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  • ursumeet 176w

    #mirakee #hug #emotions @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod @readwriteunite @writers_paradise

    �� Mirror Alphoppbet Poetry
    [Mirror Alph(opposite)bet poetry]
    (Invented Poetry form)

    - Every line's 1st Word starts with the Alphabet chosen

    How to form the mirror alphoppbet poetry:-

    ��1. Title [ A - Z ] any one alphabet.
    ��2 - Line 1 ▪one word
    ��3 - Line 2 ▪ two words
    ��4 - Line 3 ▪ three words
    ��5 - Line 4 ▪ four words
    ��6 - Line 5 ▪five words Mirror effect of the first line i.e opposite from the subject.

    ⚠Note- First Word of each line will start from the alphabet you have chosen.

    �� No restrictions just go Creative.
    �� Rhyming or non- Rhyming.
    �� Humour/Sombre

    ◾Invented by Laughing Soul and Mrunaal Gawhande
    ▪All rights reserved.

    ◼ Use the hashtag #alphopp
    To let others discover you.
    ▪ Tag @mrunaalgawhande and @laughing_soul

    ◼Example of the poetry form is given in the post
    ▪Please copy caption so that Other can learn it from you.

    ⚫What are you waiting for?
    Lets get creative :)

    My Small take on this adorable challenge by @laughing_soul and @mirakee on #hug & #emotions. Duo combined ����
    Hope you all like it.
    Picture credits: miss_freckles_photography (ig)
    Comments, suggestions are always welcomed.
    Happy Hug Day�� Love y'all��
    Thank you so much for everything fam!❤️��✨

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    Heart's console
    Heal's vehement soul
    Hiding emotions with care
    Haven't been recognised as love

  • ursumeet 177w

    Guess goon gifting
    Game gone goofier.

  • ursumeet 177w

    She’s beautiful
    She’s brave
    She’s bombshell
    She’s backbone
    Don’t underestimate her, after all she can be your mother, sister, daughter, bestie or sweetheart!
    Don’t forget she’s goddess, she’s the energy source & she’s the one you are looking for!
    May she win upon evil like always.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite
    Artwork: shaza.wajjokh
    Picture credits goes to her. (She's best and beautiful soul just like you mirakeenas. You can found this artwork and others at her ig handle with the same name mentioned above.)
    Thank you so much all
    Love y’all
    Keep smiling and be blessed.
    Prayers, love, care and joy for you!����❤️������✨

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    She was shattered, depressed poetry
    Lost in abandoned, versed geometry.’

  • ursumeet 177w

    Void Heart,
    Stressed Mind:
    Depressed Soul!

  • ursumeet 178w

    Here's my 2nd take on February A Love Month write-up challenge given by the beautiful soul @laughing_soul
    You can also take part and write few lines of your own in Hindi/English. Just don't forget to put the #coup_feb_love in the caption.
    Much love, prayers, care and blessings for you all.
    Thank you so so much.
    Love'ya all. ❤️������✨
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite
    #hindiwriters #hks

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    फरवरी के ख़्वाब बना रहे हैं आप के लियें प्यार का नजराना
    ताकि आप महसूस कर सको ये प्यार का मौसम सुहाना।

  • ursumeet 178w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite
    Here's my take on a beautiful challenge given by the beautiful soul @laughing_soul in Hindi on a February- A love month?
    Hope you all like it.
    #hks #hindiwrites #hindiwriters
    Thank you so much a zillion times to all.

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    फरवरी के ख़्वाब बना रहे हैं,
    आप के लियें प्यार का नज़ारा,
    ताकि आप महसूस कर सको,
    अपने दिल का इशारा।

  • ursumeet 178w

    चाहे हिन्दू हो या मुसलमान
    तैनात हैं सीमा पर हमारे जवान
    बचाने अपने देश का मान
    ये देते हैं अपनी जान
    आओ करें इनके बलिदान को प्रणाम
    और मिलकर बोले "जय जवान, जय किसान"

  • ursumeet 179w

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork
    This was really very unexpected collaboration with her @wandererliferants
    I told her my words and she added a beautiful meaning to it by adding her glorious words!
    And she gave me this wonderful opportunity to collaborate with her & get featured by her! She’s just slaying every write perfectly with her kindness and beauty of her soul!
    So I’’m much thankful to her for allowing me to do this wonderful and heart-warming collab❤ which really made my thoughts appear so clearly and uniquely! ?
    And like always I’m much thankful to #mirakee and @lovenotes_from_carolyn our Angel for having so much faith in me and always appreciating and motivating me and others too! And lastly but not least to all the members of our Mirakee family who supports all without any greed or motive! Your wonderful support is always appreciated! ♥️
    #love #care #share #joy
    Caption (my random thoughts):

    Isn’t it about all that we have faced in our regular time intervals of life! Little lower or little higher tides made us suffer and then we swim through it just like we are made for it! Even after running short of times we think about future goals and get plans to do it, without any chance of knowing that we are living the very next moment or not! That’s what we humans are all about! We added beauty to life by adding a meaningful time to it! Every duty, every work needs to be done under some circumstances and situations with every possibility of finishing it as early as possible! And I know you can do it like you have came doing it so far by now! Never loose hope! Bring the best of your beast up! Remember failure teaches you a lesson, while success appreciates it! And so I hope that May uh never run short of time and keep working like a warrior like you are! And May you add more beauty to your life and fight like a pro! God bless you all! Prayers, love, care and joy for you all!Shine bright like a Diamond!
    Keep hustling,
    Keep slaying,
    Keep praying,
    Stay Blessed!
    #motivationalways #ceeslovenotes

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    Working on time,
    Still running late!

    Is it not what life all about:

    Chasing your dreams wholeheartedly
    yet coming short at times!



  • ursumeet 197w

    #wordprompt #fickle
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakee

    Will reply to your tags & comment's soon.
    Sorry and tysm.
    Comment's, tags, suggestions all are welcome from heart. Thank you so much in advance for uhr valuable likes, repost and everything. Means world to me.

    Image credits to the rightful owner.
    Advanced Thank you and gratitude for all.
    Happy writing y'all!
    Love, care, blessings, wishes and prayer's for y'all!

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    His smile always fickle her down the nervine.

  • ursumeet 198w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite
    Today's take on the challenge given by the #mirakee on the word #sunbeams on account of the Roald Dahl Day.
    #word #challenge #completed 1-2-3-2-1
    Thank you so much to y'all in advance for everything. You all means much to me. Honoured, blessed and grateful for everything.
    Tags, comment's, suggestions always welcome with a big heart.
    Much love, care, blessings and Prayer's for y'all!

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    Bright Smile
    Always Cozened Him
    Like The