I can metaphorically amaze you !

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  • upasana_07 70w

    You to us

    You said This gift will remind me of our long distance relationship .
    How ? A 3 minute separation which sacks partially shread my story ?
    Well it's sureal how the journey of each sand has its own charm ,own journey and own essence like our meet .
    How sometimes 3 minute seems a hell lot of time to spare when we watch closely while just a span of seconds when not paid attention . Just like our meets up where the days just pass up . 3 days seems 3 minutes with atleast 3 months of excitement and holding .

  • upasana_07 74w


    He left her tempted to some absurd promise,
    Though She built the empire being wise
    She lost the battle of love and trust
    She was only the night love full of lust .

    He charmed her with sugarquote words
    She got wooed to a man in a herd of lads ,
    The man snatched her innocence
    The beautiful girl is now a woman of essence .

  • upasana_07 79w


    The blessed body had a crispy smile . She just sometimes forgot to put on that . Looking at the watch ,raising an eyebrow she yelled
    " shit ,I am late again to my own party " she reached and took the corner seat and mummured "please keep it low-key" . Her extra relatives took over the stage with a big list . She was addressed as a good soul that just knew how to fight .she heard people wanted her to hug ,share her sorrows , talk to her , be with her. All the nicest adjectives were pre positioned to her name . She could not distinguish these actors then to these actors with a soul attached to a body now .

  • upasana_07 82w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Struggle

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    Everyone has their own struggle story

  • upasana_07 82w

    Just winter

    "Why does everything has to be perfect ?" She asked . The freind in her wanted him to share every loops and cover every corners . He looked at her with a shy puppy face and yelled " Why do you care " . The answer was I always have cared , I deserve to care , you desire to be cared ... She nodded her head gently with sad winter eyes full of dew . Acha ! Okay take care is all she could say and left .
    The winter just hit her with an iceberg whose tip was love and base was freindship . She chose the thrills and chills .

  • upasana_07 84w

    Cold cafe

    "Let's hold on this time " with a harsh yet sad voice the phone was dashed on the cafe table . Sweta took the scruntie from left hand and tied her hair looking for the waiter . "Mam , black coffee ? " Was asked as if she was a regular cheeck here . Sweta kept quite for a two seconds as if it was a hard question to crack . "Bring me a hot chocolate , pizza with extra cheese and wait Lemme check the menu " she replied with a smirk .
    She scrolled her insta feed , checked her emails and then took a selfie with all the junks with a caption self love ! After taking a bite or two she started feeling bit low , cold and uncomfortable . The hot chocolate was sipped with a cold heart . The food was chugged in next few minutes . She sat there analysing her work life to her worth .
    The waiter asked "mam ,how is your hot food " .she replied ,it's a cold cafe .

  • upasana_07 84w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Explore

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    In picnic He enjoyed nature ,I explored us .

  • upasana_07 84w

    In the debate of being a man ,being a woman let's not forget to be a HUMAN .These lines below noted has also become a harsh truth of our society !! Happy men's day

    When she sat there numb ,
    her lips decoded her silence
    Fake smile passed and tears were shredded some
    Had she ever practiced violence ? .....

    Her truth was all lie ,
    She would scream to prove it a big deal ,
    She began with " that night he was high ..."
    With heavy voice and a dark heart she asked " how will I ever heal "? ....

    The chargesheet detailed her Ex as a psycho ,
    His parents were given moral lectures ,
    Samples were collected from head to toe,
    She was the green ,he was the chequer ....

    Pretty face valued a pretty amount ,
    The justice moulded after five suffering years
    The rough patches for his family was the discount ,
    " Is this what a man coz of the "stain" has to bear" ????

  • upasana_07 86w

    People who has incomplete story to tell are one of my favourites

  • upasana_07 90w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word one-liner on Oasis

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    Be an oasis in someone's cursed life !