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  • ursanonymous_ 18w

    @writersnetwork #not alone ����

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    Why don't people remember they can be alone ,
    But yes lonliness is what ,which from our mind can't be thrown.

    Make sure if you are alone or embraced by lonesomeness,
    If it destroys you , then it was your carelessness.

    Don't try to conceal your loneliness with all those fake smiles,
    At the end you will know it was all futile .

    Let yourself get all the happiness of the whole world ,
    You surely do deserve it , specially when you whirled .

    Don't worry about them who never felt your absence,
    It also proofs that they felt the same for your presence.

    You are alone! Scared ?
    You just have to love yourself and that's declared.

    Do you remember when this sadness was new,
    And the only one who made you laugh,was you.

    Just let this whole thing go to hell,
    Dear look at the world there are so many things to nail!

    There can be no person who can make you fell terrible,
    You swore , it had to be only you , to make you feel horrible .

    After these years one day you will realise,
    Somebody fell for you madly without any bias.

    And then you will be nostalgic ,
    Telling good bye to being alone like a magic!!!!

  • ursanonymous_ 18w


    Among all the four friends she is the best,
    For vibrant birds it's perfect for building their nest.

    Her arrival can be seen from April,
    And her presence is fresh and full of will.

    She never forgets to bring the melodious sound track,
    The soothing sound ensures an effect on cardiac.

    She is the reason of the blooming hyacinth,
    Which symbolises peace and is the happiness synth.

    No doubt she is amiable, as she never comes alone,
    Different colors of flowers are her friends, like her clone.

    She invites her brother the gentle cold breeze,
    The fragrance it spreads can keep our mind at ease.

    She cares about us and want us to remain awesome,
    She is the secret why there's cherry blossom.

    But unfortunately she has to leave us as her vacation ends,
    But she ensures her loyalty by returning as the winter ends.

  • ursanonymous_ 18w

    # languages are always an art

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    It's always no less than a magnificent art ,
    Knowing the right language is like the perfect aim of a dart.

    It can be any one of all the languages,
    But it helps you to divide your life in phases.

    French,German,hindi , English or odia,
    Can help you to reach Cambodia from India.

    It can be native or a persued interest,
    As far as you are learning , it will remain the best .

    Some learn it to contemplate themselves,
    Huh!!! You all learn to flatter yourselves .

    Being linguistic is not an easy game,
    But being one of them gives you an enormous fame.

    It has no limit to be learned,
    Cause there's no place where knowledge can't be earned.

    No wonder it helps you to face the challenges,
    And yes ! You surely have to believe in the power of languages .

  • ursanonymous_ 27w

    #love yourself

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    LET IT GO.

    Stop dear !! look carefully out there,
    Whom you want is only not fair.

    Don't try too hard on getting other,
    Just accept it, life still gives you a chance another.

    You have to resist from being that interruption,
    For yourself,only you have the best assumption.

    Yes! it's true you lost your time,
    But remember the mistakes are healed by time.

    Walk cautiously in the world of chaos,
    You are surrounded by demons who think they are the boss.

    It's not your fault you just tried a lot,
    Trust me! next time ignoring it will help you a lot.

    Take some time to embrace yourself with all the love,
    You deserve better than what you wanted to love.

    And a reminder about the goals you missed!!
    Run!! Your journey is still waiting and success to get kissed.

    Past can't control the present or future,
    It's only you whose hard work can nurture.

    You are strong,pretty,exquisite and many more,
    Don't just be the material which is always tore.

    Sometimes people who make you feel low,
    Are meant to make you say," let it go."

  • ursanonymous_ 29w

    #lets serve for humanity

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    I wonder in complete suspension,
    If I die tomorrow, will any body be in tension?

    I doubt if I have made memories or not,
    But you all made me happy ,so thanks a lot.

    Some people might hate it or some might love it,
    It's doesn't matter much, for the loved ones will curse it.

    I regret if I have ever hurt you,
    Please, it's a sorry from me and I really respect you.

    My intentions weren't bad , just actions were cruel,
    I wish you accept the apology before my body finish it's fuel.

    I was really not angry just a little mad,
    To tolerate it thanks mom and dad.

    And yes, I have friends who are rare,
    I trusted them and with me they all were fair.

    I am thankful to god to let me see today's sunrise,
    Yahh! I am not afraid to accept, if tomorrow my soul dies.

    I am proud that I did all my karmas,
    Proud to be the one who followed all the dharmas.

    Hoping all to accept if it's reality, but don't spread the sorrow,
    Cause it's just a mystery , what if I die tomorrow?

  • ursanonymous_ 29w

    #miss you sir��

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    From crests and troughs he was with us,
    To our astonishment it's so early that he left us.

    Being traumatised I am unable to think,
    What about the moments that passed in a blink.

    We will miss him in our life forever,
    He was a person with no attitude and a great temper.

    With all the students he made this unforgettable link,
    For his students he was no less than a frink.

    Now we find ourselves quarrelling with god,
    To give him back is what we want now, my lord!!

    It's not only his teaching skills,
    But everybody's heart that his love fills.

    Just as a companion and a partner,
    He taught us difficulties are there to conquer.

    I regret what I told few days ago,
    If the punishment is hell , am ready to go.

    We know he is with us, just not between us,
    One day we will meet him and it will be marvelous.

    To see his students shine was his only dream,
    Yes, we all are broken as we lost him.

  • ursanonymous_ 29w

    #lets be brave .

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    I am not fine..

    Hey there, ever felt like screaming loud in the air?
    You must have wished it but there's no one who care.

    You must have felt that you are sad,
    But expecting someone to make you happy is like being a mad.

    Ever felt the essence of your own peace?
    Then forget this world who enjoys you as a broken piece.

    You must have desired to have wings after being pissed,
    Getting lost in the skies is always you wished.

    One day you will sense your loneliness,
    But enjoy it cause there's no body to harm your selflessness.

    Feeling defeated for ever is normal today,
    But one day you will tell, "what a joke it was yesterday!!"

    Ever thought of running to a far of land?
    Then remember in this fight you are alone who stand.

    Reminded yourself of breaking this filthy fence?
    Then you must be ready for your own defence.

    Ever asked god to take you in divine?
    Tell him that people hurt and you are not fine...

  • ursanonymous_ 30w

    #we need freedom

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    Yes, I need my own freedom ,
    So that I can be the queen of my kingdom.

    You influence my goal and cut my feather,
    You know I am strong just like a heather.

    You speak stupid and tell it's a belief,
    You should know , for devils I am always a mischief.

    Let me make it clear I am stubborn,
    Don't try to suppress my thoughts, or else I will be a thorn .

    If I grow rebellious , strong and passionate,
    Don't blame me ,cause you changed the version of compassionate.

    You tell you do it all for my benefit,
    Stop it I don't need this pity like am a doll to fit.

    Whatever I do you give it the worse rejection,
    But you know what I never asked for any suggestion.

    It's good you are worrying about me,
    While it drives me crazy as you always stop me.

    By your nasty guidance you just make me broken,
    There are thousands of words that remain unspoken.

    You drive away everybody and make me alone,
    Do you know , to solve my problems I only have that friendly zone.

    Atlast , I warn you for your filthy attention,
    Or else I will be the poem with no caption.

  • ursanonymous_ 30w

    #forever_ friendship...

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    Even though you have thousands of friends,
    The one who makes you happy is that friend.

    They might tease you telling you a fatty fat,
    But they love you from the depth of their heart.

    They can be mean but, it won't affect you,
    Cause they have some provisions only for you.

    Be relaxed to think they are trust worthy,
    Rest of the world is always filthy.

    They can be mad at you sometime,
    But they forget it all the time.

    Conversations are a part of your daily routine,
    Cause with you they are the one who suit in.

    They are the one who argue like hell,
    But the only one to know the secrets you tell.

    Likes and dislikes does not matter a lot,
    For them you mean a lot.

    They will stay with you from stating to end,
    And you gradually believe it is that friend...

  • ursanonymous_ 30w

    #salute to the doctors

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    Just when I saw the world in trouble ,
    I asked god if anybody's there to tackle.

    I heard him telling it's the people in whites,
    To save the world they are the one who fights.

    It's strange the way they don't carry any ammunition,
    But they save us in the ways out of our imagination.

    They leave their desires,happiness and even their family,
    So that the whole world can live peacefully .

    They sacrifice their lives to cure us,
    How can somebody be so pure? To know that I am curious .

    Criticising people is not in their principles,
    They just give all their efforts to bring heaven for individuals.

    In the mind of sufferers they try to shutdown the fear ,
    Seeing the deaths make them drop shades of tears.

    We can see the whole world fighting for property ,
    But still can't know the essence of their struggle to bring world's prosperity.

    Yes, they are the country's front line workers,
    To my concern let's be their supporters.

    In situations of horror , they are the world's partners,
    No doubt they are the real warriors ,
    "THE DOCTORS !!!"