Down?.. Well i can bring ur beautiful smile back!�� Ig: pie._by.two

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  • utkarsh2203 2w

    Just when I thought everything is FINE..!
    Just when I thought you are MINE..!
    Everything went back, back into the dark!

  • utkarsh2203 2w

    Keyboard SMASH!

    I just can’t stop loving her why did the lord make me a man so In tune with her heart. I’m willing to chase the impossible to prove my love all the time, i know it might hurt in the end. I just can’t say no to the feeling, I’m truly a fool for love but all in all it’s been great memories. Im willing to take this pain now in order to know the true ignorant joy of young love it’s love in its purest form before becoming Conscience of the pain that comes with it is the hardest part. I wish happiness to all of us on this road we call love it can be a tough journey but the feeling you’ll have is worth the sadness just know it takes a strong soul to push through, be brave and also be willing to take a risk……… you only live once….f**k a drug try love bro

  • utkarsh2203 2w

    वो पूछते है मुझसे, आजकल लिखते क्यू नही हो?
    क्या तुम्हारी कलम टूट गई है?
    अब उन्हें कैसे बताएं,
    की इस बार हमारा दिल टूटा है ।

  • utkarsh2203 7w

    Darling, I have wrapped August
    In your memories and
    Put it aside carefully
    Now I am sewing September
    with the threads of hope
    to meet you but, not in my dreams!

    Awaiting you for ages,
    Your king!

  • utkarsh2203 58w


    दिल से पसन्द करता है ज़माना,
    मगर प्यार आज भी लोग चेहरे से करते है।

  • utkarsh2203 74w

    Hey LOSER!

    Kyunki asliyat yeh hai
    Koi bhi nahi chahata tumhara bhala ho jaye
    Kehne ko sab saath hai
    Par akele ladni hai meri bhai tere ko ladayi
    Par dekhna sab aa jayenge hissa maangne
    Jab fasal ki hogi katayi
    Yeh zaroori nahi kisi ki raye ban jaye ab teri sachayi..!!

  • utkarsh2203 84w

    Humne to bas ishq hai kiya!

    Me yaha din kaat raha tha uske intzar me,
    Aur vo milo dur bethe coffee pi rahi thi kisi aur ke sath!
    Uske aane ki baat se hi khil utha tha me,
    Aur vo ksi aur se dur hone se dukhi thi!
    Kehti thi vo pyar krti hai mujse,
    Lekin kabhi bhi mere good night ka jawab nahi deti thi!
    Kehti thi betaab hai milne ko mujhse,
    Lekin kabhi milne ki baat nahi karti thi! ✨

  • utkarsh2203 96w


    Ishq patang bazi ki vo patang hai Jiski dor tumhare hath me hai lekin pyar aur ehsas upar badlon me!
    Pyar us lekhak ke shabdo ki trha hai, jo
    Khubsurat hai magar uljhe hue bhi hai!
    Ishq uss manpasand gaane ki tarha hai, Jisse apnana bohot asaan hai lekin bhulana utna hi mushkil!

  • utkarsh2203 116w

    This isn't the reality!

    If they think they are the best, let'em think!
    If they think they don't need you, let them think!
    If they think they are the winners, let them think!
    And if they think you are the looser, let them think!
    Because thoughts and reality differs a lot & time tells what is correct !

  • utkarsh2203 132w

    My kind of love!

    Just give me her photo, I can narrate a book on it.
    Just give me her smile, I can write a poem on it.
    Just show me her eyes, I can sing them for hours.
    Just hear me her voice, I can draw a whole world of love by that.
    Whenever I close my eyes, i see those beautiful hairs,
    Black bouncy long and straight, and some times with curls making an Eight!
    My definition of love is she, My answer of happiness is she.
    Without a red rose she is mine, more precious than a glass of wine!