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  • unsaid 12w

    Easing the heart.


    Lucky are the ones who have friends and even little to share with, than those with heavy hearts and no one to listen.


  • unsaid 12w


    Paths lead us to our destination. We must walk with love and compassion, even if it is full of thorns.


  • unsaid 13w

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    My prayer for you in Eid nimaz :
    May Allah bless you with the answers and solutions you need.

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    Eid mubarak mirakeens.


    This eid also, belong to SOPs.
    (Sacrifice, obedience, and purity.).

    Sacrifice and obedience of Ibrahim (a.s) to Allah,
    and of Ismail (a.s) to his Father Ibrahim (a.s),
    and purity of Allah towards both of them.

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    Friendship, isn't in names & means,
    Friendship is comfy like deodar with spines.

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    Dosti , Kabi nam ki, kabi kaam ki.
    Dosti , kabi samman ki jaise asmaan ki.

    Dosti, ye ki tum pehle ho...aur fawqiyat ho.
    Dosti, Kabi tum fursat ho... aur Sab ke bad ho.

    Dosti , kabi samj ki, kabi junoon sa.
    Dosti , kabi fazool si, kabi sukoon sa.

    Dosti ye ki , Kabi rishton mei zam hai.
    Dosti ye ki, Kabi apne b kam hai.

    Dosti , kabi aah si kabi waah si.
    Dosti , kabi sahal si kabi pecheedah si.

  • unsaid 14w


    इस रात को नज़र ना लगे और कहीं सुबह न हो
    ये बारिश रुक न जाए ,
    और तुम्हारे ख्वाब खत्म न हो।

    Is rat ko nazar na lage aur kahin subah na ho..
    Ye barish ruk na jaye...
    aur tumhare khwab khatm na ho.

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    is better without ??

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    Unsaid - The #art of being a good observant, and turning every coming negative tide into positive energy will present you life- long lessons and will enrich your growth.

    Bg- Depth explains everything. Sometimes a single word is sufficient to every query, sometimes numerous explanations won't suffice.

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    Life , A quiz


    Kabi mudda't se pade har sawal ka jawab ,
    Ek Lafz hota hai.

    Kabi ek sawal ka jawab,
    Zindagi bhar ni milta.


  • unsaid 17w

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    Unsaid - It is wise to choose to reliance on Allah, than to be self-dependent / independent.

    Bg ~ In zalimo'n ne wo feature bi cheen liya...@mirakee

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    With time , i found the verity, Wallah.
    Blessed you are, if relied on Allah.

    وقتی حقیقت را پیدا کردم-
    من به خدا اعتماد دارم -


  • unsaid 17w

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    English :

    Don't assume yourself as the mere star of love.
    Sun was exacted to set, on this conceit.


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    Tum wahid na samjo khud ko, muhabbat ke sitare jaisa.
    Suraj ki bi sham hui thi, jab usko guma'n hua.


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    Ashq'e che'tin ( Condiment of Love)

    Born with nothing left behind her, she came with everything she would have àsked for. It was love that moulded her being and forced her to live beyond earth transcending everything with that heart full of love. She strolled on thorns, aimless through the streets, and ceased her soul at the door sill. These clicks belong to Ashk'e chetin, although I don't know her real name but I would've certainly called her with this name, despite knowing the real one.

    Ashk'e chetin was immensely beautiful and at all levels of her being -face, heart and soul. A special one, known within and outside the walls of her home, she was adorned and admired everywhere, moreover worshipped by the Majnu's over the streets. A lone sister of many brothers, probably the luckiest from every tilt. She was loved by many from what I have heard. On the way back home , she was exposed to the blowing whistles through the streets from her admirers who would circumambulate around her and used to follow her and tease her from her college gate all the way up to her home. To some extent, she was conceited by her own charm and thus would react with some in a worse manner, except for Mushtaq.

    Mushtaq, perhaps, was a bit more striking and appealing among all her admirers and what she found in him , was a celebrity of love. Mushtaq, in response too, was one of those longing for her "Yes". While days passed into months and probably years as well, Mushtaq was at the edge of losing hope. To his surprise she said 'Yes" to him filling his life with the greatest of joy. Ashk'e chetin perhaps found him more careful, silent, deep, sensible, incredible and pious upto a level.

    When one of the colleagues was passing on this story to us I was greedy to finish it quickly, like you are now ,but I wasn't sure it will end like a bursting cloud.

    Finally , they were in love and this blend of love like chetin (condiment) in the mixer, where they lost their individuality became one- an unforgettable flavor of love. Chetin was sure about Mushtaq as the man of her life when the college was filled with tales of their love, their bond amidst the jealous eyes and tongues.

    Alas! Love needs the food of reason,, and fades with time , if a catalyst is no more at hand. Mushtaq and his care, his depth got filled with silt thus gradually fading out. The river of love was in it's old stage and in need of rejuvenation, sacrosanct yet weak and dry thus meandering. With time, doubts started growing in the ashke chetin's head also. To feel the beloved and his love slipping away was not hard for someone who devoted all of her being for love. She tried to sprinkle the cactus full of water, all in vain.

    I still walk in the streets of her wondering and trying to conjure the pain that so deeply affected her and made her suffer.You too may feel the same.

    While searching for her love in the fog of betrayal, she became a wanderer. Now looking aged, she wasn't the talk of the old streets of Anantnag any more. Mushtaq was guilty by heart, who had started ignoring her and finally got rid off her, someone he chased back in his youth.

    Chetin at last was left with what happens to many true lovers 'A broken & trembled heart' - imbalanced and unwilling to steady itself. Although she looks aged now, she could still marry a younger, more handsome and more wealthy person. Her parents and loving brothers insisted on her for the same, to which she rejected in credence. In today's world, it is hard to find that kind of depth in love. Love is now lean because of compulsory blue ticks on social media and some jio plans on the phone. Love has been eroded to 'if and but', to dating by the western elements , etc.
    "Love was beyond marriage...." I heard this phrase from a close one, who sacrificed his love for a wonderful reason- Social norms, you know, can never define love and accept it.

    Chetin continued to reject the offers from many , her brother's choices and many more. She was a firm believer in blessings of Resh Moul Saeb and thus started visiting his Shrine ,where she drained out tears and poured out her heart. She would cry out the tears of complaint with Mushtaq, tears of great love betrayal and lounging, tears of immeasurable depth of love and probably tears of sulphur which still touches the tongue of many who visit to taste the sulphur water of springs of Sherbagh ( a part of Anantnag town).

    Baba Hyder Rishi (r.a) popularly known by the name of Resh Moul Saeb was a venerated saint of south kashmir , particular to Anantnag town. His ziyarat is located at the Heart of Anantnag / Islamabad town. Since Chetin was local, Resh Moul never paid heed to her tears for the saying goes on that 'Reshmoul is more of non-locals , than locals'.

    Finally, Ashke chetin died at the door sill of his beloved father-.Resh moul.The street boys should be given a credit to this name, Ashke chetin, who used to taunt her, after mushtaq left her and she wandered around. The streets of Anantnag still resonate this flavour of this condiment of love.

    Summary :

    This is a true story of romeo and Juliet from Anantnag #Kashmir , where juliet was in love with a guy named mushtaq (romeo) who cheated her and married someone else. Her parents forced and requested her in millions to marry. They assured to find someone better, but she refused. She became a wanderer and for many years, she used to be near the shrine of .... Reshmoul sb. and she used to cry there very loud. She prayed day and night , but failed . She was rich, but she denied her wealth. She died as a wanderer. As Ashke chetin , she became a classic example of love beyond imagination , she became Ashke chetin- In whom love dissolves itself.

    Unsaid - Immensely grateful to @bariya_hamid for adding the last brick and polishing this story.

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    Ashq'e che'tin
    (Condiment of Love)


    Ishq ke dar pe kya khada hue...
    Hum to fana hue...


    (Caption plz☺️).