it ,
    Stats don't match and you feel lost
    Do you know the sand goes thick and red ,
    When blood sheds to pay that cost .

    It is easy to seek revenge ,
    With no guns in your hands
    When no friends you had lost .
    And no shoulders were given
    To the men wrapped in flags
    When you slept a night that quietly passed.

    It is indeed simple,
    Holding the candles and marching for revenge.
    There it's not that different you see
    just that the candle fire burns.
    Burns enemy along with your friends.
    It roasts the supper prayer,
    For those who had pledged their duty ,
    To defend their motherland

  • utkarshpandey 151w

    Poetry can just be an awe of shade with the sky above,
    Or it can be an agonizing Soul longing on to a place.
    It is indeed the language of the soul ,
    Poetry is realising that we can break free the physical boundaries ,
    To fly in ether on the heights of feelings with the wings of the words.


  • utkarshpandey 152w

    The Lost

    Though the ends we may go ,
    Reward is the journey after all ,
    The meaning all along !


  • utkarshpandey 153w

    I believe ,
    When we love someone
    We lose some parts of our soul .
    Those parts are replaced by the parts of their soul with the love they have for us.

    And those parts stay with us no matter where they go.


  • utkarshpandey 159w


    Cloudless every day you fall upon my waking eyes
    Inviting and inciting me to rise
    And through the window in the wall
    Come streaming in on sunlight wings
    A million bright ambassadors of morning

    And no one sings me lullabies
    And no one makes me close my eyes
    So I throw the windows wide
    And call to you across the sky.

    - pink floyd

  • utkarshpandey 164w

    SandMan is coming

    sand man is coming ,
    sand man is sleek .
    sand man is out to find people ,
    sitting in downside creek .

    Grinning Screaming Drifting wafting ,
    groaning soaring fighting flaunting ,
    yet fading in the sand ,
    with the ashes they did wore .

    sand man is coming ,
    he quarter down a mile .
    chanting the hymns in the air
    howling a loud loud noise .

    down the stream here they sit ,
    confounded ashes to sand .
    yet fading in ember of those ,
    who waited for the sand man .

    like bliss off the clench.
    streams of the sand,
    have flourished the long sad creek.
    sand man has come to rescue for thou,
    faded in cold night sleep .

    with arms full of holy sand
    their happiness did thrive,
    inside there pale and weary skin ,
    the sand man has arrived.

    where art thou ,
    asked the holy men.
    thee can't touch nor see .
    we waited long to hath the sand,
    let us bow to you compeer.

    bow the earth to look your feet ,
    in stream of water and sand ,
    your reflection above your feet is me ,
    replied the old sand man !

    the sand man is me


  • utkarshpandey 166w

    As they say ,
    It doesn't matters how many times you have been knocked down .

    You lose when you refuse to standup !!