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  • untold_feelings119 13w

    At the starting of week....Every monday we used to meet at the bridge....Not any famous bridges that is told in fairy tales or stories..just a normal "bridge" that connected the two corners of the city.....The corners were I used to live and she lives....A bridge of mere 100 metres long....But that 100 metres was all I had with her in my memories....That 100 metres where we used to forget the world and used to be just us

    I always use to bring chocolates....No matter how many chocolates were there in my pockets...I always used to pretend that I had only one

    She used to took that take half bite and the other half was mine....At that moment that half was like a piece of heaven for me....I would have fought a war for just that half bite of chocolate

    I really want to go back in time to the same bridge, the same walk And

    "The chocolate"

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    The chocolate


  • untold_feelings119 17w

    It's not how much days you lived

    It's how much you lived in those days


  • untold_feelings119 18w

    Wounds that can't be seen

    Gives the worst pain in life

  • untold_feelings119 21w

    Wo shaks mujhe abhi yaad kare na kare

    Wo shaks mujhe yaad jarur karega


  • untold_feelings119 22w

    Don't judge your relationship by the number of good days you were together

    Judge it by the number of bad days you passed on together


  • untold_feelings119 23w

    If you have a dream protect for it

    Dreams are those that don't let you sleep....that whenever you are about to give up something within you screams to hold up yourself and push harder

    If you fail many a times in some field thats just because you haven't made a decision....A decision that you won't hold back when life pushes you down

    If suicide was the last resort everytime the life goes harsh on me....I would have died 100 times

    Nobody ask in the end how much days or years you spent chasing your dreams....the last and the only thing that matters is you reached did it what others couldn't....what seemed to be impossible for others has been conquered by you

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    They don't come with a expiry date but they definitely come with a sacrifice tag


  • untold_feelings119 25w

    When to know that you don't love yourself enough

    When all your happiness lies just because of some people's in your life

    Which are never going to be forever there


  • untold_feelings119 28w

    Ye duniya tujhe
    Meri mohabbat se pehchanegi

    Aur mujhe
    Teri bewafayi se


  • untold_feelings119 28w

    Shiddat se mili nafrat ka kad(size)

    Juth me mili mohabbat se

    Jada hota hain


  • untold_feelings119 28w

    Jannat ki Lalach me
    Mohabbat chhod di usne

    Kuchh fasano ki chahat me
    Haqiqat chhod di usne