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  • ursanonymous_ 17h

    #be brave !!!

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    I met her .

    I woke up in complete confusion,
    Wondering about all those explosions.

    I was scared and afraid of the beasts,
    Not knowing what were the reasons or the zests.

    I screamed,ran to find a home ,
    But I could do nothing but only roam.

    I closed my eyes ,prayed for that one soul,
    There was she, a glamour in her strengths,
    And something irresistible in her foul.

    But astonishingly she looked like a replica of mine,
    But something was incurable in her :-her shine .

    She impressed the fact, she was a warrior from the future,
    She giggled and stated:- I was in the journey to nurture .

    She held my hands,and asked me to feel ,
    I felt brave , a spurt courage grew in me ,
    And then every fear was easier to kill.

    She hugged me tight, it was really warm,
    I was in tears , banishing the wounds from the harm.

    Her words healed the sorrow,
    And she told me it was not me but the world which is narrow,

    I felt like being lke her, the only one,
    Those glazing eyes told she already won .

    But then darkness tried to revisit my world ,
    She couldn't stay , she had to help people who were whirled.

    Before she vanished , she mentioned I was from the few,
    And finally that gaily smile of her really made me new .

  • ursanonymous_ 2d

    #loved it while writing ...����

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    Finally letting someone go..

    Yeah, everything was really well,
    But this time, you knew you were the only one who fell.

    You realised it was hard to control,
    But you did , and this time you succeeded to scroll

    You scrolled the other options ,
    Knowing you could get some better tensions.

    But deep down you knew,
    Moving on wasn't possible for that few.

    You are broken,hurt but happy at the same time ,
    And now you don't expect anyone to be your rhyme .

    It's true you have your own wishes to fulfill ,
    But your feelings were always made to kill.

    You promise not to disturb them from now,
    Cause you don't know what's going on and how .

    And you finally realise ,you were never loved so deep ,
    They were just hallucinations that were meant to leap .

    You tell yourself you will overcome and be fine,
    But now you only wish for a sip of wine.

    That's hilarious and also too scary,
    But everything seems like a tale of a fairy .

    You know that you are hella confused,
    But to get anybody's help, you refuse.

    Stop being stubborn ,just focus on you ,
    That's what you always said and that's not new.

    You care about the one you should never ,
    Just remember you are the one who is pure , forever and ever .

    Don't forget to wear that smile ,
    Yah sometimes it's futile but it's always worthwhile.

  • ursanonymous_ 1w

    #for otaku lovers

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    Whenever I find my mind whirled,
    I think of vanishing into the fantasy world .

    There I see all the fictional characters together,
    Then realising these are the imaginations I had to gather.

    More than people they connect with us ,
    More closer to our heart and feelings ,
    They distract us from all the filthy fuss.

    Sometimes they teach us more ,
    And make it clear that life's hard and sore.

    And their absence is unbearable now,
    For they teach us when and what actions to take and how.

    Their presence in real is just like a dream ,
    But the thought of them being in reality is itself as sweet as some cream .

    And finally they are like some guardian,
    They help me become a survival and a champion.

    :~) The shape of voice ✨

  • ursanonymous_ 2w

    #exchanging wishes with someone .��

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    Wishes! Can be true or untrue,
    But they are the dreams deep in you .

    It's not childish to have wishes ,
    We just need someone to know them like you pet fishes .

    From visiting Niagara falls with the beloved one ,
    To living in a tree house for peace and fun .

    Just imagine having someone to accompany
    To places like anime world and Japan and many .

    And wouldn't it be great to stay the same ,
    And having your buddies till the end of your game .

    Can't wait to be with the people we lost ,
    And then being loved by someone we love the most .

    Ofc. You can't resist from imagining you ,
    Having a drink with your best friends in crew.

    Then Slanging the whole world in bundles ,
    With breaking the bottles in huddles .

    And the best , having your soulmates to travel the whole world ,
    And the blessing of making everyone immortal by lord .

    To live like a genius isn't a bad choice ,
    But it's a fantasy until u give smiles to the lovely girls and boys .

    It's hilarious ! The craze of being cheered up as the god as loud,
    And then trying to help the desperate crowd .☺️

    A promised wish to return to a soulmate,
    Ur solemn words proving there's a rabbit u need to get .

    Having the power to be invisible could be amazing ,
    And being someone's only priority is always dazzling ❣️

    Finally to stay like a family with all the assholes daily ,
    U know With them everything appears 100 % sure and gaily .

    ~The shape of voice ✨

  • ursanonymous_ 2w


    So, isn't it strange we meet strangers
    We talk , laugh , cry and become partners .

    We don't need to thank each other ,
    Cause with you worries are as light as feather.

    It's just a boring journey we know ,
    But with those precious gems like you,
    Life is always ready to glow .

    Sometimes life's too cruel to be biased,
    But it's not aware of the people who are flyest .

    When others broke us , we healed ,
    We are like pain killers or shields.

    Though life's not completely wrong ,
    But we know we both are strong .❣️

    I wish we could have met earlier ,
    For you are the epitome of hope for when I am despair .

    But with the glorious passing time,
    We became each other rhymes .☺️

    We face the complexity togther ,
    And even knock down the morons who dare to bother.

    You remember the white lies I told you ?
    And the intention was just to protect you .

    Feeling lucky to have you ,
    Cause friends are many but soul mates are few !

    We just love the way we are ,
    And we promise to keep this bond in near or far !

    (And yes we will be there for each other till the end of the journey being the same u and me )

    :-The shape of the voice ✨

  • ursanonymous_ 9w

    #be imperfect

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    They say she wasn't doing well,
    But never heard the reasons she wanted to yell.

    They did point out her regress,
    Just usually neglecting her progress.

    She tried to make herself stay away,
    But they made her work on the worst day.

    She knew perfectionists were everywhere,
    But ready to carry her imperfections here and there .

    She felt no one was trust worthy,
    But never hesitated to trust thee.

    She was meant to be happy in the shade,
    But you all just look as she fade.

    She still admires people,
    People with imperfections to stipple .

    Just for the externel , she vowed to change to perfect,
    Alas! She realised imperfect is the real perfect !

  • ursanonymous_ 13w

    @writersnetwork #not alone ����

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    Why don't people remember they can be alone ,
    But yes lonliness is what ,which from our mind can't be thrown.

    Make sure if you are alone or embraced by lonesomeness,
    If it destroys you , then it was your carelessness.

    Don't try to conceal your loneliness with all those fake smiles,
    At the end you will know it was all futile .

    Let yourself get all the happiness of the whole world ,
    You surely do deserve it , specially when you whirled .

    Don't worry about them who never felt your absence,
    It also proofs that they felt the same for your presence.

    You are alone! Scared ?
    You just have to love yourself and that's declared.

    Do you remember when this sadness was new,
    And the only one who made you laugh,was you.

    Just let this whole thing go to hell,
    Dear look at the world there are so many things to nail!

    There can be no person who can make you fell terrible,
    You swore , it had to be only you , to make you feel horrible .

    After these years one day you will realise,
    Somebody fell for you madly without any bias.

    And then you will be nostalgic ,
    Telling good bye to being alone like a magic!!!!

  • ursanonymous_ 13w


    Among all the four friends she is the best,
    For vibrant birds it's perfect for building their nest.

    Her arrival can be seen from April,
    And her presence is fresh and full of will.

    She never forgets to bring the melodious sound track,
    The soothing sound ensures an effect on cardiac.

    She is the reason of the blooming hyacinth,
    Which symbolises peace and is the happiness synth.

    No doubt she is amiable, as she never comes alone,
    Different colors of flowers are her friends, like her clone.

    She invites her brother the gentle cold breeze,
    The fragrance it spreads can keep our mind at ease.

    She cares about us and want us to remain awesome,
    She is the secret why there's cherry blossom.

    But unfortunately she has to leave us as her vacation ends,
    But she ensures her loyalty by returning as the winter ends.

  • ursanonymous_ 13w

    # languages are always an art

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    It's always no less than a magnificent art ,
    Knowing the right language is like the perfect aim of a dart.

    It can be any one of all the languages,
    But it helps you to divide your life in phases.

    French,German,hindi , English or odia,
    Can help you to reach Cambodia from India.

    It can be native or a persued interest,
    As far as you are learning , it will remain the best .

    Some learn it to contemplate themselves,
    Huh!!! You all learn to flatter yourselves .

    Being linguistic is not an easy game,
    But being one of them gives you an enormous fame.

    It has no limit to be learned,
    Cause there's no place where knowledge can't be earned.

    No wonder it helps you to face the challenges,
    And yes ! You surely have to believe in the power of languages .

  • ursanonymous_ 23w

    #love yourself

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    LET IT GO.

    Stop dear !! look carefully out there,
    Whom you want is only not fair.

    Don't try too hard on getting other,
    Just accept it, life still gives you a chance another.

    You have to resist from being that interruption,
    For yourself,only you have the best assumption.

    Yes! it's true you lost your time,
    But remember the mistakes are healed by time.

    Walk cautiously in the world of chaos,
    You are surrounded by demons who think they are the boss.

    It's not your fault you just tried a lot,
    Trust me! next time ignoring it will help you a lot.

    Take some time to embrace yourself with all the love,
    You deserve better than what you wanted to love.

    And a reminder about the goals you missed!!
    Run!! Your journey is still waiting and success to get kissed.

    Past can't control the present or future,
    It's only you whose hard work can nurture.

    You are strong,pretty,exquisite and many more,
    Don't just be the material which is always tore.

    Sometimes people who make you feel low,
    Are meant to make you say," let it go."