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  • ursumeet 10w

    #remember #wod #pod #writersnetwork
    Grandparents are love don't you think..!
    Mine Grandma was love and will be always..!
    Miss you the most..!
    One month you are gone and still can't figure out how to cope up... Still think that you will come back.. Still thinking why God take you away! Why!
    P.S. This post is dedicated to you... I will remember you by Heart Always in all my Good or bad days!

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    Last word's

    Remember me when you look upto the Moon
    I'll be there looking at you smiling and cherishing all our good memories
    Remember me when you look upto the Stars
    I'll be there looking at you shining bright like a diamond in the eyes of you
    Remember me when you go out in the Nature
    I'll be there embracing you while being in the breeze
    Remember me when you watch out for the Sun
    I'll be there glancing and soaking you high with energy
    Remember that don't ever cry missing me Remember the good times we have spent Remember me whenever you miss me
    I'll be with you, inside you and there with you always.

  • ursumeet 10w


    Love is not an emotion you scenicly potray through your words.
    Love is a vow of actions and reactions.
    Love is a vow of fondness and tenderness
    Love is a vow of care and share.
    Love is a vow of joy and tears.
    Love is a vow of silence and noise.
    Love is a vow of trust and honour.
    Love is a vow of not expecting all of the above but giving all in abundance.
    To love is to be kind and loyal in every phase of life which will be up and down but being consoling and cheering will be reliable most!

  • ursumeet 14w

    Kitna kuch kehna adhura reh gya
    Kitna kuch sunna adhura reh gya
    Apke sath bitana woh lamha reh gya
    Apke yaad mein mai tanha reh gya

  • ursumeet 27w

    Tera Sath

    Tu dur ho k bhi mere bahut pass aayi hai...
    Tere sath hone ka ek haseen ehsaas laayi hai
    Tu qareeb na sahi fir bhi mujh mein meri rooh si samayi hai
    Yeh hawa tere sath hone ka ek paigam jo layi hai
    Tu chanda ki roshni si pak hai aur mere dil ki bahut khas hai
    isiliye teri khushboo ne humesha meri sansoon mein mehak laayi hai
    Tu dur ho k bhi mere bahut pass aayi hai!

  • ursumeet 158w

    Translation :
    It's me who is smiling
    If you would be here
    I swear
    You would have cried. © ursumeet
    #hindiwrites #hks @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork
    Sorry to disappoint y'all.
    Thank you so much for everything.

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    ये तो हम है जो मुस्कुरा रहे हैं,
    आप होते तो
    कसम से रो हि दिये होते।

  • ursumeet 170w

    Inkling insights cozened her
    Sending chills down the nervine.

  • ursumeet 170w

    Her wilderness
    Resides in
    Evil acts of society.

  • ursumeet 170w

    #valentine @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #pod
    Just a random thought.

    I need you,
    You need me,
    Come.. let's meet in somewhere between
    And complete our Valentine.

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    Like ink fall for art
    I fell for you
    Like words fall for poetry
    I fell for you
    I wish I had you as my Valentine!

  • ursumeet 170w

    The moon has arrived with a pleasant smile,
    Let your heart flutter with love,
    Let your eyes recognize it's glitter,
    And get vanished into the dreams of valentine.
    Good Night and sleep tight.

    #recognize #kiss_feb_love #pod

    @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork

    Hope you all like it.
    Thank you so much all.
    Happy Valentine's Day and Kiss Day.
    May your life be fulfilled with love and smiles.
    Love y'all������������✨
    Prayers, blessings, love & care for you all fam!
    I'm sorry I'm not able to reply uh all will be replying uh soon. Tc! God bless you.

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    "Dear Love,
    I made a wish
    For you & me to flourish
    Our love with a bliss
    And I seal it with a kiss."

  • ursumeet 170w

    Recognize your worth
    Face your fear
    Revitalize your spirit
    And you will nurture like a free bird.