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  • unraveling_thoughts 13w

    I have seen the beauty of flowers
    in human faces too.
    If I talk about sunflowers
    Darling so are you!

  • unraveling_thoughts 15w

    He was the smell of life in every monsoon rain.
    She was the sound of death in autumn's rustling pain

  • unraveling_thoughts 42w

    Your fingers slowly entwined in mine and suddenly life made sense

  • unraveling_thoughts 49w

    Like a slight ray of sunlight on a cloudy day, she let out a small whimper of laughter, A facade to mask the years of pain as she gulped down her third glass of amber swirls.

  • unraveling_thoughts 50w

    Every problen has a solution
    Every fight has a winner
    Every pain has a lesson
    Every prayer has a blessing

  • unraveling_thoughts 50w

    She is both bound and freed, sunshine and storm, stone and crystal as much as she is love and war

  • unraveling_thoughts 50w

    She is a rainbow
    That paints the sky with all her colours
    You just name those: loud, shy, mad, sweet, kind, mean, crazy, passionate, lazy, beautiful.
    She is this, that, and yes, that too.
    She is everything but not fake.
    Always real, authentic and pure❄

  • unraveling_thoughts 50w

    Her heart was an open book
    With beautiful pages and detailed lettering,
    She wanted people to read her story
    In hope that it would make them write their own.
    Every person who came across the pages of her heart,
    Ripped out their favorite story and took it away with them. They folded back pages, and bent up the corners.
    They signed their name with sloppy handwriting and left with a simple 'goodbye'.
    This book is tucked away in the darkest parts of her, because no one wants to read a tragic story with a bad ending


  • unraveling_thoughts 54w

    I think love is when two people make each other love themselves more


  • unraveling_thoughts 54w

    Lost, found and forgotten, this cycle is neverending