I can metaphorically amaze you !

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  • upasana_07 1w


    She was special . The body ,the mind ,the personality , everything about her screamed special . She was surrounded with sound minds . She knew her worth , was a voice for others , a pride feminist but did she feel it for herself ?
    She is in an egg where the yolk is the people she love . She want to get up , work for hours ,rest ,enjoy a weekend but now it's too much to ask . Shhh !!!
    Last night she just had a breakdown . No one is comfortable enough to be comforting . She deserves more .

  • upasana_07 7w

    In the glimpse of my eye , the world seem to be ovulating . It desires the aggressive conducts , the harms , the panic the man kind is causing . The bridge of sarrow to the insecurity patches there is sadness . People killing each other with not so guilty but at what cost ? Seeing them smile with just a roof above their head makes my heart cry but should I hate the Rich's ?
    The blame game is strong here but no one's taking the responsibility . The audacity to think you are right and the others are wrong !

  • upasana_07 9w

    It's different

    Is it healthy ? The search for validation from your loved one , it's scary how the world you are creating around you can make give you pain . You have no choice now as this was your choice . It's different ,scary , surprising yet it have you in it . you haven't asked for anything beyond care and love . No surprises is not making your life better . You bury yourself in your dream land . It's dark ,scary ,surprising yet hopefully different

  • upasana_07 20w

    My comfy look

    Does the weird oak greyed bed where you fold your legs and see the world ,judge the world and think the world is just more than cool scare you ? Sometimes just make your fists tights and cannot recall the exact moment where you felt this alive . You are a sublime to this nasty world who can hold the head right above that body .
    You cannot think about the detailed flow of your periodic life where it sometimes feels like a stage and you being the best performer just gets awarded for the infamous debutante . There are voices to this soul , beats to this heart and most important an eye to a part of life which has been tagged with the wrong user name . You seek validation but do not know how to respond to that ,you want your pride to shine for you but do not know how you can loose people just with a snap , you just want your comfy look to reflect you ;you want to know "You "

  • upasana_07 26w

    Summer Love

    Suddenly it resembled the fragrance of a summer evening . The mango leaves , just the mild wind after the humid shred .The happy kites and that rigid un tuned guitar play around . Both again decided to wash feet on that river bed . Does he really like that muddy water ? Or is it just her hands and giggles around ! She just wore that white dress with red roses flaunting on that cotton . He touched a rose ,felt that spark again ,trembled a bit . He leaned a bit more towards her autumn lips ,their eyes shined more with the dissolving sun . Their lips met ,souled hug and you could say they had a perfect summer evening fling for a life and beyond .

  • upasana_07 29w

    Little pieces

    The mystery in not knowing you , how raw you sometimes are but act matured . How dark it's out their ,but you have been shining like a star . You are not this brave common .. you want to cuddle ,cry out , sleep like a baby , be vulnerable . Deep down you know you hold a pride . It's like your soul is speaking metaphor . Are you worth it ? Is it really worth it ?
    Excuse me ! Should you be asking these questions ? Worth " is such a shawallo voice of your existence . You exist , you will be loved , you will be heartbroken , you will be taken care .Now just take care !
    You dream of holding it together but the plan is tomake it stay scattered . To show you your all the versions out there .
    Just stick on to the bed ,have a sleep and feel the bounce of love ❤️

  • upasana_07 30w

    You alive ?

    It would have been that day of life ! under the sky, no thoughts good or so . Your back was free of the baggage you held , hands ready to paint on the air ,your smile .. umm contagious smile held no boundaries , just lying in peace . You are in content with yourself . Your soul has finally synced with your heart beat . You do not know how to react as if you are blank on a good note . You can't think of the song that will tune to this time . You would dodge a bullet for this feel . You are living ;not so alive

  • upasana_07 31w

    She was in pain yet smiling . Smiling in pain make you stronger they said .
    Then there was pain and there was a smile .

  • upasana_07 38w


    Sometimes I like the smell of old rusted racks with books , a bit messy over sized sack of my old stuffs which I just share a glance and a flash of memories . Getting that old unit test note books which I just open to feel dumb or the 6th class essay where I wanted to become Astronout and PT Usha at the same time . Just that rusted Natraj compass box which is still unused as I forget them to carry . The graph copies which are left unattended . I just open them and pack them back . It's my asset . I am sure yours too !

  • upasana_07 54w

    It's raining again ..

    The umbrella was left at home unitentionally . She stood at the bus stop waiting for rickshaw with one hand drenched she adjusted her hair . A rickshaw just stopped passing the stop by inches. She put her bag over her head and ran to sit . She was pulling the shield down when she felt a tap on the shoulder . She turned back and saw a smiling face ,quite known .
    Mohit ? Her eyes were shining again ,tone was bit moist as her eyes .
    " Yes madam ,what a surprise " ... She went blank after hearing madam .it's been days no one addressed her this. Memories were slipping in as the water droplets of the rain . How's everything mohit asked formally , with a deep voice . She looked into his eyes and replied " it's raining again " ..